4 Fantastic WordPress Form Plugins

Are you looking at collecting information from all your site guests? WordPress Contact Form will do that for you with much ease. This is a step in the right direction. When your website has a contact form, it tends to boost the experience of the user, and your website will draw the attention of many clients as well.

If you don’t have much knowledge of coding, then you will find creating a contact form to be difficult, tedious and time-consuming. This is where the WordPress Contact Form is handy. How so, you ask? Read on as we share our top four picks in the market for the Best WordPress Forms Plugins.

We will talk about creating amazing WordPress forms that will multiply conversions, reduce bounce rate,enhance engagement of your website.

But why do you need to add a contact form plugin to your website? Let’s get some clarity on it.

Why must I use a WordPress Form?

When you add to your WordPress site a contact form, you will experience multiple advantages. You will find that you and your future clients benefiting from it. From the many benefits of having a contact form, here are the top three;

1) Improved UX: Your clients would require a swift way to contact you whenever they have queries. With contact forms, they get a solution that’s simple and answers all their queries.

2) Extend Your List: The email address of your visitor gets added to your (ESP) email service provider as soon as they use your contact form.

3) Boost Sales: As your list expands, you could make use of some best practices of email marketing that helps you nurture your relationship with your clients. This, in turn, will benefit you by turning your new visitor into a long–term (paying) client.

Now you must be wondering – it is easier to simply add my email address to my contact page, so visitors can send me an email from their email provider. Yes, I agree, it’s easier, but certainly not better; here’s why.

When you do so, your inbox will open up as SPAM.

There are multiple spambots that scrap various sites for email addresses and use them for multiple reasons. Now spambot will have direct access to your email inbox the moment you post your email address directly on to your site.

Contact form plugin will take care of this hassle for you. The various options below will guard your inbox and website from spambots.

Let’s move on and look at the best contact form plugins from WordPress in the market.  But, before we start with our list, let’s take a quick look at one more concern: You need more people to fill your forms. For this, you will need an important tool – OptinMonster.

OptinMonster is so far one of the finest ways of having your visitors fill the form. How?

Your Optin drives like floating bars, welcome mats that are full screen, popups, and more can have these forms embedded in them. You can pick any of the Form plugins from our list and insert the web forms into the Optin campaign.

This will ensure that a larger number of people fill out the form. Now, as soon as you add the form to the site, you will come across one more issue: how to get traffic to the form?

However, when you add them to the OptinMonster drive, your forms will be bought for your site guests.

You need to use the advanced targeting settings of your OptinMonster. In this way, your forms will reach the right people at the right time and in the right places.

Some important target rules are:

1) Exit-Intent® Technology: As soon as visitors begin to exit the website, it displays the campaigns.

2) OnSite Retargeting®: When it’s a user that’s returning, it shows the campaign and the way they responded to the campaign they seen before.

3) Referrer Detection:When users visit your site from a particular third–party site, it displays your forms to them.

4) AdBlock Detection: Your web forms can be shown to more visitors by going around this technology.

Among the many examples, these are just a few of them. What we are trying to say is, you can display your forms by using any of these targeting rules, and you will find a good amount of visitors using your forms.

Lets, take a plunge into the top four best contact form plugins in the market.

1) WPForms

Are you exhausted from creating contact forms from the buggy and bloated WordPress plugins?

Consider using WPForms, a form plugin that is one of the most beginner (user) friendly forms plugins in the ecosystem of WordPress. We will take a look at all its add-ons, features, and the reasons behind making it an intuitive plugin.

WPForms is one of the most intuitive and user–friendly form builder that emphasises the convenience it offers.  You don’t need to hire a developer or alter a line of code inorder to build a form. You will, in just a few minutes, create a complex or even a simple form, like a payment or registration form. But is it worth it? Let’s take a quick look.

WPForms is a builder that has a drag and drop feature that is powerful as well as user–friendly. This is an excellent contact form plugin that can also be used on OptinMonster and other websites too.

Some of the advantages and key features are:

* It’s simple to build a contact form as it comes with an inbuilt template of contact forms.

*It verifies the completion of the form by sending success messages.

* You can, with much ease, customised your Forms with the simple drag and drop feature.

* User’s have an improved experience with the multi-page forms.

* Depending on your visitors’ behaviour, you can hide or show form sections and fields with the conditional logic.

* Your users’ location will be displayed with the help of geolocation.

*Email address will be captured even when your visitor is unable to complete the form, all thanks to form abandonment.

* From your dashboard, you can now analyse and create user response with the help of surveys and poll feature.

* Once the form is submitted to avoid reloading pages with Ajax build WordPress forms. 

In minutes, create your Advanced Forms.

It’s a cakewalk to build on your WordPress advanced form. Let’s look at how you can use WPForms to build advanced WordPress forms easily and quickly.

* Create Poll / Survey Form

* Customise your Registration or login form

* Payments can be collected within the form.

* Generate a form post submission

WPForms Lite is a free WordPress contact form plugin. It has basic tools that will help you get started. It has the contact form that’s simple; it has a captcha that’s apt for spam protection, form fields that are basic, email notifications, and to confirm the submission of the form a thankyou page.

If you get the PRO version, you will get access to various kinds of forms that include surveys, file upload, get forms with payment, post submission, user registration and more. The main goal that WPForms has is to be user–friendly, so you may find a few complex features in other plugins instead of WPForms. However, it does have a couple of add-ons that will help you to expand the functionality. They have over two million installations that are active and a loyal following.

2) Formidable Forms

The formidable form is a builder that has a flexible drag and drop feature with amazing performance options. Formidable’ topmost priority is to build an extensible online form. Unlike most form builder, they push their limits; they give their clients the tools that save them time and create / design forms that are complex in just a few minutes.

Their mobile responsiveness is 100%, and they look good on every device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops). Formidable is optimised to increase speed and maximise the performance of the server. So far, Formidable is one of the high-speed builders in the market.

They have a pre-built template which is good to begin with or even customise your forms according to your requirements. All this is achievable with their user-friendly form maker interface – drag and drop. 

Have a look at some of the well-built features that assist you in creating an excellent lead form, payment form, contact form, registration form, donation form, subscription form, survey form and quote request form. You can design a complex form with WordPress form plugins like profile forms, registration forms, payment forms, surveys, quizzes and more.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and key features:

Advance Form Builder with Drag and Drop Maker

You can swiftly create unlimited quizzes, surveys, price calculators, registration forms, and more with the help of the drag and drop form builder. You can also create a form that is solution-focused with the help of the powerful fields in the form maker.

Forms & Surveys – Entry Management

You can view all your survey and quiz entries from the WordPress dashboard. All the forms submitted are saved in the database of your WordPress. This will ensure that no leads are lost. This form generator is GDPR – friendly. Submissions of forms can be stopped by you at any point in time, and IP tracking can also be turned off.

Suppose your leads need to be imported to a service that is external like MailChimp, no worries. Leads can now be exported to CSV; it can be opened on excel or import it to any destination. Configure all your email notifications (unlimited), and on submission of forms, autoresponders are triggered. To top it all, a successful message can be customised with much ease. Once the visitor submits the form, this success message will display on their screen, or they will be redirected to a new page.

Advanced Form Styler

This is the only form maker that has this feature. The built-in styler allows you to immediately customise your form so you can get a feel of the contact form. The email form can be modified to complement your website design. A styling template will be applied to the WordPress forms; it’s a default setting. With the premium version, you can change the style for every sidebar and footer form.

Smart Surveys

It has a survey feature that is built-in. With this feature, you can build strong surveys and get amazing reports. You can showcase and analyse data with the help of reports and graphs. Just data is of no use if it can’t be analysed. Hence, analysing data is made very simple for a quiz, price calculator or survey. This data can also be displayed on the website. All you need to do is embed graphs on the WordPress pages and posts. All this can be easily done without using tools from a third – party.

Advanced Registration Form

You can create almost any registration form, be it for a Church retreat, event, sports team etc.; formidable has a repeater field; this allows you to design a registration form to match your requirement. Once that is done, the APIs and marketing integrations will be able to send the information to a destination of your choice.

Easy Collection of Payments

I trust by now, most of you have probably understood the theme that formidable has; it’s not only a WordPress form plugin; it’s more than that. With the help of formidable, you can now build a form to accept payment through a credit card. They also offer integration with Authorize.net, PayPal and Stripe. Drag & drop makes it simple for you to create any type of forms like purchase form, donation form, order form and more. You can also create a WooCommerce form and customise the fields as well.

Web Applications that are Data-Driven with Formidable Views

So far, formidable views have been the most effective feature that proves it’s not just a form plugin. With this feature, you can choose to display form data that is submitted on your website. Many clients prefer to create a web application that is data-driven by using Formidable views. We have seen job boards, many searchable data, member or business directories, event calendar, employment listings, and real estate as well use it.

We have noticed that Formidable is not an average form plugin. It is a one in all solution for WordPress form.

Boost your Sales

If you’re looking at extensively incorporating WooCommerce orders, then Formidable is for you. They ensure that you are successful at creating a powerful and robust order form for WooCommerce products. This will spike up the store sales.

A product configurator canbe added from WooCommerce with calculations fields that are customised. The order information can be automatically sent to the cart with pricing options that are variable. Formidable also focuses on its advanced developers and builders, making it less intuitive in comparison to WPForms. But, we can vouch that no other WordPress form plugins can match its expandability. It can be used to build a form-focused resolution like star ratings, management systems, event calendars, job listings, directories and much more.

3) Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms have millions of installations that are active. Many users consider it to be one among the best in the market, hence its third on our list. Since its inceptions, they are continuously working on bug fixes and new features. It has multiple features that you don’t have to pay an additional cost to use.

However, the premium package has more tools that are very effective for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), payments and marketing. You have two options; either to choose an add-on that you need or get a membership plan, which can be a tad expensive. But the main question still remains – Is Ninja Forms meant for you? Let’s read on and find out.

The ninja doesn’t have an extensive list of templates. They have sixteen templates to choose from. Most of these templates are more business-focused. They have templates for questionnaires, feedback, newsletter signup from MailChimp, Job applications, quote requests and contact forms.

Form fields can be added to the templates that are pre-designed, which will allow the form field order to be changed. The form fields can have descriptions added to them, like, giving users instructions and the information you need from them.

But when it comes to making changes to the template and the way you would prefer it for your website, you have limited options. This happens only because Ninja Forms are built to take over the designing from the WordPress themes, which include colours and fonts. This ensures the from seamlessly integrates with the website.

If you wish to customise the layout of your templates on-screen and you are aware of CSS, then all you need to do is permit the developer mode in the settings of your Ninja forms. This will allow you to customise manually by following the Dos and Don’ts mentioned in the documentation.

The form builder is basic, with the features you need with the add-ons. The core plugin can be used for free that is in the repository of the WordPress plugin.

User Friendly

With Ninja Forms, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or experience to successfully use it. You can easily manage changing labels, adjusting the settings of display and customisation of the form field. Without even making changes to the settings, a form for your website can be set up with much ease.

Drag & Drop Editor

Ninja Form has an uncluttered and clean interface with a drag & drop editor that makes things simple and quick. You can add form field and even edit them by simply clicking on the + button, that will be found on the right side of the screen to the bottom. Now all you need to do is drag and drop it into the required place.

Advanced Settings

Once you activate the developer mode of the form builder, you will have access to advanced techniques that will allow you to make adjustments to CSS. However, to manage it efficiently, you need to ensure you are equipped with that sort of technical skills. These settings are hidden by Ninja Forms by default. This ensures that you don’t accidentally make any change to the settings, that in turn with result in breaking the form.

Workflow is Simple

When you’re creating your form, you will find it less strenuous, as the screens are kept very simple and not complicated. Until you select a setting, it remains hidden. This is especially good for users who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge or skill. In three easy stages, your form is published – building the field of the form, email settings to be adjusted, and finally publish the form (optional advanced settings).

The form builder has a few elements with tooltips, and the documents have links to them. So, if you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock while creating the form, you will easily find help. Adding this form to your site could prove to get challenging in case you plan to make use of shortcode rather than a content block from Ninja forms in the editor.

Ninja forms are extremely user–friendly and also offers advanced settings for the experienced user. It’s refreshing to have a plugin that meets different types of user requirements.


You can go in for a particular add-on, the one that is apt for your website, or either go in for the premium plans. The premium plans seem to be a tad expensive. But they also have an Agency plan that includes over 40 add-ons.

All the membership plans be it Agency, Pro or Personal, offer a money-back guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with the plan, you can make it known to them within fourteen days and get a full refund.

The Pro and Personal plans offer a 40% and 20% discount respectively. You can also get add-ons separately at an additional cost. If you have a free version of the Ninja Form, it will not restrict you from creating multiple pages or even multiple fields for each form. The free version, however, restricts you from accepting payments or even customising layouts.

It also restricts you from using conditional logic like hiding and displaying fields that depend on the previous answers. You can get this feature as an add–on membership. The core plugin is not chargeable. It is free; Ninja Forms are comparable to Formidable and WPForms with the price of just two extensions.

4) Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms has an editor that is a visual form. It is loaded with features such as limited form entries, save and continue, and multi–page form. The advanced features categorise it as one of the finest WordPress Form Plugins for experienced developers.

Gravity Form is rich with multiple features compared to a few in the market. When you decide to create an online form, Gravity is well equipped to back you up for it. It is a hassle-free process with spam filters that are highly responsive, and payment gateways have advanced calculations. So, you have nothing to worry about.

The premium version of Gravity Forms is a bit expensive. However, your search is over if you’re looking for the complete package. If you have a suitable budget, we recommend going for it.

A solution for your growing needs

Our recommendation is, Gravity Form is the best for experienced users who have a requirement to create forms that are complex on the WordPress site. This can be done with much ease. The extensive list of features sets Gravity Form apart from other Form plugins. Let’s take a quick look at the features it has to offer;

* Multiple Form Fields: It has multiple form fields that assist you in creating any kind of WordPress form easily. It has over 30 form fields.

* Responsive Forms: The WordPress form looks excellent on all devices that include tablet, mobile and desktop.

* Conditional Logic: This feature hides and shows specific fields depending on the selection of the user.

Email Notifications: As soon as forms are submitted, the email notifications keep you in the loop.

*Spam Filters: You can combat spams by using Akismet options, simple captcha and Google reCAPTCHA.

* File Uploads: Through the online forms, the user can upload files.

* Save & Continue: If the users have filled in the form partially and cannot complete the form, they can save it and return to it later and complete it.

* Calculations: With regards to the field values submitted, Gravity Form will allow you to carry out advanced calculations.

* Front End Forms: Your users can now submit a review on your website without the inconvenience of giving them admin access to your WordPress.

*Schedule and Limit Forms: Your forms can now be scheduled, and you can limit the entries for the form you receive.

* Integration: Integration is a walk in the park with Gravity Forms. The application you plan to work with need to be connected to the web form.

Gravity Form doesn’t come with a free WordPress contact form plugin. However, if it is going to be used on multiple sites, then cost shouldn’t be a factor.

In the article, we have had a look at the top four plugins; let’s discuss which one is the best for you.

Suppose you’re looking for a plugin that is intuitive and has all the features that are important for you, then WPForm is what you should choose. It is at the top of the user–friendly chart and has the highest ratings given by its loyal and active users.

However, it depends on your requirement and on your user experience too. We trust this article will help you decide and pick the right WordPress Form Plugins. You can also check our article on 3 Secure Web Browser to Protect Your Data and Privacy.

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