Why would you Need a Dedicated IP?

Why Would You Need a Dedicated IP 1

Most of you will know what an IP address is. But, a dedicated IP address may not ring a bell for many. Nothing to worry about. Through this article, we will explain what a dedicated IP address is, why it is important, and what all are its advantages.

There are some VPN companies providing their clients with the option of getting a dedicated IP instead of a shared IP address.

What a is dedicated IP address? It is actually a unique and static IP address which only you will be able to use. But, it will keep your original IP address hidden. There are many benefits attached to the dedicated IP address as compared to the shared one. We will detail a few of these benefits below:

  • It is very unlikely that a dedicated IP user would be blacklisted. 
  • Its user need not bother about going through any hassles related to the many extra verification processes.
  • A dedicated IP address user can use it from their homes very efficiently.
  • Even emails can be sent very quickly.  

One thing to remember is that everything comes with pros and cons. By saying this, we mean that a dedicated IP address also has few disadvantages. A few of these disadvantages are:

  • The online privacy of the user gets affected. 
  • Its user will have to pay extra in order to use it. This thus leads to an increase in the user’s overall costs.  

Having talked about its disadvantages, we would still say it’s worth investing in it. For users of VPN, it’s an awesome solution.

Are you still confused after reading the above? Do you still have second thoughts on whether you should get a dedicated IP address or not? This service is not provided by all VPN companies. NordVPN is one such company that we are aware of. Currently, we are using the services provided by them.

Presently, if you are trying to find out about the multiple VPNs available, we are sure you must have heard about many of these, and you definitely have heard about the “dedicated IP”.

One thing you must have observed about these companies. They mostly add the term ‘dedicated IP address’ as the benefit for the solution being provided by them to their clients. But, what is a dedicated IP? Why should you opt for a VPN that offers this to you? We have answered these questions for you below.

Dedicated IP 

This type of IP address is used by one person. Most of the time, when a connection is made by you to the server of the VPN, that particular IP address gets shared by you with many other users.

Now say the server location selected by you is London, and the IP address allotted to you is London based. In such a scenario, you need to know that many VPN users who have selected London as their location will also use this particular IP address.

Hence, this means that you will not be the sole user here for the service being provided. The services will be shared. But, when you compare this with a dedicated IP address, it works in a different way.

As a dedicated IP address user, you will not lose control over your online privacy as the whole traffic of data is sent using this specific IP address. Apart from that, you will be the sole user of this dedicated IP address. Hence, such IP addresses come with an additional cost.

To understand this type of IP address better, we have compared it with a shared one. Read further to know about it.

Shared IP as Compared to Dedicated IP 

After reading all that we have typed above, by now, you will have a little idea of the difference between a dedicated IP and a shared IP. Knowing their differences is essential so that you can make the right choice and also invest some time in finding out and learn more about them.

Let’s proceed with this article, so you gain more knowledge on this topic. A dedicated IP, most of the time, will have the same IP address. It will not change. Irrespective of your location, you can connect to a single IP every time on a specific VPN server.

Now, let’s talk about the shared IP. Its name suggests that you will have to share it with many other users. Many VPN companies have this as a rule. By this, we mean that you will use an IP address being used by many other users of the same provider. The same server will send out the data traffic from various users located across the globe.

For example, many users will use a server located in London to access Netflix. And, various IPs are assigned to the user when they get connected to the server of a VPN having shared addresses only.

So what are the benefits of using dedicated IP addresses? Well, there are many of them, for businesses and individuals. We will list few important ones here.

Advantages of Using Dedicated IPs

Avoid Blacklisting 

One of the most important advantages of having a dedicated IP is that it will not get blacklisted easily. Since you’ll be the sole user using this particular IP address, there are rare chances of it getting blacklisted.

This is different from a shared IP that is used by many users. Websites receive a dedicated IP differently. The reason for this special treatment is the fact that there is no suspicion created by dedicated IP addresses.

Say, for example, you are using a shared IP that your VPN provider has assigned to you. And, you’re utilizing it to access Netflix. You will not be the only one who will be doing this.

Many users will also be trying to gain access to the same. Now since many different users will be doing the same thing using one shared IP, it will create suspicion.

The location of all these users will be difficult to verify. They will only know which VPN provider has this IP under them. Various series and films are provided by Netflix, depending on the location geographically.

Hence, when they face such a situation where they are not able to know the location of all these users, they will completely block access to Netflix.

In other words, your shared IP will get blacklisted. You will get to view nothing using this specific IP. In fact, you will receive notifications continuously telling you to turn off the proxy if you wish to regain access.

This example clearly explains that a website could get blocked very easily if you’re using a shared IP whose users are trying to gain access using it.  

This is not the case when you use a dedicated IP address. This is because you are the sole user of it, and you will not be sharing its services with any other user for gaining access to any platform.

This reduces the chances of any suspicion arising. Hence, the dedicated IP address will rarely get blacklisted.

Free internet could be enjoyed by you for a long time. When using a dedicated IP address, access can be gained by you to all of the services streaming preferred by you. You will not have any fear of getting blocked or blacklisted. 

Please also note that a dedicated IP address nor a VPN guarantees that it will not get traced by websites and services.

Prevent Additional Verification 

When websites blacklist your IP address, the main reason is that they send distrust and suspicion. The other reason could be that you didn’t use your IP predictably and regularly.

Hence, because of these irregularities, websites tend to assume that the IP or account is being abused. As a result, they block it or put it on the blacklist.

To unblock your IP or get it out of the blacklist, you will need to have some additional verification completed. Only then will you be able to use its services once again.

PayPal, Gmail, and eBay are open websites that demand additional verification. This becomes extremely important, especially when they see a certain IP being used by many users.

Also, suspicion arises when another IP gets used for logging into that account that you used for creating the account. Most of the time, it is observed that these shared IPs are not to be trusted.

Therefore, these open sites try their best to double-check the identity. For example, you might be prompted to confirm that you’re a human and not a robot.

Also, it could be possible that every time you tried accessing these services using another IP, you could have been made to go through extra verification steps. But, when it comes to using a dedicated IP, their users do not face these problems. This saves a significant amount of time for them.

Quick Emails 

Dedicated IPs contain emails trusted by numerous mail services, including Gmail, as compared to emails originating from shared IP addresses.

Email traffic from dedicated IP receives increased priority as compared to a shared IP’s traffic. This happens because every email sent through shared IPs needs to be double-checked from the service.

Many such emails land in the receiver’s spam folder. To make sure that your emails quickly reach the destination and not in the spam folder, you have to use a dedicated IP. This makes communication faster and gains significance, especially in particular scenarios, like at work.

Working from Home 

Business owners should consider opting for the dedicated IP.  It could help in adding a tremendous amount of value. It is also very helpful in getting access to specific networks.

We aren’t certain if you have observed, but there are few networks that can be accessed only using a particular IP. This happens mainly because of security reasons.

This way, business owners can make sure that the company employees use a safe office connection. They could use this safe connection for sending vital documents and data having important company information.

However, there is a disadvantage to this. You will be unable to access any of the important documents from another internet connection outside the office.

But this is not the same when you use a dedicated IP. In fact, it lets you gain access to the network irrespective of your location. This comes in very handy, especially once you choose to work while travelling or from home. A dedicated IP helps you connect easily to your work network.

And similarly, your connection will be secured throughout because of a dedicated IP. If you wish to use the services for a dedicated IP so that you can work from home, we suggest you speak to your company. Get them to make the needed arrangements to have a connection that is secure and that contains the right IP to be used by you.

Disadvantages of Dedicated IP   

As previously mentioned, dedicated IPs have advantages as well as disadvantages. We will throw light on a few of these here.

  • Dedicated IP doesn’t come free. You have to pay for it.
  • When you use a dedicated IP, certain privacies provided by a VPN may have to be sacrificed by you.

Final Thoughts 

A dedicated IP user gets the opportunity to be secure online. This is possible with a similar IP’s help each time. This certain IP address isn’t like the actual IP address. You can also check our article on 10 Reasons to Love WordPress.

But, it will definitely not get shared with many VPN users. You need to note that not all VPN companies provide a choice to their users of getting the dedicated IP.

If you’re able to find one such VPN provider that offers this service to you, then you should also remember that it comes with a price tag and is not for free. These charges may not be similar to those of the charges of a regular subscription.

The dedicated IP does have a few pros and cons as compared to shared IPs. These will help you become more visible to numerous websites and parties. You will find it very useful if you do not like to be verified often. However, do not ignore the truth that this gives anonymity to your VPNs also. A few of the best VPNs available on the market currently are TorGuard and NordVPN.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and will make the best use of the information given here.

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