What Can You Do With a VPS?

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server that is virtual hosting. Within a shared server, it virtually mimics the environment of a dedicated server. Today VPS hosting is a very popular choice. In comparison to dedicated hosting, VPS hosting in any day a cheaper option.

Apart from saving you money, it also assures optimum performance, security and reliability. Users benefit by getting root access to the server. This gives them the liberty to make environmental changes and install applications.

They can perform this action without the help of the hosting provider. This would not be possible if you are using a shared provider.

VPS is a great option for game makers, especially for businesses that surpass their shared hosting, programmers, and SaaS providers. Companies that are looking for an affordable and secure backup environment prefer VPS hosting.

How does Virtual Private Server (VPS) work?

Various virtual individual servers are hosted by VPS using the parent server. A hypervisor is software that is used by a hosting company. The company applies a virtual layer over the OS (Operating System).

This action segregates the virtual server; this partition between the virtual walls gives the user the opportunity to install their very own software and OS. This makes the web server private, disconnected from other users on the Operating System.

If you’re thinking – what can you do with your VPS or rather how can it help you, then this is just the article you need to read.

The VPS is always – connected, always-on virtual machine. Its CPU is server class, fast SSD write/read speeds and dedicated RAM. Be sure to not violate the VPS terms and keep the law. If you can hold fast to these conditions, you will be able to do a variety of things, launching a game or hosting a web.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time user in need of a new VPS or just looking for some added benefits; we will talk all about it. So read on and find out how you can use your VPN to your advantage.

Advantages of a Virtual Private Servers

1) Web Hosting

Mostly, when you speak about VPS, web hosting is the initial thought. We can’t hold you for that because VPN is most of the time used for web hosting. Using VPS hosting, you will definitely get value for your money. In comparison to shared hosting, VPS hostingis much more effective.

Nothing can beat a powerful VPS that has exclusive RAM, a server CPU and disks that are super-fast.

2) Save money

You can save a lot of money by using a self-host web server instead of SaaS alternatives. If you don’t choose wisely, you could find yourself paying companies a good amount of fees just to use their software. Its kinda kind of a rip-off.

When you choose a VPS hosting, you will notice you are in control of everything with a server and software of your own. You don’t need to rely on anything or anyone. No hassle of renewing the monthly package just to use the software. It gives you a sense of independence.

However, with self-hosting, you will need additional skills, but with all the money saved, I think it’s worth it.

From the list of various business software’s that are sold as SaaS, Slack and Dropbox are a part of that list. There are also self-hosted alternatives available. These are equally good, and many a time, we have seen them outperform the other options available by SaaS.

Most of the time, they are free, so VPS can be hosted by yourself without a need for professional expertise. This saves businesses money, knowing that SaaS at the enterprise – level can cost you a small portion of your fortune.

SaaS software options are easy to find. With a google search, you can find various options. Enterprise-level applications – ERP software can be easily found, and everything is covered by it, right from accounting, HR and even CRM. With this, you have the added benefit of being less dependent on all SaaS platforms giving you total control over all your business data.

3) Run a Game Server

Many people have a favourite pastime of gaming. We find many people spending hours on end gaming. We have noticed over the past couple of decades gaming is catching up and becoming very popular. The internet is found in almost every part of the globe, making gaming among gamers super popular. We have seen a steady rise over the past decades.

VPS can be used for server hosting, where an online game server can be set up to play with your family and friends. There is an extensive game list that you can with much ease host.

A few popular ones that come to mind are World of Warcraft, Minecraft and CS: GO. Dedicated servers are ideally used to host these gaming sessions. These dedicated servers are very expensive; if you have the budget, go for it.

However, if you’re looking at cutting corners and probably on a tight budget, let me point out, if you get a strong VPS option, the performance will be similar to that of a dedicated server and that too at a price that’s way lower than the dedicated server.

Your VPS will be perfect to use. There are many rumours about this, but let me tell you, to host a game would require a lot of resources from the server. It’s a no brainer that VPS hosting is apt for hosting games.

4) Setting up A Mail Server

Hosted email is one of the various services that businesses pay to use. Hosting your company’s email server is now possible with VPS hosting, and it will save you a lot of money. If you have a basic VPS, it is capable of handling server with self–hosted open – source.

This is the place to host the addresses of your employees. If you opt to go for SaaS, you will end up paying by the total mailboxes that are hosted.

On the internet, you find open–server email servers in plenty. I agree you need to be a tad tech-savvy; however, if you’ve managed to deal with the technical part, there’s no stopping you from hosting the email server of your company and that too all by yourself.

If you are interested in doing so, we advise you to learn more about it.

5) In touch with VoIP

You can host your VoIP with a virtual private server, allowing you to make calls over the internet. This works as a phone on the internet; how amazing is that! Now you can use it to do various things like making calls to people on their phones, speaking with your co-worker while at work and even while gaming.

Mumble is one option to use an open-source VoIP. It has clients like OS X, Linux and Windows and focuses mainly on gamers. Users of Ubuntu can make use of the packages in an official repository. It can run by using the commands mentioned below: –

$ sudo apt-get install mumble-server

$ sudo pkg-reconfigure mumble-server

6) Setting up a VPN

We are in times where internet frauds seem to be increasing. Now you can help your users to hide the details of their online transactions by setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It will also keep the client and company details hidden from hackers.

However, there are various VPN providers, both the paid and the free ones, that have questionable ownerships. Some of them are even known to sell the information of their users. It’s a shame!

Over the years, there have been controversies around VPNs due to the changes around how ISPs can use your information by even selling it. I could say that installing a VPN on the VPS could be a business altering decision, so make it wisely.

If public Wi-Fi is something you’re comfortable using, then the risk of having your data leaked is higher. I don’t know of any Wi-Fi network being 100% secure.

However, you can use your VPS as a VPN and make sure the browsing session is secure and safe, so be it the airport when you’re travelling or the coffee shop that is a few blocks away from whose Wi-Fi your using.

You no longer need to live in fear of online fraud while checking your financial data and accounts. If you are a person who likes to stay on top of things and always in charge, the OpenVPN can prove to be an ideal VPN for you.

OpenVPN is a source that is trustworthy; by installing it, you will receive a good amount of customizable solution and flexibility. It is apt to secure your websites hosted by VPN with a VPN layer.

You can make essential changes to the VPS to make it work as a VPN. Streisand and Algo can help you simplify the process.

7) Remote Access to GUI

I would like to encourage all VPS users to optimize their VPS by increasing their knowledge of administering Linux and shell commands. If you stay in the line of command, you may find some things difficult to do.

You can use VNC or virtual network computing that will make your VPS a graphical interface. It makes it work like a laptop or desktop computer.

8) External Backup Server

If your business is mainly online, then I am sure you are aware of how important it is to have a backup. There are times when some of us have lost folders, files, and to the extent of an entire drive. This can prove critical to your business.

As the saying goes – ‘Precaution is better than cure, so it is in the context of business. You can also check our article on How to Change PHP Memory Limit in cPanel.

I know of many that use physical locations to back up their files like external hard drives and USB stick. If you’re looking for a solution that offers using less space, then VPS is the option to choose.

Along with working as a backup like the Cloud, through VPS hosting, you can not only backup all your files but also access them online from any part of the globe.


With VPS hosting, the sky is the limit. There is way more to achieve beyond web hosting. This article has explained in detail the various ways you can use your VPS. If it is any one of the things we discussed you want to do or simply sharpening your skills, VPS is apt for you.

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