The Top 3 CDNs for WordPress

The Top 3 CDNs for WordPress 1

We all want to improve our website’s ranking. Hence, many of us work on our content, social signals, building backlinks, and so on.

But, apart from this, there is a great way to increase your site’s ranking. You have to get your site speeded up.

When you have a well-integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, it works beautifully. It does wonders with the SEO tools of WP.

We will show you how your page could be speeded up in different ways possible.

We will list here various CDN services available today. And, we’ll talk about the best CDN services, more in detail in this article.

It is not that easy to finalize the topmost Content Delivery Network service that would be best for your WordPress site. It is a difficult job.

Let’s look at few things based on which you could make your decision on which CDN service to opt for.

First, question yourself as to what are your network expectations. The options available are too many. But, none of them is similar.

For example, we are aware that some networks focus on security completely.

While some networks are away and situated in a specific region, and this work very well for local businesses instead of businesses on the global market. They focus on a specific region than the whole web.

Most CDN service providers offer trials for free CDN services for their users. One such provider is JetPack Content Delivery Network service.

When you offer a free CDN service trial, it makes things easier for the user, especially if they are sceptical about the service.

They could use the CDN services and know for themselves which one best meets their business needs. We have finalized a few providers. But, our best three are:

  • Cloudflare 
  • StackPath 
  • KeyCDN 


If your company deals with international customers or clients based across the globe, then we recommend you learn about Cloudflare. Cloudflare offers a large global network.

It has over 200 data centres located worldwide, most of which are located in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

Due to their centres being spread across many continents, you definitely can be rest assured that your every client will get access to superfast speeds, and also that their websites would load very fast irrespective of their location.

Cloudflare is exceptionally popular for its security features. It can manage and handle DDoS attacks and any traffic soldiers on your website very well.

It believes in providing its customers with safe and secure encrypted connections. This is done by offering the SSL certificate with the Cloudflare plans.

Now, you may wonder about what plans they have to offer and at what price. Let us tell you, the plans offered by them are free, and some of them are paid ones.

Below, we will try to understand some of their main features. These are:

Main Features of Cloudflare

  • Caching of data is done based on file types 
  • Up to 5GB file size can be cached
  • The Anycast Network boosts the speed of the website
  • Massive DDoS attacks can be tackled by them
  • Their Page Rules help in optimizing cache
  • Quick video delivery is also offered by them
  • HTTP/ 3 is also supported by them

WordPress Integration 

Suppose you want to set up your WordPress site with Cloudflare by using its free plugin; you have nothing to worry about. This can be easily installed by you for free from

After completing this step and getting the plugin installed, you now need to login into Cloudflare.

And, after you have signed in, you can have all the settings configured to meet your requirements.

 Size of FileMonthly PriceSSL Cert.Page RulesDDoS Migration
Free512 MB$0Yes3Yes
Pro512 MB$20Yes20Yes
Business512 MB$200Yes50Yes
Enterprise5 GBCheck for priceYes125Yes

For better website performance, many big businesses are dependent on Cloudflare. This is because of many reasons. We will list a few of these reasons below:

  • Cloudflare has over 115 data centres located in various countries and continents
  • They provide free SSL certificates to all their clients
  • They protect their users from DDoS attacks 
  • They give you 10 TB at the max every second 
  • The WordPress integration is very simple and easy  

Cloudflare CDN Service Setup 

To start, you must first create an account on Cloudflare’s website. Don’t worry; this account is not chargeable. After you get the account, you will be prompted by them to add the website.

At this stage, the company URL needs to be entered by you. After that, click on the icon to go to the next step.

During this process, if you wish to have a Premium account, you could get one at this point.

After completing the above step, you will see a screen. But you’ll come across NameServers that will need to be added by you to the settings of the host.

You need to get it replaced with the current ones. You will do this by getting the new NameServers added.  

It takes nearly 24 hours on average for updating the DNS record. After it gets updated, it can be viewed by you on your website on Cloudflare.

Our View about Cloudflare

According to us, this is a great option for individuals and companies looking for faster performance. But, their budget may be a little tight.

Cloudflare’s free edition is really good. They have a paid version too that is reasonably priced. The paid version offers extra security features that can help your site a lot as compared to the free one.


This, too, is a great CDN service for WordPress. It helps increase your website’s speed, provides strong security, improves user experience, and reduces the overall cost.

Also, it lets you view real-time analytics, which can be of great help to you. You will get to know how the CDN service and your site is performing.

EdgeRules is also provided by it. This lets you control your CDN service’s working, mainly during requests and content delivery.

There is also an optimization feature inbuilt in it which has few tools like GZIP compression and Large File Segmentation.

Apart from this, you also get offered advanced protection features that bring together a great CDN service specially designed for WordPress. Listed below are a few of the main features that are offered by StackPath:

Main Features of StackPath

  • You can have total control over your CDN service’s behaviour with EdgeRules
  • Real-time analytics is offered to their users
  • They provide their users with a private or free SSL certificate 
  • Downloading larger files like software and HD videos can be done faster
  • There is a reduction in the downtime and also in the bandwidth costs
  • They offer optimization tools that are inbuilt

WordPress Integration 

You can now easily use StackPath with your WordPress website using the CDN enabler. It is a free plugin, and the URL connecting your CDN service to the assets is re-written by it.


When it comes to Cloudflare, it offers pricing plans that are very much detailed. However, StackPath doesn’t do the same.

If you want to know about their plans and their respective prices and wish to get a demo, you will need to contact their customer support. Don’t worry.

The process is not complex at all. You only need to fill a form on their site. After doing so, someone from their customer support will contact you.

StackPath CDN Service setup  

Initially, StackPath was called MaxCDN. They are amongst the major industry giants. Their packages provide your website with firewall security.

If by any chance you are unsure about using their CDN services, you may avail of their free CDN trial, which is available for a month.

This means that you will not lose any money if you do not wish to continue with their CDN services. You could discontinue using it easily.

Now to start, you will need to go to their site to create an account. You could log in using either your Facebook, Github, or Google account, or you could make use of your email id and password for setting up the account.

Next, you need to go to the Application Services and Website. Here, select the CDN service package you want.

After that, you will be taken to the screen that will need your WordPress IP address to be entered by you. Your cPanel has this information in case if you do not know. Nothing to panic about.

At last, you can update your DNS records by using the information that is given for your StackPath. NameServers are not used by them. Hence, users are expected to make the record for directing the network to it.

Similar to Cloudflare, StackPath also takes 24 hours approximately for updating the WordPress site.

Our View about StackPath

Excellent features are offered by StackPath, similar to those offered by other great CDN service providers.

Currently, if you want a trustworthy solution that offers extra benefits like real-time analytics, security and optimization tools, then we suggest using StackPath.


Any CDN should focus on certain main aspects, like providing end-users with improvised speed. This is exactly what KeyCDN does. And they understand their users’ needs and offer them the needed assistance.

Also, it is very easy to start with this one. The process is very straightforward. You just need to customize your CDN, add a domain, and integrate your CMS into it.

The KeyCDN prices differ based on the location. And, their users are charged a minimum of USD 4 on a monthly basis.

The total cost could be calculated by their users so they could know how much they’d have a need to pay each month based on their bandwidth consumption.

Mentioned below are a few of its main features that they offer:

Main Features of KeyCDN

  • Now, users can optimize and also get images transformed in real-time
  • A restful API will also be received by you. It will let you have total control over your account
  • Also, you can easily integrate CMS and your frameworks  
  • The dashboard offered by them is very user friendly 
  • Different security measures will also be received by you  
  • They provide every customer of theirs a 14-day trial period that is free
  • They have over 40 data centres around the world

WordPress Integration 

They provide a WordPress plugin known as the CDN enabler. It is used for integrating WP. It is very simple to configure and use. And, it is free.

There is also a support page of theirs that can help you get assistance from their guide for completing the whole process.  

The various packages offered by KeyCDN and their respective prices are:

 LocationPlans and Monthly PricesPlans and Monthly PricesPlans and Monthly PricesPlans and Monthly Prices
Africa/South America10TB starting @ $0.11 /GB40TB @ $0.08 /GB50TB @ $0.06 /GB100TB @ $0.04 /GB
Asia/Oceania10TB starting @ $0.09 /GB40TB @ $0.06 /GB50TB @ $0.04 /GB100TB @ $0.02 /GB
North America/ Europe10TB starting @ $0.04 /GB40TB @ $0.03 /GB50TB @ $0.02 /GB100TB @ $0.01 /GB

Many experts suggest using KeyCDN. They are considered to be very dependable, easily accessible, and extremely user-friendly, especially when it comes to beginners.

This network does have a few more features that are listed below:

Extra Benefits 

  • They offer free SSL certificates to their customers
  • They have many data centres located around the globe 
  • You will get a low latency SSD
  • It has an intuitive dashboard
  • Also, they provide 2-factor authentication, encryption and bot blocking

KeyCDN Setup 

Many WordPress users prefer using KeyCDN. The setup procedure for KeyCDN is unlike the one we explained above.

Their users are given a trial period that is totally free. You could signup to use their CDN services. And, you could go ahead with their CDN services after the trial period is over if your requirements are met by them. The minute you confirm the new account, you’ll get permission to use their dashboard.

Now, users can navigate different zones and generate an URL as well. Their user only needs to click the button or tab and wait quietly for a few minutes till the zone is activated by them. After that, you could select ‘Purge’ that you will find under Manage in the dropdown menu.

Till you have generated the network for your WordPress site that it could use for caching duplicate copies, you’ll have to make sure you are able to configure your website.

This should be done in a way that interaction of your website with the whole system is allowed.

To make this happen, you will need Breeze WP Cache. It is a plugin that is simple to use. There is not much difference to it when you compare it with other WordPress plugins. When using it, you just need to remember to get the plugin activated after you are done.

You have to install this plugin and activate it. After you have done these steps, you need to move ahead to the panel of settings. Then, type the URL generated from your CDN. After that, click it and save.

After following all the above steps, you will have successfully integrated your business site with the new network. This change will be visible to you the minute you check the source code of your website.

Our View about KeyCDN

The pricing of plans is different for every region. This seems to be a disadvantage for Africa and South America.

KeyCDN offers the best CDN illusion to help these sites when it comes to their performance by helping boost their performance and offering great speed.

Till now, these three are the best CDN service providers according to us for WordPress. There are other powerful networks also that you may want to look at. A few of these other powerful networks are:

  • Sucuri 
  • Amazon CloudFront 
  • Imperva 
  • CacheFly BunnyCDN 
  • JetPack Site Accelerator 
  • Fastly
  • Google Cloud 
  • CDN77 
  • Microsoft Azure 

Our Thoughts 

For us, a CDN service is very helpful. It helps improve the loading time, user experience, search ranking, and performance of the page.

It somewhat takes a good amount of the server load and spreads it to different data centres located around globally. This leads to faster downloads, and thus a great experience for your site visitors.

In short, after going through this article, you may wonder which network is good for your site. Every service provider is different from the other.

Hence, you need to select the network based on your budget and requirements. And you’ll find your perfect provider in the list mentioned above.

Once the speed of your website is boosted, you will see an improvement when it comes to your WordPress traffic, SEO, and revenue.

But do remember that this method isn’t the sole way for increasing the speed of your site. There are many other plugin options like speed optimization and images optimization that can help too. You can also check our article on Web Hosting 101: Linux vs. Windows.

For our readers who are beginners

WordPress CDN 

Those who do not understand what a WordPress CDN is, take a quick glance at this. A CDN helps in boosting your site and makes it faster. And, when it’s combined with plugins like the Yoast SEO WP plugin, it works beautifully.

Speed is actually a network of many servers spread worldwide. The WordPress content’s multiple copies are hosted by these servers, which include CSS, JavaScript, video streams and images.

These copies are very useful as they make viewing the content very easy for the visitors of your website.

We will explain how it all works.

Say, for instance, you live in Montreal. And we are hosting your site on a standard server. Now, when you check the checklist of your WordPress SEO, you will be in two minds as to why you need a CDN service when your current host is doing a great job.

If your customers are located in Quebec, they may not have to wait patiently while your website page downloads.

But, your customers based in Asia may look at this differently. The latency may lead to you losing on a potential customer.

Never forget that the distance between your target visitors and your host must be less. With an increase in the distance, there is an increase in latency.

Good circumstances help latency improve definitely. With a WordPress CDN’s help, you can easily duplicate or transfer the website’s copy closer to your target customers location. This will help increase your site’s speed.

Also, another thing one may notice is that, sometimes, bad latency is not mainly because of the location.

For example, you have launched a great festive offer. Your local customers will waste no time, so they benefit from this offer.

This means the traffic on your website will be very high. This will burden your servers. Here, in such a situation, it is the WordPress CDN service that comes to the rescue. It helps reduce the burden.

You may still wonder as to why a WordPress CDN service is important. Whether you need it for sure or not.

It is not wrong to have these questions. The WordPress CDN benefits and features sound amazing. But, you have to evaluate and see if you really need a WordPress CDN.

You will be spending money here; hence you need to make an informed decision. We have listed below a few of the reasons because of which you may decide to go for a WordPress CDN:

  • If your site experiences increased traffic on a regular basis, it leads to increasing the server burden
  • If you plan to target audience globally, or if you have already got few 
  • If your media-rich website slows down the loading time
  • If you offer an audio solution or streaming video

Advantages of a good WordPress CDN 

  • WordPress CDN will help in boosting the performance of your website  
  • It will give you GZIP compression. This is great for the compression and decompression of files
  • WordPress CDN also adds different SEO benefits that help improve your site’s ranking

How to Select a Good WordPress CDN?

Let’s have a look at all the different elements contributing to an active network.

Good Distribution & an Extensive Network 

Make sure always to choose a provider having a vast network. It will assist you in reaching out to your potential customers who are located in different parts of the world.

Also, do find out the location covered by your WordPress CDN service provider.  Most providers have many servers located in America and Europe.

But, they have very little coverage in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and many other areas.

Excellent Customer Support 

Make sure your provider provides great customer support. They should be able to help you 24/7. Their support team should be robust and highly knowledgeable.

Transparent Pricing 

A great CDN is not expensive. Their packages and prices are very transparent. If you’re still unsure about a provider, try their free CDN trials offer. This will let you decide whether you want to go ahead with it or not.

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