SSL Certificates Explained: DV vs. OV vs. EV

SSL Certificates explained DV vs OV vs EV 1

Through this article, you will get to know about the different assistance certificates available on the market that are completely based on validations. We’ll have a look at Organization Validation, Domain Validation, and also at Extended Validation SSL. You will get to learn about their prices, features, and uses.

On reading this full article, you’ll be able to decide which SSL certificate would best meet your business requirements. Without wasting any time further, let’s start by checking the 3 SSL certificates available.

DV – Domain Validation SSL 

Standard SSL certificate is the other name for the DV SSL certificate. It helps in securing the company website’s primary domain.

The Certificate Authority, also called the CA, helps in verifying the company seeking the certificate. They check if the domain name is actually owned by this company as its original owner. Also, they verify if the WHOIS has already registered the domain name. After this is verified through the domain authority, the SSL certificate is issued by the certificate authority.

Key Features 

  • Domain Validation certificate provides 256 SSL encrypted security bits and a CSR encryption of 2048 bits.
  • Domain Validation SSL is quickly issued after the email verification is completed.
  • Now, you can avail this at inexpensive rates. For example, you could get the Comodo Positive SSL Certificate for USD 8 per annum.
  • DV SSL certificate is best for forums, blogs, small businesses, startups, and individuals.
  • To obtain a DV SSL, you do not need to get the business documents verified.
  • The certificate works well with around 99% of browsers and mobiles.
  • These certificates come with warranties. However, this is dependent on the brand type selected, different money refund offers, and limitless server licenses.
  • Also, a site seal is offered by them. It will also let you know the appearance if you choose the free SSL option. However, site seals and trust logos will not be received by you if you go for the free SSL option.  
  • The DV certificate is SHA- 2 enabled. Also, it helps in boosting your site’s SEO ranking.

One of the disadvantages of DV SSL certificate is that only the domain name is validated by this certificate. It will not be of any great help if you wish to get some high-level verifications done for banking and financial websites.

DV is also issued to wildcard SSL and multi-domain. This is because these fall under the Domain Validation SSL certificate category.

Few examples of DV SSL certificates are Comodo Positive SSL, Thawte SSL, and so on.

OV – Organization Validation SSL 

It consumes a lot of time as compared to the DV SSL. This happens because of the fact that Organization Validation requires a domain and business authentication only from a registered business. A confirmation is also needed with the third-party business resources.

Key Features 

  • OV SSL provides 256 SSL encrypted security bits along with 2048 CSR encrypted bits.
  • This certificate needs total Organization Validation. Therefore, the issuance time takes around 1 to 4 working days.
  • This certificate does the organization verification in depth. Hence, it costs the most as compared to the DV SSL.
  • Security of domains and subdomains depends on the SSL selected by you. For example, the Comodo Instant Pro SSL charges USD 48 per annum.
  • OV SSL is best for medium-size businesses that need business authentication.
  • Sites requiring strong encryption, along with verified online identity, can choose this SSL.
  • To obtain the OV SSL, all documents related to your business needs to be provided by you. This is needed for completing the process of verification successfully.
  • This certificate is compatible with around 99% of browsers and mobiles.
  • Their certificates provide high warranties. But this all is dependent on the unlimited server license, money refund offers, and the brand type selected by you.
  • The certificates also provide a site seal that dynamically displays the details of the organization along with the time stamp given by a trusted Certificate Authority.
  • This certificate is accepted as the topmost option when it comes to validation of wildcard SSL because of the unavailability of the Extended Validation option.
  • OV SSL is also SHA- 2 enabled. It helps in boosting your site’s SEO ranking.

Apart from these features mentioned above, the company has to get the below-mentioned process clarified. This is needed to successfully get the OV SSL security folio site.

  • They have to get your domain name authenticated.
  • With AOI, they have to obtain your organization and business information.
  • Also, the address provided by you will be verified by them.
  • Even the phone numbers mentioned by you will be verified. 

Some examples of OV SSL certificates are Comodo Instant, GeoTrust, etc.

EV – Extended Validation SSL 

This certificate provides the topmost level of security to its users. Hence, it is known as the Premium level SSL. Big enterprises and corporates prefer getting the EV SSL certificate for the great trust level and high level of security.

Key Features 

  • The EV SSL certificate provides nearly identical 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption. It is just like the DV SSL and OV SSL.
  • They do a complete verification. Therefore, the issuance time taken is around 5 to 14 working days.
  • As mentioned earlier, the EV certificate is accepted as a premium SSL certificate that offers premium features, complete domains and subdomains security and verification, and physical existence. Hence, these certificates are expensive as compared to the two mentioned previously. Its price is dependent also on the certificate selected by you. For example, the Comodo Positive costs USD 61.60 per annum.
  • This SSL certificate type is extremely helpful when it comes to giant corporates, banks, ecommerce dealing with huge monetary transactions amounts, and so on. This is because maximum security is offered by them.
  • To obtain the EV SSL certificate, you will need to provide different business documents.
  • This SSL is compatible with almost all browsers and operating systems.

Some examples of EV SSL certificates are Comodo Positive, Thawte, Globalsign, etc.

Comparison Summary

After reading the above, we are sure most of you will wonder which SSL certificate you should choose. Well, the answer to this would be that this all depends on your website and business requirements. You can also check our article on The 3 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress.

If your business is new, then a DV SSL certificate would be best for you. It will assist in efficiently securing the HTTPS site. But, if you own an ecommerce store, then we suggest you create a trustworthy environment. Hence, in this scenario, the OV or the EV SSL certificate would be the best choice.

You must have noticed that all the above-mentioned validations offer the same type of encrypted securities. But, Organization Validation or Extended Validation SSL certificates are preferred by most banking, financial institutions, e-commerce, and health care industries.

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