SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s review on SiteGround. SiteGround is one of our favourite top choices in terms of web hosting for the last couple of years.

In this new generation of hosting, SiteGround is a company that keeps their customers’ requirements as a top priority.

They consistently work on improving the performance of the servers, offering their customers free upgrades and plenty of managed features.

The aspect that stands out the most is their excellent support service. This is particularly beneficial for newcomers as they can rely on a team that is available to help out anytime, night or day.

A few business owners and bloggers find it extremely convenient as they save up on plenty of time by having a professional handle and sort out technical details for them.

They can now, with much ease, modify a few elements to make the hosting more effective.

In terms of pricing, SiteGround has their beginner package that is available at a monthly price of $4.99. This is a discounted rate over the original price of $14.99 per month. Compared to all their competitors, this is a decent offer.

In this review, we will look at the features that I mentioned earlier; this would help you get an insight into their services.


Expert Review 

SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress among a few other hosting firms. They are famous for their excellent support team, reliable uptime and quick hosting plans. The WP optimized hosting has everything that you would require in order to build and grow your blog or website.

Take a look at some of the details mentioned below, and these were some of the areas that we tested;

Reliability: Will the website face any sort of downtime, or will it be available round the clock? 

Performance: The success of a website depends on its speed. How fast does a website load on SiteGround’s servers?

Features: Do they provide all the tools and features that you would require to create a website? 

Customer support: Can you rely on the customer support team? 

Pricing: How much do you need to invest? Does today offer deals that would help you save money?

This review on SiteGround is comprehensive with a detailed analysis of their hosting service.

Review Summary

PerformanceLoad timeResponse timeFree domainFree SSLOne-click WPSupport
A+492 Ms137 MsNoYesYeslive chat, phone, knowledge base

We notice that SiteGround is extremely reliable and faster in comparison to their competitors. They have flexible hosting plans, and the Technical Support team is by far the finest in the hosting industry. 

SiteGround has also made it to our list of the best WP hosting companies.

Let’s continue with a detailed glance into the review, see how we have derived a conclusion and see if they match your requirements.

An Initial Peak into SiteGround

In 2013, I attended a conference that was in Singapore and began to chat with a couple of guys.

I soon realized that they worked with SiteGround, so we continued to have a chat about what I do and more about my agency, white-label team and the various services we offer.

So one of them recommended to try out SiteGround as they offer a service that would help sort out certain hosting concerns. Well, these were certain concerns that we were facing with the local Australian hosts.

I also learned more about the huge data centre they had in Singapore, and they had recently leased.

Within three months, I transitioned more than 25 websites over to SiteGround, and we never had to look anymore since then.

SiteGround helped us to save up on plenty of time, provided better service and it was hassle-free. I will also explain a few technical aspects that make their service so good in comparison to their competition.

SiteGround’s Service 

Suggestions and recommendations do not really matter if the web host offers solid data. We use a system that is integrated that manages all our client’s accounts, and we have a record of the downtimes and uptimes from all these years.

If you don’t know what this means, I’ll explain…

The number of hours that your website is unavailable to your visitors is called downtime. This could be because of a problem with the server.

The number of hours that your website is available to your visitors is called uptime. Always note the higher the uptime, the better it is for your website.


SiteGround offers uptime on an average of 99.92%, and if you have been researching, you would know by now that this is an extremely good uptime.

The test we conducted was through the Singapore data centre that they have. This is actually very good given we had 4 outages in two years. This is extremely low as Melbourne and Panther IT had more than 173 outages (yeah, you read it right!).


  • 25th April 2019: 150 seconds 
  • 5th October 2019: 555 seconds 
  • 11th November 2020: 430 seconds 
  • 3rd March 2021: 325 seconds 
  • 15th March 2021: 425 seconds 

I have shared with you some of the records from our uptime reports. It is pretty clear that the uptime ranges between 100 to 99.9%. We can track all no data historically; that’s amazing, right?

There are just a few hosting providers that come close to SiteGround’s uptime, and it is like Bluehost.


Some time ago, in my review on overseas data centres versus Australian web hosts, I had discussed this segment in detail as to why do we mostly recommend overseas hosts, or well, the local ones. The reason is simple.

But before I do so, apologies to all my fellow Aussies who may be offended, especially the ones that are employed with the web hosting industry.

From the multiple tests that we have conducted, there has been one common conclusion that the data centres in Australia are extremely unreliable, with softwares that are not updated and extremely cheap.

In addition, they lack fibre optics cables that are vital in providing Internet, hence, we experience extremely slow and very unreliable Internet.

The data centres in Australia have ranked poorly and consistently on the multiple worldwide tests on website performance and Internet speed.

Some of you might wonder what has Internet speed got to do with good web performance. Let me tell you it is extremely essential for a good performance of your website.

Your visitors are sent information through data centres, and if these data centres have Internet speeds that are extremely slow, it will reduce the performance overall.

The data centres that SiteGround offers are extremely fast. So, if the ISP that is Australian based is slow, you can rely on the data to reach you at high speeds through their data centers.

The test results that we have seen for Melbourne and Sydney were extremely fast!

We also had an E-commerce site; when we started off, the load time was extremely slow; however, once we switched to SiteGround, the load times we received were excellent that you would find with Premium Hosting services.

For some of you that need a bit more convincing, let me share some of our test results that are from 5 different sites in Australia. These test results are for 2021;

  • Average speed for June: 314 Ms 
  • Average speed for May: 302 Ms 
  • Average speed for April: 283 Ms 
  • Average speed for March: 333 Ms 
  • Average speed for February: 312 Ms 

Amazing Support 

SiteGround takes pride in their customer support. 

Their customer support feature sets them apart from various other hosting providers. They have recruited a team that is highly knowledgeable, very friendly and extremely quick to assist you with any and all issues that you might have.

We have seen plenty of hosts in the hosting industry that lack good customer support, and many of them don’t even have one (at least not a functional one).

They find it easier to simply outsource it to companies that are based in different countries that have a pathetic support staff, and most of the time, the team cannot comprehend your concern or even what you’re saying.

Of the many web hosts that we have seen, I can say that A2 Hosting and SiteGround are hosts that focus on recruiting and training; they are executives to cater to any inquiries that their customers could have.

SiteGround Support Options 

  • They have a ticketing system, and you can expect to receive a response to your tickets within 24 hours.
  • They also have a live chat that is available 24/7 all through the year.

When you connect with their live chat, they have a very low wait time, and within 15 seconds, an executive would attend to you.

If you are not satisfied with the response that you received, they also have a system to rate their support staff. This only goes to say that they care enough for their customers’ satisfaction and already improvise on their service.

Updated Websites 

The most significant threat in terms of security that we face are hackers that are continuously looking to exploit security weaknesses that include outdated versions of WordPress, themes or plugins. Developers tend to patch new vulnerabilities while fixing and updating these programs.

If you do not focus on upgrading and updating your website, let me tell you that you can be a prime target to malicious hackers who use various bots searching for older outdated websites on the Internet.

Once they find a target, they will break into the website. This is just like having a very old lock for your home; you can be sure that someone will break into your home.

SiteGround offers automatic updates for all websites that are using WordPress. So, keeping your website updated and upgraded is no longer your worry.

This work is taken off your hands. So if you’re an entrepreneur of a small size business, you can set it and then forget about it.

SiteGround’s CDN and Supercacher 

SiteGround offers their customers a feature for optimization that is completely free making sure of the quick loading times. CDN spreads out all the files to more than 34 locations that are located all over the globe.

This provides fast loading times that depend on the location of your visitor that’s accessing the content.

These features are available at a nominal monthly charge, but I must add that CDN features drastically increase the security of your web, the speed and the browsing experience. 

Free SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is offered by SiteGround at no additional charges. 

SSL is short for a Secured Socket Layer. When you are browsing, you will notice a green URL at the beginning, that is, the SSL.

To explain it, it is just like an encrypted tunnel created to trade data between the web host and the visitor’s browser, allowing complete security and privacy.

If you have created a website with the intention of selling various products and you need your website to come up on Google’s search, then you will require an SSL.

With most posts; this feature is not offered; however, SiteGround offers an SSL to all the customers absolutely free.

Single Click Installation 

SiteGround provides a unique feature of single-click installs, especially for WordPress. When you log in, you will notice an option for single-click installation for WP and any other CMS that you may want to utilize.

All you need to do is set your login and your password, and just like that, within a couple of minutes, it is ready and you can set up the website literally within a couple of minutes, and if you are a newcomer and find it a bit complicated, then their support team will get it done for you.

Website Transfers 

Suppose you are looking at moving your website from your current host to another; I can understand how tedious this process can get.

It would help if you always stayed on top of everything, making sure that it’s all working fine and there are no problems and issues while duplicating the files over.

This can be done manually through FTP, or it can be taken care of by creating multiple backups. This entire process is taken care of by their side and that too for free.

This is offered to new signups, so if you plan to move your existing sites, it will be done for you within two days.

Again, let me specify there will be no extra charges. 


We have seen in the market that many web hosts use plenty of advertising techniques by displaying cheap prices that are under $4 to $5, but there are always strings attached to such prices. They usually require you to commit for a long term, an approximate 2 – 4 yrs.

SiteGround is no different; you are looking at a similar kind of plan where you will get a plan for cheap unless you are ready to sign up for at least a year.

Actually, if you think about it, it doesn’t make sense to go through the entire process of setting up a website only for them to use it for a couple of months.

They do not have any hidden charges or even upsells of security or software when you sign up for the original package.

Various SiteGround Plans

Just like most web hosts in the market SiteGround has a couple of plans to match various types of customers beginning with;

Shared Hosting 

For some of you who are not familiar with this sort of hosting, here you will share an IP address along with many other websites. The idea behind having shared hosting is that all sites do not have similar requirements in terms of bandwidth and space.

So with this sort of plan, websites with lower resource requirements find it economical as they are available at cheaper rates.


The features that are available with this plan are; 

  • You will receive an HD space of 10 GB. 
  • With this plan, you receive a single website.
  • They offer free backups. 
  • You will also get a couple of add ONS for free. 
  • This is suitable for sites that receive 10K visitors on a regular basis. 
  • You will receive free SSL, email and CDN. 
  • They also offer daily backups. 
  • Managed WordPress hosting is available. 
  • They provide unlimited databases. 
  • They guarantee money back of 30 days.
  • You can also add collaborators of your preference. 
  • This plan is available at a discounted monthly price of $4.99. 


  • You will receive unlimited websites. 
  • They offer webspace of 20 GB.
  • Suitable for websites that receive visitors of 25K monthly. 
  • The traffic is unmetered. 
  • They also offer free SSL, CDN and email. 
  • You will receive Managed WordPress. 
  • Databases are unlimited. 
  • Their guarantee includes a money back of 30 days.
  • You can also add collaborators of your preference. 

In Addition 

  • You will receive backup copies on demand 
  • Staging 
  • Ultra-fast PHP 

This plan is available at a monthly discounted price of $ 7.99. 


  • You will be offered unlimited websites. 
  • You will also receive webspace of 40 GB.
  • It would support monthly visitors of 100,000. 
  • You will get unmetered traffic.  
  • They offer free SSL, CDN and email. 
  • You are offered Managed WordPress. 
  • Databases are unlimited. 
  • The guarantee includes moneyback of 30 days.
  • You can also add collaborators of your preference. 

In Addition 

  • You will receive backup copies on demand 
  • GIT + staging 
  • Ultrafast PHP 
  • White label clients 
  • Resources of higher tier 
  • Priority support 

This plan is available at a monthly discounted price of $14.99. Post the promotional offer; this plan will be made available at a monthly price of $39.99.

If you’re starting out and you don’t think you would have visitors of 10k daily, then a share plan would be the best for you. These plans also work very well for small business sites as well as E-commerce stores.

They also offer other plans that you can have a look at just in case if you are not keen on going in with their shared hosting packages.

WordPress Hosting 

This hosting is similar to that of the shared plans. let’s take a look at it; 


With this plan, you will receive the following features;

  • You will receive webspace of 10 GB.
  • They offer a single website. 
  • Suitable for sites with monthly visitors of 10,000. 
  • You will receive unmetered traffic. 
  • They offer free WordPress installation, WP migrator, SSL certificate, CDN and email. 
  • They also offer auto-updates on WordPress.
  • You will receive daily backups. 
  • They offer SSH and WP-CLI. 
  • You will receive unlimited databases. 
  • They guarantee money back on 30 days. 
  • You can also add collaborators. 

The plan is available at a monthly discounted price of $4.99. 


You will receive the following features with this plan; 

  • They offer you unlimited websites. 
  • You will receive webspace of 20 GB. 
  • They offer unmetered traffic. 
  • You will receive free WordPress installation, WP migrator, SSL certificate, CDN and email. 
  • You would also receive auto-updates for WordPress.
  • They offer daily backups. 
  • You will also receive SSH and WP- CLI. 
  • They offer unlimited databases. 
  • You will receive guaranteed money back of 30 days. 
  • You can also add collaborators. 

In Addition 

  • You will receive staging 
  • Ultrafast PHP 
  • Backup copies on demand 

This plan is available at a monthly discounted price of $7.99.


Let’s take a look at the multiple packages that they offer; 


This plan offers the following features; 

  • You will receive a single website. 
  • Webspace of 10 GB.
  • Monthly visitors of 10,000. 
  • Unmetered traffic. 
  • You will receive free WordPress installation, WP migrator, free SSL certificate, CDN and email. 
  • You will receive SSH and WP-CLI. 
  • You will receive daily backups and unlimited databases. 
  • They guarantee money back of 30 days.
  • You can also add collaborators. 

This plan is available at a monthly discounted price of $4.99. Post promotional offer, it will be available at a monthly charge of $14.99.


With this plan, you will receive the following features;

  • Unlimited websites. 
  • Webspace of 20 GB.
  • Unmetered traffic. 
  • Monthly visitors of 25,000. 
  • Free WordPress installation, WP migrator, SSL certificate, CDN and email. 
  • SSH and WP-CLI is available. 
  • Guaranteed money back of 30 days and unlimited databases are offered.
  • You can also add collaborators. 

In Addition 

  • You will receive backup copies on demand 
  • Staging 
  • Ultrafast PHP 

This plan is available at a monthly discounted price of $7.99. Post promotional, the plan will be available at a monthly price of $24.99.

Cloud Hosting 

You can now bring your business website too on a better level with managed cloud hosting. You can select from the following packages; 


This plan offers the following features; 

  • CPU Cores – 4 
  • Memory: 8 GB 
  • SSD storage: 40 GB 
  • Data transfer: 5 TB 

This plan is available at a monthly price of $100. 


This plan offers the following features; 

  • CPU Cores – 8 
  • Memory: 12 GB 
  • SSD storage: 80 GB 
  • Data transfer: 5 TB 

This plan is available at a monthly price of $200. 

Business Plus 

This plan offers the following features; 

  • CPU Cores – 12 
  • Memory: 16 GB 
  • SSD storage: 120 GB 
  • Data transfer: 5TB 

This plan is available at a monthly price of $300. 

Super Power 

This plan offers the following features; 

  • CPU Cores – 16 
  • Memory: 20 GB 
  • SSD storage: 160 GB 
  • Data transfer: 5 TB 

This plan is available at a monthly price of $400. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are wondering if SiteGround is a good option for Australians, then my answer is yes. They offer a product range that is so versatile, packages that are highly scaled with every hosting type; they also offer excellent load times and uptimes, reliable customer support and a data centre that is in Singapore.

These are all vital factors and critical reasons for us to recommend SiteGround to Australian users.

If you’re an Australian entrepreneur, selecting SiteGround will be an excellent option as your site will be hosted on one of the best hosting providers benefiting all your international clients with reliable and fast speeds.

You can select from the various hosting packages that I have mentioned earlier in the beginning Today!

While writing this review, our primary focus was to assist our Australian users to understand more about various web hosting services that are available and to encourage you to begin your online business with more knowledge and clarity about the web hosting world. You can also check our article on A2 Hosting review.

Do let us know about your experience with SiteGround, and also feel free to share your comments with us.

Why should Australian users select SiteGround? 

There are various beneficial reasons why Aussies should consider using SiteGround services, they are; 

Versatile Products: SiteGround offers multiple options in terms of web hosting and provides shared hosting services at an entry-level along with dedicated servers that are advanced.

SSD Drives: In comparison to their competitors, SiteGround utilizes only SSD storage. You no longer have to work with the Superslow HDDs. Instead, you can now make use of the modern and much faster SSDs.

Latest Technologies: SiteGround uses updated scripts and technologies like NGINX, PHP 7, CDN service, Perl and Python.  

Free SSL: The company offers their customers free SSL certification through let’s encrypt and is made available with all their plans. So, in this way, your site receives an HTTPS, increasing the trust level of your visitors as well as search engines.

Support: Their customer support team is exceptionally dedicated to working 24/7, and you can connect with them through the ticketing system, chat and even phone.

SiteGround is popular for their professional and always available site support, offering their clients good support from skilled executives.

Big and Reliable: SiteGround entered the market in 2004, and today they have more than 400 employees, and they also host over 1,700,000 active domains.

They are one among the largest web hosting providers in the industry, so you can be sure that your information is kept safe and secure with a reliable host.

Excellent Speed and Uptime: The company offers an average uptime of 99.99%, this when applied, amounts to approximately 8 seconds of unavailability all day.

Let me assure you this is above and beyond the industry standard. The company servers offer load times of 700 milliseconds; this recorded speed is way better than what is offered in the market; it is definitely above average.

Another important aspect is their servers don’t offer loading times that are slow and all very reliable for a long-term commitment.

Guaranteed Money Back: I pick round offers on money back of 30 days from the initial subscription. So at any point, if you are not satisfied with their service and results, you can make a request within the initial 30 days and receive your money back.

However, this guarantee is not offered with the dedicated and cloud hosting service.

Email Accounts: SiteGround offers you an option to add email accounts according to your requirements. This benefit is available even with the low-cost shared hosting package. So you can now create unlimited email accounts along with forwarders and autoresponders.

You can, with much ease, use their control panel interface to manage and handle the email accounts with a couple of clicks.

Website Builder (Free): If you are someone with absolutely no knowledge about coding, then you will find this website builder very convenient as it offers the easy drag and drop feature.

Using this builder, you can now build and create your websites by simply dragging and then dropping the desired elements to the required place. You can also add texts, videos, images and create attractive layouts.

The Sign up process is easy: The sign up process is extremely simple; all you need to do is; enter the required information on the interface page. You can now select the geographical area that includes Australia, Italy, Europe, America, Spain, United Kingdom; you will see an option to the bottom of your page for the same.

It will display various prices, currencies and languages, and you can follow your preference. They also allow you to make your purchase through Mastercard, American Express and Visa. 

WordPress Hosting: This is a hosting that is specifically designed for WP website owners. If you wish to, you will get all but press install for free, or you can also choose to migrate your existing WordPress site for free onto the new storage with any of the WordPress hosting packages. Their plans include SSH and WP-CLI support along with software updates that are automatic.

The various features and prices for their packages are already mentioned in the segment above.

WooCommerce Hosting: SiteGround offers three unique plans for WooCommerce hosting. They also provide additional features that include pre-installed WooCommerce and auto-updater, daily backups and storefront. 

All their plans are very well designed to match their users’ requirements. Details of the multiple features and prices are mentioned in the earlier segment.

Cloud Hosting: This hosting is suitable for customers that require more resources. Cloud hosting offers excellent server resources. You can now select from fully managed plans and receive various benefits from their data centres that are available across the globe.

The significant advantage is, there are sources that are auto-scalable, so you can with much ease increase your server resources with a single click; you can also get it done automatically by selecting the automatic feature that will adjust your server resources according to the traffic spikes and server load.

The various features and multiple plans, along with their prices, are already mentioned earlier. If you are interested in this hosting, you can learn more by reading the details.

Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is for people who are planning to resell web hosting solutions to users that require them. You can purchase the hosting solution at a cheaper price and sell it to your customers with a decent margin. This hosting is provided by SiteGround, where you can buy five reseller credits to begin with.

Every credit is equivalent to one year hosting for your customer, so if you buy more credits, you will get better prices. Your clients will receive a super-fast control panel and will receive the similar benefits that are offered with the web hosting plans.

You can avail of the reseller credits for $49. If you purchase a minimum of 10, you will get a discounted price of $42 per credit.

Enterprise Hosting: SiteGround does not offer packages for this hosting as you will receive a customized service for your web hosting. You will be offered a manager to handle your account who helps you through the evaluation process.

So you will be receiving an excellent hosting solution along with reliability and at a fantastic price.

Dedicated Server Hosting: This hosting is available at three data locations; Asia, Europe and America. I’m sure you will be interested to know about the nearest location, the nearest data centre to Australia is the Asia Pacific, and we highly recommend that you select this location.

You will receive three server packages that are available on DDR3, SSB drives and Xeon processors.

The small size package provides you with the following features;

  • CPU Cores: 4 
  • Intel Xeon, of 8 threads – E3-1230 processor 
  • A memory of 16 GB
  • You will also receive storage of 480 GB 
  • The bandwidth of 10 TB

The most extensive package offers tools for data mirroring- RAID 1. dedicated plans begin with a monthly charge of $329.

Selecting WordPress Hosting 

SiteGround provides a platform for WordPress that is highly optimized. Every plan includes in-house WP tweaks that help boost the website speed as well as the performance.

Customers can set up the website with much ease due to the single click WP installation. The customers also receive a straightforward interface to manage and handle a website from the hosting panel.

Domain Name 

SiteGround doesn’t provide their customers with a domain name for free. But you can always register for a domain name when you’re signing up, or if you prefer, you can continue to use your current domain name.

Many customers also prefer to purchase a domain from a registrar and use it with the SiteGround account.

cPanel Control Panel 

SiteGround used to use the cPanel control panel; however, that has changed in the recent past. The moment cPanel increased the licensing fees, SiteGround made a decision to move from cPanel hosting and built a grander and better hosting panel for their customers.

With this, they are able to provide their customers with managed WordPress hosting features at economical prices.

There are multiple variables that you must consider while choosing a good web host. For example, features that attract your custom offices like storage and pricing, also business-focused features like server location and E-commerce.

SiteGround handles all these concerns very well; they also provide an incredible number of various postings, plenty of tools to enhance performance and fantastic customer support. All this is available at economical prices.

SiteGround does lack in offering windows, dedicated and VPS servers, but they offer excellent quality web hosting solutions for Small Businesses as well as individuals.

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