How to Redirect a Domain Without Hosting

Well, if you lack a hosting plan and looking to redirect a domain, you can quickly get it done by using Cloudflare. First of all, you will need to configure Cloudflare on the specific domain, the one you want to make the redirection from.

It will require just a few simple steps. But before we proceed further, let’s understand a little more about Cloudflare, how it works, and why should you use it.

Easy Way to Redirect an Existing Domain to a New Domain Without Hosting

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is available for free. This product keeps you safe from threats like identity theft and SQL (Structured Query Language) injection. Cloudflare also increases the speed of the upload time and website performance by making use of various data centres that are spread across the globe. It’s just like a huge VPN. This means when visitors visit your website, they will be directed to a server closest to their location. This will allow them access to your website. To make it simpler – The closer you have a data centre, the faster your clients can upload the website. This is distinctive to Cloudflare.

It also reduces bot crawls. This is also an added benefit; however, this can be both harmful and helpful depending on your source.  A bot crawl goes to websites and crawls around the web page for information. This is helpful, but hackers with much ease can steal all your website information and content by using the design of your website without your permission.

They generate malware, inject spam, make false ads through the file backdoor. You can look at Cloudflare as a web proxy because the visitor to your site has a cache to your website. Cloudflare is intelligently designed to stop the malicious virus, the harmful flow of traffic, spam bots and suspicious data.

How can I use Cloudflare to redirect a domain?

Cloudflare is not a provider of hosting that makes it unique. The Domain Name System (DNS) can be changed to Cloudflare the moment your server is all set up and running. A copy of your website is cached by Cloudflare the moment you change the settings of your domain name. You can control the kind of traffic you receive with Cloudflare. When you receive malicious traffic that creates discrepancies, pinpointing towards the type of traffic or security threats, Cloudflare will immediately control and manage the source it’s coming from.

This means that there is always a chance for your visitors to visit your website. Cloudflare server will request the provider of your hosting for a copy of the web page. Your visitor is then connected to the duplicate of your website.

You can also use various plugins from Cloudflare; Google Analytics is a popular one. Why is this essential to you? Google Analytics is recommended and widely available for all site; it is free, which is the cherry on top. You don’t have to return to the plugin and add the necessary information for it to work, making it so convenient. All thanks to Google Analytics Plugin.

Is Cloudflare right for you to redirect a domain?

The management required for managing a single website can be time-consuming and stressful. As long as you need to manage your website, Cloudflare is an excellent option, not because it handles the task for you but also because it’s free. So along with saving time, you save money too. With a free version, the starting level plugins are available, which adds speed and security. We recommend a try; it’s worth it!

Now that we have understood all about Cloudflare let’s presume we are going to redirect the existing domain to a new domain using Cloudflare.

Step 1: Creating Cloudflare Account to redirect a domain

First of all, configure Cloudflare on the domain that you would want to make a redirection from. It will then point you towards the domain provider. Now you will need to update the name server. Remember, the DNS zone takes 24 hours or less to propagate. So, avoid getting anxious, and it will work exceptionally well.

Step 2: Setting up a redirect        

On successful propagation of the domain in your Cloudflare account, you can now configure a redirect. To do so, click on ‘Page Rules’ and select ‘Create Page Rules’.

Step 3: Create Rule for Domain

Enter your domain name here or the website URL that you want to redirect. Select ‘Forward URL’. After URL forwarding, type: 302 redirect (temporary redirect), 301 redirect (permanent redirect), then add the destination URL redirect.

Step 4: Conclude

To conclude the process, you need to click on Save and Deploy.

That’s It! You don’t need hosting to redirect your domain. Through the above steps you can redirect multiple domains. You can also check our article on How to Show Hidden files in cPanel.

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