Panthur Review

Panthur Review

Panthur is a local Australian web hosting company. They initially stepped foot in the market and was known to be a non-commercial company. Over the years, they gained immense popularity on account of their quality web hosting solutions. Quickly Panthur decided to take their company to a new level and started offering business web hosting services.

It’s been over a decade that Panthur hosting provider has gained recognition among all the leading local entrepreneurs, and multiple companies have selected Panthur to host their business.  

In this review, we will discuss the various plans, features and offers that they provide their customers. 

Quick Takeaway 

The company does an excellent job in comparison to their competitors in Australia. Their prices and packages are competitive, however, the performance they offer is a tad below average. But if you compare them with the other popular web hosting companies like SiteGround, you will realise they lack plenty of features. 

For example, they do not have data centres that are global. They also lack plans specially optimised for WP. If you look at the various websites on the Internet, you will see that more than 1/4 of the Internet works on WordPress, so this is definitely a significant con.

During our review, you will notice that the company services are a tad below average, and you can receive good quality hosting services at economical prices, from other web hosting companies. If you are in search of a web hosting solution of a high level, then we suggest you take a look at Kinsta; they are our top choice.

Let’s take a quick look at their features, as we share the various things that we like about Panthur. 



Panthur is a locally owned Aussie company. This can be particularly helpful for businesses that are small and are based in Australia since they understand the local requirements, offering improved speed and service.

We are particularly fond of Panthur’s reliability as the company has more than a decade of experience in the web hosting industry. As of now, they web host over 10,000 active sites and are particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who own small scale businesses in Australia.

Customer Support Assistance

We have interacted with the customer support team and noticed that their team is extremely experienced and have thorough knowledge of the hosting industry. They are able to respond to queries that you may have and help you with resolving issues with regard to the server. 

Migration of Website for Free

We were surprised to learn that Panthur provides their customers with their website migration services at no extra cost. Some of the local hosting firms that we have tried and tested do charge their customers for this service. So in comparison to their competitors, they are a step ahead in this segment.

We have also seen that, with the help of the cPanel, customers can make unlimited website transfers for free. Panthur requests all their customers to set up with the help of a transfer specialist because they focus on ensuring that their customers have a seamless transition. 

High Quality Hardware 

The company ensures that all their clients are provided with top-notch hardware. They also have enterprise-grade servers that are of the newest models. They provide over 24 cores and dual CPUs. They also provide RAID Intel SSD along with redundant power supplies. They also guarantee their customers Cloudflare CDN and DDoS protection. 

SSL Certificate 

Panthur offers all their customers SSL certificates for free. So this means that you will not have to spend any extra money for it. SSL is available with all their plans. 

Things they could do better 

Acquisition by Hostopia 

Panthur was taken over by Hostopia, US-based cooperation. The entire acquisition seemed harmless at first, as Panthur had sent out an email that explained the acquisition. They also mentioned how they had no plans of migrating accounts from Australian servers onto the American ones. So their clients were at peace knowing that they would not face downtime, and they would continue with things the way they were before 2017.

Many customers, however, had a different experience. They kept complaining about the slow load times and the decrease in uptime. Initially, Panthur had excellent customer support, which was their main highlight. Clients were well aware that the charges were way less than what they were receiving in terms of resources, and they were extremely satisfied with it on account of the company’s reputation, responding immediately to complaints. 

Their customer service support began to get weak as soon as the acquisition took place; I can see they are working on it, and many have seen an improvement in their service. However, it is not as good as it used to be prior to the acquisition. In terms of the future, we don’t know if the servers would continue to remain in Australia. If hosting from America is cheaper, then I guess they might move. 


This is a very vital feature, and we are not in love with the uptimes that they offer. As I discussed earlier about the acquisition, and since then we have seen a decline in the uptime. Some customers are pretty happy with an uptime of 97.3%, but as per Panthur guarantee, it offers 99.9% uptime.

So when you record an uptime of 97.3%, you know that the website is unavailable for most of the time. I’m sure that most of you would agree with the fact that a website that is unavailable for most of the time loses potential clients as well as their credibility. 

So when you compare the uptime they offer to the prices they charge, I can understand why many of their clients are displeased. They do offer you a dashboard that will allow you to check the status of your server; this will help you know when your server is up or if it is facing any sort of downtime. 

Global Servers 

Panthur has all their data centres located in Australia, to be specific in Sydney. This is perfectly fine if your target customers are based in Australia or maybe in New Zealand. However, if your target customers are in, say, China, UK or even America, what happens then? You will notice extremely slow load times. And then your visitors will suffer. This also leads us on to one more point that we are not happy with, and that is; 

Self-owned Servers 

Panthur do not own their individual data centres. This leads them to leasing servers allowing them to resell their rented servers to their customers. This might seem pretty harmless; however, I must say it is indeed a big deal as there are multiple issues with it. 

With this sort of model, the customers will be overcharged; according to our research, reseller hosting accounts are pretty cheap, so that means that Panthur is making plenty of money, given the resources they offer their customers.

There are multiple products that they provide their customers as upgrades, and Panthur receives these upgrades absolutely free. Now the servers that they use are rented, so they don’t have complete control of them, making the servers vulnerable. 

Panthur Assistance 

As we discussed earlier, the company used to be very popular in the segment of offering excellent customer support to all their clients. Many of their customers avail their service on account of this feature. All though SiteGround is a better option in comparison to Panthur, and the clients still preferred to opt for Panthur. 

However, it’s been unfortunate that the customer support service has dipped. The moment you visit the site, you will notice they lack live chat support to assist you with any technical concerns.

So when you need assistance with the website, you must be offered immediate help. Yes, I agree they provide plenty of knowledge base, multiple video tutorials, ticket support and phone support that is available 24/7. However, having live chat support is essential. 

Hosting Features

Transfer and Registration of Domains 

Panthur offers their clients to register domains as well as transfer domains. This may include traditional extensions as well as the more obscure extensions like; .coach and .club. 

Email Account 

Panthur offers all their clients with email accounts that are unlimited. The proprietary filtering security for emails supports the same. These filters are extremely important as they keep away emails that can be potentially dangerous from leaving or entering the network. Their focus is to keep the mail service working smoothly. 

WHOIS Protection 

This feature keeps your contact information that is private from getting exposed. This allows all your sensitive data to be kept safe as secure, especially from malicious spammers and also avoids any identity theft.

Final Thoughts 

At this point, I’m sure most of you are wondering if we suggest Panthur services. In my opinion, I feel that the company is providing the local Australian clients with a solution that is below average.

I wouldn’t say the service is average at all. This below average service is offered to the customers at a price that is premium. The only selling point, or I must say the only reason why many Australian customers have chosen to use their service, is because they are an Australian company.

But as of now, this is not entirely true on account of the acquisition by an American based company. Yes, I do agree that all their servers are located in Australia; however, it is not owned by them, so there is no such guarantee that these servers will remain in Australia. 

Panthur offers their customers plans at a ridiculously high price, especially if you compare them with multiple web hosting firms that charge less and offer much more. I am not against the extra charges; however, when you pay that kind of money, we do expect the service to be worthwhile, and we have not had that sort of experience with Panthur. 

So if you are in search of top-notch solutions, then we suggest HostGator or SiteGround. They offer all their customers high end performance that is focused on small businesses. You can also take a look at Kinsta. If you need to learn more about some of the best web hosts for Australian customers, you can read more about it in our guide.

We suggest that you should research a bit on your own and make a list of some of the most economical hosting solutions that are offered in the market. We also suggest that you go for a web host that has servers at a global level. You can also check our article on Hostgator review.

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