Kinsta Review

Kinsta Review

The reputation for Kinsta precedes them as they offer their customers excellent managed WordPress hosting solutions.

Installation began in 2013 by a small group of WP experts. This group was totally unhappy with their current hosting service, and one fine day they decided enough is enough.

And they thought to themselves that unless they develop such a hosting service, there is no hope to find an excellent WP host in the market. And we bless the day they decided to develop this excellent web hosting service.

They are known to be the growing WP host in America and Europe. Kinsta uses the premium network of Google cloud platform, giving them an edge over their competitors and offering an intriguing and valuable proposition that their customers simply can’t resist. We definitely also wanted to check out their services and conducted a test for the same.

There is a list of benefits that they offer that include fast speeds, amazing infrastructure and top-notch customer service.

Recently Kinsta has branded in two, a user friendly and a sleek version of its older self; however, it looks better than before. So what is it that they offer? Please take a look at some of our test results and learn more.


Kinsta has given us 10 reasons to love their services, and we feel that they are an amazing WordPress hosting solution. The reasons are as follows;

Lightning-Fast Speeds 

Most of you by now surely know how important speed is to a website. If your WordPress website has quick loading times correlate to a higher conversion, the bounce rates decrease, and the duration of your visitors are longer.

However, I must also add this is also very beneficial for good SEO. We have written plenty on this subject.

So, how did Kinsta hosting provider fare? As I said, we have also conducted a little test of our own. We set up the best site on this server and tested it with our own site speed checker. I have posted the average speed results for the various locations.

Location Average Speeds 
US (E) 95 ms 
US (W) 130 ms 
London 10 ms 
Singapore 287 ms 
Sao Paulo 203 ms 
Bangalore 487 ms 
Sydney 266 ms 
Japan 221 ms 
Canada 84 ms 
Germany 12 ms 

The overall average speed that we received was 179.5 ms. This brings them to a service score rating of A +.

We are extremely satisfied with the test results. According to Google’s recommendation, a server should have a response time of below 200 ms; if the speed is slower than this, users will experience lag. We received the quickest response time of 10 ms (from London).

We have also noticed that pings from regions like, for example, Bangalore were slower, hence, reducing the worldwide average response time. However, the overall speeds were impressive.

I would like to point out that without their speech, we have not used caching technologies, CDN and other optimizations.

Kinsta has various optimizations that are freely available for their users, and we suggest you must take advantage of them and reduce the load times of your webpage.

In our case, without optimization, we noted important metrics in terms of speed are all A-rated. The loading speed that we received was pretty amazing.

Kinsta hosting provider is not the fastest hosting solution that we have tested so far, but they are definitely the higher level of hosts that offer strong loading times.

Infrastructure – Cloud Based 

Let’s take a look at the built. One of the features that stands out the most is that they offer all their customers exclusive server hosting on Google cloud platform.

In this way, you will notice the infrastructure they have is completely different in comparison to shared hosting or even dedicated ones.

The traditional hosting methods host through one server at a data centre location; However, with cloud hosting, the host uses a server space that is virtual and is able to tap into networks that are complex and of physical servers.

The method provides customers with a few advantages that include flexibility, scalability, reliability and speed.

The market does have hosts that offer cloud server hosting, but Kinsta uses a private fibre network from Google. This network is one among the biggest worldwide and can achieve speeds of 10,000 TB every second in certain regions.

Kinsta has also signed up and decided to use a premium cloud tier from Google that will offer users high levels of security, speed and performance.

Google has their cloud servers in 20 locations worldwide, and Kinsta customers can benefit from this. The user can select any data centre from multiple locations.

A data centre that is close to your target customers will be more beneficial. This can be done for every WordPress site benefiting and helping you to keep your latency low as well as load times quick.

Kinsta customers can access Route 53- Amazon to use premium DNS. This is an efficient weapon that ensures things are quick.

Turbocharge Software

Turbocharge Software is another pro for us, and yes, it is speed, yet again!

Kinsta is already focused on speed; hence they have an architecture that is speed-obsessed (these are their words). They are able to achieve this on account of technologies like MariaDB, software containers – LXD, PHP 7, and NGINX.

I could literally write a couple of pages mentioning the multiple plugins and add-ons that Kinsta hosting services offer; however, there is one thing you will definitely want to utilize, and that is CDN.

Kinsta has partnered up with KeyCDN, and it is an amazing IPv6 enabled and HTTP/2 CDN.

KeyCDN is a European provider of CBN that has its headquarters in Switzerland. They have a very good reputation for assisting their clients in making CDN services that are top-notch and very accessible. They are said to have over 40,000 clients with a ratio of 95%.

Kinsta customers don’t receive the complete range of the various benefits that KeyCDN offers, and they do get a certain amount of CDN bandwidth for free; it is labelled as ‘Kinsta CDN’.

Kinsta clients can also take advantage of KeyCDN’s global network that is extensive, and their servers are based strategically in 34 locations that turbocharge their media across the globe.

How does it matter? 

CDNs can; 

  • Reduce loading times by almost 50%. 
  • Offload bandwidth requests from the host of up to 70%. 
  • It protects the server from getting overwhelmed by traffic surges.

Kinsta has made CDN related things to handle and manage very simple. 

Caching and CBN technology are usually separately available. However, Kinsta packaged both together in order to make it simpler to work with from the dashboard, allowing the customers to track usage of bandwidth and top files by making simple requests.

Guaranteed Uptime 

Kinsta offers excellent, guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and has backed this guarantee with their SLA.

This SLA guaranteed backup shows their confidence in the infrastructure of their cloud hosting. By nature, cloud hosts are very reliable, and you can be sure that your WordPress website will be online.

Kinsta also, along with this, offers their customers uptime check and continuous monitoring every minute.

If for some reason, they are unable to make right the response error codes under 30 minutes, they will credit your account. This guarantee is applicable 24/7 all year round.


Managed WordPress hosting service; the name says it all. They allow their customers to spend more time focusing on their business and avoid worrying about the website.

Kinsta has multiple features along with an optimized environment that allows you to improve your site, and you would not have to worry about any technical issues.

Their beneficial website management features are as below; 

  • Speed tuning: This feature includes caching and performance reviews. 
  • My Kinsta Dashboard: This feature is completely different to the cPanel and Plesk that various other hosts offer. It also has original beneficial features.
  • Management Updates: This is a grade higher than forced updates (many hosts tend to use it, and this can also cause certain issues); all you need to do is inform their team and let them know that you would like them to handle this in the future.
  • Single-Click Staging: You can now, with much ease, test new WP versions, code and plugins in an environment that is safe, and once you are satisfied, you could make it live in seconds.
  • Tools that are developer-friendly: From SSH to site cloning, you can utilize WP- CL I to conduct updates. DevKinsta Is a tool that was recently launched and is very nifty, helping developers develop, design and deploy WordPress sites locally.

Amazing Technical Support 

Kinsta is well known for their Technical Support team.  

And that means their customer support team consists of veteran WP developers as well as hosting engineers from Linux. So you can imagine the level of Technical Support that you would receive; they are the best in the market. Kinsta also claims to recruit 1% of the total applicants that apply for this position.

They skip all the initial levels of support executives so that the users can directly get in touch with the actual experts. This is some top-notch service!

Kinsta also offers support 24/7 through the intercom widget that is a live ticket and chat solution.

The system is very nifty and automatically stores all the chat history, and as you navigate various pages on the dashboard, the window will stay open.

From experience, I can say all queries were applied within 3 minutes. The staff that we interacted with were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and gave us solutions with links to various resources that we could read up on.

We have had an extremely positive experience, and we have also read various reviews that clients have and notice that these clients have had a similar experience as us.

This means that all experience is just not one in case everyone else receives the same service.

In addition, we are very fond of the Kinsta blog, and there is an extensive knowledge base that is regularly updated with various articles, glossaries with technical terms and multiple tips.

Simple Migration and Setup

For all of you who are wondering what this process is would be simple; I must say yes, it is extremely.

As I signed up with Kinsta, I was taken aback by how simple and quick the entire process was. You can now create an account in seconds, and you would soon be introduced to a new and vibrant dashboard along with extensive resources that are angled to assist you and are designed to help seasoned developers as well as beginners.

Post this initial process, you will receive follow up emails that are extremely helpful that prompts you to the next level that is connecting to the website; they also check if you may have any queries.

Leaving you to the next level – all their WordPress hosting packages offer a minimum of one site migration for free. They will help you migrate from your present host, and it is managed by a team of experts (note; migration is offered with the standard plan at an additional annual charge).

Entrusting a cryptical process like this to a professional is definitely a helping hand, and you can avoid worrying about manually migrating your site (this option is also made available).

As soon as the process of migration is completed, they will notify you in order for you to check if everything is working well. 

Kinsta doesn’t provide a free trial offer; they do have a guaranteed money back of 30 days (but we honestly prefer). This gives their clients some time to use the service and ensure that the services match their requirements.

There are multiple tiers of membership; however, their plans are laid out pretty clearly, giving users clarity; I’m helping them choose the correct package to match their needs.


The company provides a lot of tools in order to help keep the site secure and safe.


  • Manual backup: The company allows you to perform five manual backups that include one backup that is downloadable every week. 
  • Daily backups: The company offers automatic daily WordPress backups and backups generated by the system for all the WordPress sites on the account. These backups are available on the dashboard as restore points. They will be stored for two weeks.
  • Event backups: Events of a certain type generate automatic backups. For instance, when you switch from staging site to production, it will generate a duplicate of the live site. This comes in handy in case of any unforeseen circumstance.

In addition, these backups are not included in the overall disk space giving you plenty of space.

More security features like; 

  • Hardware firewalls and SSL support: The customers receive a single click SSL certification that can be activated for free. 
  • 24/7 Monitoring: If ever your site happens to get hacked or even go down, the staff at Kinsta is immediately alerted, and they get into work instantly, only resolving the issue.
  • Security Patches are Automatically Updated: Various benefits are offered here that include daily spyware or malware scanning, B BOS attacks and blocking code injection, as well as hack fixes that are free. 
  • Name Servers: This is a very interesting feature; many hosts offer two name servers to set up DNS pointing. Kinsta is very generous and offers their customers four – each one of them has different site suffixes (.org, .net). This is very helpful to the customer because if ever one of them is down, they could depend on the others and be sure that their sites are afloat. This is a very small instance I shared just so that you may know how Kinsta goes on and beyond to give their customers a happy experience.

Excellent for Traffic Surges 

Many WordPress users have this notion that a growing WordPress website can be very complicated. If I know one thing about them, I can say Kinsta is very good for scalability; it’s a payoff on account of their architecture that is cloud-based.

At any point of time, if your WordPress website has traffic surges that are unexpected, the integration that Kinsta has with the compute engine of Google allows sites containers to scale up 2 various numbers of CPUs, depending on all the other requirements.

The cloud automatic scales in order to handle the load so that your WordPress site remains online and just does not crash.

When compared to various other third party hosts, they are limited to 2-5 CPUs every VPS. Note, they also have a limitation on your monthly visits, and if you happen to exceed that, you would have to pay an extra charge after a certain number of visitors; however, as soon as you reach the 80% and the 100% level, they will keep notifying you about it.

But the highlight of everything is the site will continue to stay online! It is an utter nightmare if you have invested in traffic that is paid or you go viral only to discover that your WordPress website receives a good response with plenty of visitors only for it to crash. Every opportunity you were handed is wasted!

Kinsta also provides all soldiers upgrades and exponential traffic spikes that are specially designed to manage and handle this type of huge traffic situation if you are suspecting one to happen. 

E-Commerce Sites 

Kinsta is amazing for E-Commerce businesses on WP. They offer plugins that are absolutely free, like Woo-Commerce making WordPress an attractive platform for E-Commerce owners.

But, these types of E-Commerce sites are all susceptible to overwhelming and intense resources, mainly as the plugins are the cost to many technological complications off WordPress.

Customers that use WordPress gain plenty from Kinsta management and support tools that are easy like; 

  • Page caching server level that is extremely fast that has rules to make sure the functionality is optimized for all ecommerce sites. Some pages that are never meant to be cashed, like check out, my account and cart, are not included in caching.
  • Kinsta offers solutions that will help you to overcome all the growing difficulties in the long run. When the traffic outgrows the current plan, you can, with much ease, upgrade to a higher plan. You will not have to go through complicated migrations and move to a different server, which is very common, especially with shared hosts. I think this feature is a major bonus for WordPress websites that X potentially keep adding on extra product pages.

Overall, Kinsta provides plenty of value to entrepreneurs who focus on growing the business and do not have the time to be dealing with technicalities in order to keep the site online.

Things they could do better 

Kinsta has multiple things that are amazing, and they have got plenty of things right; however, I do believe that no host can be perfect in every way.

Expensive Plans 

I do agree that they offer Premium WordPress hosting, but it is also unfortunate that they are offered with a price tag that is Premium.

The packages are available at a very costly monthly charge like the Standard plan are available at a monthly charge of $30, and it can increase to a monthly charge of $900 with the highest plan. Pretty steep.

Their customers are offered two months absolutely free only if they invest in the annual plan; however the overhead incurred every month may be high discouraging businesses of smaller sizes. Their prices are way higher in comparison to the other competitors.

With that said, I am more than happy to announce that the standard plan has been reduced from $100; this was the minimum one had to spend until 2018 May.

Lack of Email Hosting 

Website owners do require a couple of things to set up and manage their sites, and this is one of them; and unfortunately, Kinsta does not cater to it. 

Email hosting, is it a big one? Customers that are in search of emails will have to search and probably sign up for an email hosting solution separately.

Like for instance email hosting solution that is professional, like the Office 365 Biz, will be available at a monthly charge of approximately $20. Now Kinsta suggests G suite, and this can be available at a monthly charge of $5.

Kinsta says they would like to stick to doing the things that they are best at and prefer to let the experts of email hosting handle the segment. I think it’s fair enough, and guys’ world will not end.

But they’re all website owners who I can say are a bit disappointed because they would prefer a hosting solution that has it all especially given the prices. I would say if you are an owner of an online business, you must be ready to invest in your website property.

Lack of Telephone Support 

Kinsta lacks telephone support, and this is a facility that most of their competitors offer.

Many users prefer phone support as they find it very convenient to simply call a number and speak with an executive about the various issues their site is facing.

Many users like the human voice and human touch. They are not very comfortable interacting with automated bots or even a live chat. Speaking on the phone, especially for pressing issues, can be very convenient.

According to Kinsta, they do not agree with the fact that this feature is convenient, and they have even written an entire article just trying to justify their action.

I agree; if your discussion is technical, having a written log with multiple screenshots that you could refer to can be extremely useful.

And yes, the ticketing system will help you save energy or explaining the issue multiple times to various people.

The live chat seems to be a very practical choice, but phone support is a higher mode of convenience to various customers, especially in times of crisis.

Many customers have expressed that dialling a number and speaking to someone immediately is very convenient in comparison to typing out the entire issue and explaining it within a tiny chatbox.

WordPress Plans 

Give you a brief synopsis of their plans; currently, Kinsta is a managed WordPress host and has 10 types of plans, and each plan offers their solutions at a different scale.

Some of these plans provide the similar basic key features like CDN and SSL certificates available for free, daily backups, Technical Support team and more.

The only difference that we have seen between these plans is the number of WP installs which you can manage for an account as well as assigned PHP workers to the site (the PHP workers means the simultaneous request the site can manage at a time).

The plans are categorized for various levels that include Enterprise, Business and Starter (large businesses find the enterprise-level plans beneficial).

Every package is well described. I’m clearly laid out for you to understand it easily and help you to select a package to meet your business needs. All these plans are available with a guarantee of 30 days money back along with an option to downgrade or upgrade the hosting package during this term.

Our Verdict 

I’m sure you guys still have a question about whether you should host with Kinsta.

I would say you have to ultimately decide, especially after reading all the pros and cons, whether Kinsta matches your requirements.

For most of us who are very keen on the pricing, yes, Kinsta is not the cheapest host, but they can be extremely valuable to the right entrepreneur.

For website owners that experience very low traffic, especially those in search for an inclusive registration of domain and email hosting, the Premium WordPress hosting service may prove to be not enough and just too much. 

Their packages can prove to be a good fit for customers who anticipate or rather currently already experience very high traffic, and they are seriously considering securing and scaling their website. You can also check our article on HostPapa review.

The company’s architecture is cloud-based and is completely obsessed with speed, advanced systems and management tools, along with amazing customer support. Kinsta is definitely an extremely powerful post that you can rely on 100 percent.

Some of the essential key features they offer are; 

  • They monitor the site 24/7 
  • You will also receive caching and KeyCDN 
  • The cloud location from Google is 20 
  • You will be offered a Kinsta dashboard that is sleek and known as MyKinsta 
  • They also guarantee uptimes of 99.9% 
  • Their support team is highly skilled 
  • You will receive fantastic speeds 

If, after reading the various features and benefits that the company offers, you feel that their services are good for you, then we encourage you to sign up with them as soon as possible. However, in our opinion, we recommend the services of Kinsta to;

  • Web developers 
  • WordPress websites that experience high traffic 
  • Medium to large sites 
  • E-Commerce websites
  • WooCommerce 
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Providers
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