How to Make Money with Servers?

How to make money with servers 1

The aim of every businessman is to make a profit. In this article, let us understand how to make money with the help of servers.

When we say servers, we mean “dedicated servers”. Dedicated servers are those servers that are kept in data centers for recording information that is highly sensitive.

These servers provide exclusive usage to an organization for hosting their websites, data and web applications. Since this information is so very important, it is necessary to ensure that these servers continue to work irrespective of the situation.

The data stored, transferred or exchanged on the dedicated server is highly confidential. Therefore smooth functioning of dedicated server at all times is a must.

This can be done only with the help of UPS and a continuous internet connection. Moreover, the security of the data is also very important.

Dedicated server needs to be kept safe from any kind of possible attacks or disasters, either planned or unplanned. Hardware and software firewalls installed on the dedicated server will prevent data from being stolen or hacked.

As the volume of data stored by most data centers is extremely high, they tend to generate lots of heat. Therefore, they have special air-conditioners in place, which takes care of the ventilation aspect.

A dedicated server is a perfect choice if you are planning to enhance your business. So, in this article, let us see in-depth how they can help your business grow and generate more money. So, here we go.

1. Create a Backup Server

Though the safety of data is of paramount importance, it’s very difficult to ensure that data remains safe in all circumstances. Viruses and malicious programs continue to be a threat to security. If data is lost, it can affect the continuity of business and can cause huge amounts of loss.

As business data is sensitive in nature, it is highly prone to risk. This cannot be totally avoided but can be definitely minimized by taking appropriate steps. Every organization follows a set of procedures and protocols with regard to data safety.

This helps them to constantly evaluate the threats and take remedial measures. One of the most effective methods to ensure the safety of your information is going in for a backup server.

You can also create a website that provides backup services and data control. It is one of the easiest ways of earning money with a dedicated server. Now, there’s a common question that gets asked frequently.

What can one do if the information in the dedicated server backup is lost or gets attacked? There is a special technology designed to help deal with such issues; it’s called “Raid”. Through Raid, the information gets saved on two storages.

You can be assured of data safety, as there’s one backup server always in place. It comes in handy in case of loss of data on any one of the storage.

Therefore, if by any chance your data gets washed off from one storage, it’s absolutely fine. You have the second storage to help you restore the lost data.

2. Setting up of a Virtual Server

A virtual server refers to a server that is placed at a data center. You can rent a server from them or from dedicated server hosting companies. Multiple users can make use of a single server to get their work done.

In the case of a large organization where each employee requires a virtual server, they can set it up themselves. However, a dedicated server is needed for it. Also, these servers need to be maintained under special conditions.

If you intend to set up a virtual system yourself, you need to take a few things into consideration. For example- it would be better to get a thorough knowledge of its functional aspect. 

One physical server can be divided into multiple virtual machines. This means managing more than one operating system and application on a single server. When you use fewer physical servers, you automatically spend less money.

When you make use of virtual servers, you save on space as well as on cost. Moreover, since all the data is available under a single roof, handling it becomes very simple. This leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Even in case of any problem, the ability to get it sorted quickly is very high with regard to virtual servers.

This goes to show that the downtime gets considerably reduced. The only drawback here is that you need to have adequate knowledge of virtualization systems.

Virtual servers do have their own set of limits and advantages, but they are a great source of making money.

3. Run Web Hosting

There are innumerable start-up companies having their own websites. It isn’t an easy task for them to buy a virtual server for the website. Therefore, they might resort to web hosting.

The best way to make money with a dedicated server is by going in for web hosting. There are many who run a website but do not have much idea of how to manage a web server. 

You can also make use of cPanel, which is one of the best shared hosting panels. When you install cPanel on your dedicated server and share shared hosting service, it helps earn great profit.

Shared hosting companies provide web services to multiple companies. All of its resources are utilized to the maximum capacity to host numerous websites. This can affect the server’s entire performance and all the websites along with it.

When a website makes use of hosting, it makes it possible for the website to be easily accessed on the web. The company’s work is simplified, as they are all available in one single place.

Therefore there is a high demand for web hosting, and you can earn well through it.

4. Run Game Server

Another great way of earning money with a dedicated server is to run a game server. If you’re a professional player or know of someone who is one, then this tip will help you a lot. For instance, if you play a multiplayer game, the load on the game server gets higher.

If your server doesn’t have the ability for handling that load, it could have major effects on your game.

During such times, it is essential to have a proper dedicated server. You could charge people for using your server and make money in such a manner.

It provides dual benefits, both for you as well as your customer. They get to enjoy an amazing playing experience with a seamless flow of information. On the other hand, you get to earn in this process.

If you are the professional gamer who wishes to have a gamer server, you could host your own dedicated server as well.

It has its own set of perks. For instance, you are free to play multiplayer games that too with very few limitations. You also get better stability as compared to client servers. You must have heard about the Minecraft server which is a very popular server for Mojang video game. You can only choose to have your own Minecraft server if you desire by either using a host provider or Mojang provided software.

Note that if you need high speed during gaming, you need to ensure that your server is connected to a Local Area Network (LAN). If not, the upload and the download speed might affect the players in the game.

5. Sell VPS with a Dedicated Server

Another great way of making profits is by selling a virtual server. Through this process, you can make your dedicated server available in parcels, also known as VPS. You can provide VPs through virtualization systems KVM and VMware.

A virtual server is usable in many different ways. You could use it as a data storage service, hosting service, etc. It has its own users because of the advantages that it possesses. The only drawback you might find here is that creating VPS requires a lot of technical knowledge.

The income you will earn is great, but the process is difficult. If you have got the technical aspect sorted out then, there’s no stopping.

6. Sell VPN to your Clients with a Dedicated Server

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It is one of the most popular network services and is a must-have for frequent Wi-Fi users. This service ensures that your identity is protected from prying eyes.

If you are connected to internet networks with the help of a VPN server, your IP address is hidden. As such, the hackers or competitors aren’t able to track or get a history of the sites visited by you.

They cannot see the activities done by you when online. You can, therefore, carry on with your work smoothly, without fear of being spied. Moreover, they come to you with good speed.

Security is of the topmost concern for most business organizations. Also, stability and good speed are what most customers look for. All these areas are managed very well by VPN server. Thus, you can make good money by selling VPN service to your clients.

When most of your clients are already using VPN service, creating a VPN website and selling it gets extremely beneficial. Also, if you can promote many to go in for this service, it is one of the best ways to make money with a dedicated server.

Managing VPN accounts can also be done automatically with the help of tools like IBSng.

7. Shared Hosting Services

Setting up a shared hosting services on your dedicated server is yet another great way of making money. Through it, you can sell monthly or annual subscriptions to users. It doesn’t require much technical base as it is handled by control panels like cPanel.

If you have a high-end dedicated server with around 128 GB RAM, then it can easily handle 200 sites. So, the number of shared hosting services you can provide entirely depends on you and the dedicated server you use.

Also, note that the higher the number of clients you attach to one server, the quality will get affected. Therefore, you have to ensure that you sell shared hosting appropriately without overburdening your dedicated server.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Dedicated Server?

There are many companies on the internet networks that are providing dedicated servers for rent or for purchase. Yet, before you buy a dedicated server, it is essential to consider a few things.

1. Specifications

It is important to look beyond the dedicated server’s hardware specification. If some mishap had to happen to the dedicated server, you would have to contact technical support. This support team should be able to give you the information needed.

If they are not able to do so, then I would suggest you not go for it. For instance, if you require help with configuring complex software, does your hosting company help you with it?

These are certain questions that you need to look into before purchasing a dedicated server.

2. Guarantee

When you buy any product in the market, more than often, you get a guarantee over that product. In the same way, you need to ensure that your hosting company gives you a money-back guarantee over your dedicated server.

It saves you from signing up a contract for the entire year and then regret it. Many times we fail to see that the website isn’t actually accessible to a majority of the clients. Through such a guarantee, you can easily ask for a refund if the dedicated server does not meet your needs.

3. Budget

Budget is one of the most important aspects of buying anything. Before you set out to purchase a dedicated server plan from a suitable server hosting company, I’m sure you might have done your research. It is your responsibility to stick to the budget you have set.

Remember that it is very easy to go over budget with dedicated servers. At times, some servers may look fascinating as compared to others. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are really that great.

You need to differentiate well and buy only the one that meets your requirements.

4. Goals

It is important that your goals with regard to a dedicated server is set in place. You need to let your hosting company know what exactly your requirements are. Only when you do so you will be offered the perfect plan that suits your list.

It also helps the hosting team to give you an honest overview of the particular dedicated server.

5. Talk to the Sales In-charge

There is a possibility that you might face difficulty in choosing the appropriate plan for yourself. During such times, it is advisable to take the opinion of a knowledgeable person. Example – the sales in-charge.

These people have been in the field for quite some time. They know exactly what is best for you and how you could go about it. They can help you well by understanding your needs and suggesting you the best plan.

However, there could be times when they aren’t well versed with your area of concern. During such instances, they will speak to the administration and revert to you at the earliest. The main goal at the end is to provide you with the best of service.

6. Web Traffic

You need to be specific with the visitors you expect on a monthly basis. If you are expecting to have a higher load, then you must ensure that you are prepared. This could be made possible by opting for a plan with a high data transfer limit. If you choose otherwise, it could lead to issues with your website.

7. Level of Server Access

Another important question that you need to ask is about the level of server access. There are certain server hosting companies that do not provide you with complete access to the dedicated server. The benefits of owning a dedicated server entirely depend on the level of access.

Hosting companies like InMotion believe in providing complete access to the owner. With the help of complete access, you can easily install any software. Also, manage your dedicated server, modify the web services, and much more.

Finally, once you have considered all the seven points mentioned above, you are set for the next step. Now you can choose an appropriate hosting provider and purchase a dedicated server.

What is a Data Center?

The data center is the most important place for any and every dedicated server. It is the place where dedicated servers are maintained. Data centers are huge rooms where no one is allowed to enter apart from the authorized people.

As mentioned earlier, most data centers are kept at a particular temperature to ensure that no technical component gets damaged. There is an appropriate power back-up and other back-ups set in place. To ensure that there is no failure in the exchange of data that occurs 24/7, these back-ups are much needed.

Major aspects such as resource outrage, fire, temperature changes, etc., are all kept far away from these data centers. Some of the highly known Data Centers are as follows –

  • It is a data center which is situated in Tampa City in the USA. It provides data servers to quite a few cities in the USA as well as New York, Chicago and other places.
  • This data center is known as the largest data center in the whole of Europe. It is located in Germany.
  • The data center is known by the majority of the people around. It doesn’t require any introduction at all. It provides many dedicated servers to various European countries.

Note that if you haven’t purchased a dedicated server yet, please do a study over its data centers beforehand.

Why is a Dedicated Server Much Expensive as Compared to a Virtual Server?

The answer here is pretty straightforward. In a virtual server, small portions of the main server are provided on a monthly or annual subscription. The users do not have entire admin access. They also need to share all the privileges with other users.

On the other hand, it is exactly the opposite with a dedicated server. You get the whole access over it, and you can manage it on your own. It has its own set of ups and downs as well. For instance, you might get to enjoy all the privileges that the virtual server users might not get.

Whereas at the same time, the cost of maintenance is quite high. Therefore dedicated servers are much expensive than virtual servers. It’s entirely up to you whether you wish to invest in a dedicated server or settle for a virtual server.

Wrapping Up

I am sure by the end of this article; you have a clear idea about dedicated servers. You get a brief idea of what virtual servers are and why they are pricey.

From the above, you get a glimpse of the numerous ways by which you can make money with a dedicated server. You can also check our article on How to Migrate a WordPress Site to Another Web Host?

As a businessman, you would know better what your future plans are and how you want them to materialize. The pointers mentioned in the article are a skeleton of the wide options available.

Yet again, the final decision would rest on you. You can read through these options and find the one that is most suitable for your business.

It is better before you make a final decision, you have a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects. Also, when you do proper research, you will be able to trust your own judgement. This will boost your confidence and help in further growth.

I hope this article has helped you in some way or the other. All the very best for your future endeavours. Get going!!

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