HostPapa Review

HostPapa Review

HostPapa entered the world of web hosting solutions in 2006, offering quality service to customers whose businesses were rapidly growing. HostPapa has said this in Toronto, Canada. 

They offer various types of hosting solutions, right from shared hosting to VPS. 

Their main goal is to offer quality solutions to businesses that are of small size. The services they offer are very much alike to what you would find with your competitors that includes; 

  • They offer all their clients email 
  • You will also receive a website builder 
  • The customer support is available 24/7 
  • They guarantee money back of 30 days 

Recently, a few of our loyal readers wanted to know our take on HostPapa. Hence this review. This review would include all the features that they offer, what we like about them and what we don’t. 


HostPapa’s Pricing 

HostPapa offers various hosting plans, and shared hosting is more suited for small businesses as well as beginners. The reseller hosting and VPS hosting are designed to cater to the acquirements of advanced users. Their web hosting plans are pretty cheap, with various useful features.

They also provide comprehensive support along with this stuff that is very friendly. A couple of features that you would receive with HostPapa for free, their competitors offer similar services at premium rates. They guarantee uptimes of 99.97%, and their loading speeds are pretty decent. 

So overall, they are an excellent choice if you are looking for a good web host as they have offered services along with economical prices consistently. 

Let’s take a look at the basic web hosting services; these plans are offered in three packages that include; 

  • Starter Plan: This plan is available at a monthly promotional price of $3.95. The original cost of this plan is a $9.99 per month.
  • Business Plan: This plan is available at a monthly promotional fee of $3.95. The original cost of this plan is $14.99 per month.
  • Business Pro Plan: This plan is available at a monthly promotional price of $12.95. The original cost of this plan per month is $23.99.

Starter plan 

This plan is available at a monthly promotional price of $3.95. This package includes various beneficial features like;  

  • With this plan, you will receive two websites 
  • They also offer you SD storage of 100 GB 
  • You will also receive unmetered bandwidth 
  • This plan also comes with free domain registration 

In addition, the starter plan also has a segment that is labelled by HostPapa as the “All Essential Features”. This segment includes some very useful features such as; 

  • Website transfers are done for free 
  • You will receive Cloudflare CDN for free 
  • You will also receive cloud Linux 
  • Customer support is available 24/7, throughout the year 
  • They offer all their clients training that is absolutely free 
  • With this package, you will receive cPanel 
  • Uptime guarantees of 99.9% 
  • They also guarantee money back of 30 days 
  • You will receive a very convenient website builder 
  • SSL certificate is offered for free 
  • You will have access to Softaculous that has over 400 apps that you could use for free 

Business Plan 

This plan is perfect for entrepreneurs that have small businesses. It is currently available at a discounted price of $3.95. The original monthly price is $14.99. With this plan, you will receive the following features; 

  • They also offer websites that are unlimited 
  • The service of free domain registration 
  • You will also receive an SSL certificate for free 
  • SSD space is offered unlimited 
  • You will also receive email addresses that are unlimited 
  • They offer bandwidth that is unlimited 

In addition, you will also receive the following; 

  • A very convenient website builder to start up your website
  • Have access to their ‘all essential features’ 
  • Receive advanced features 

Business Pro Plan

This plan is a comprehensive plan that HostPapa offers their clients. This plan is available at a monthly promotional price of $12.95. The original cost for this plan is $23.99 per month. This plan offers to enhance speed and performance security. You will also receive the following features; 

  • The number of websites that you would receive is unlimited 
  • They also provide SSD storage which is also unlimited 
  • The bandwidth that you would get will be unmetered 
  • Domain registration is also done for free 

You will receive a website builder as an upgrade with this plan. The plans before this offer the website builder’s starter version. But this plan offers unlimited website builders.

You will also be given access to what we earlier discussed, “all essential features“, as well as the “advanced features“. You will also have access to the “performance enhancements” that have features like; 

  • The servers are rocket fast 
  • It offers a performance boost of up to 300% 
  • You will receive four times more MYSQL and CPU resources 
  • Every server will have fewer accounts 

Security enhancements have the following; 

  • They offer an SSL certificate 
  • You will also receive Power Pro Protection 
  • They offer domain privacy 
  • Your website will be backed up automatically

Extra/Email Domains 

You will receive unlimited domains as well as subdomains like with the earlier plan, you will also receive mailbox storage that stores all your emails of up to 1000 MB.

The mailbox storage is 10,000 MB. However, you will be limited to 250 emails every hour, and the size of the attachment can be up to 10 MB. 

The Business Pro Package offers increased server resources that include; 

  • They offer entry points of 40 
  • CPU cores – 4 
  • You will also receive four Cores MYSQL  
  • Each processor will have a memory of 1024 MB 
  • The database size that you will receive is 2000 MV 
  • The table size that they offer is 1000 M V 

Please note with any package, if you require an IP address that’s dedicated, you will need to pay an extra charge. 

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans from HostPapa are enterprise-grade. Their VPS servers offer security, control, support and power. They offer five different plans to suit the requirements of various businesses. 


This plan is available after the discounted price of $19.99. With this plan, you will receive the following features; 

  • Four Core CPU 
  • A memory of 2 GB 
  • SSD storage of 60 GB 
  • Transfer of 1TB 
  • Also offer ‘essential features’


This plan is available at a discounted price of $59.99. With this plan, you will receive the following features; 

  • Four Core CPU 
  • A memory of 4 GB 
  • SSD storage of 125 GB 
  • Transfer of 2 TB 
  • Also offer ‘essential features’ 


This plan is available at a discounted price of $109.99. With this plan, you will receive the following features; 

  • Eight Core CPU 
  • A memory of 8 GB 
  • SSD storage of 250 GB 
  • Transfer of 2 TB 
  • Also offer ‘essential features’ 


  • Eight Core CPU 
  • A memory of 16 GB 
  • SSD storage of 500 GB 
  • Transfer of 4 TB 
  • Also provide ‘essential features’ 


  • Twelve Core CPU 
  • A memory of 32 GB 
  • SSD storage of 1 TB 
  • Transfer of 8 TB 
  • Also provide ‘essential features’ 

All these plans are available with managed VPS. At this point, HostPapa handles security audits, firewall setup, email configuration, migrations, network issues and more. 

All these packages also offer ‘Essential Features’ that have guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, 2 IP addresses, unlimited domains can be hosted, VPS migration is free, guaranteed money back and wholesale domains.

If you aren’t used to their shared hosting plans, you will notice they offer the cPanel. The control panel remains the same with all their VPS packages too.

So, with the control panel being the same, you don’t need to learn a new control panel and continue working with a familiar interface.

Solus Virtual Manager is augmented with this. You will have control over the application that runs on the server due to the script installer – Softaculous. 


If you take a look at the pricing that HostPapa offers, we rank them as fair. The packages are cheap, and some are reasonably priced; however, with their plans being inexpensive, all concern is the quality of all their solutions offered. It feels too good to have a plan so cheap on shared hosting.

All web hosting companies have similar expenses like infrastructure, staff and more. If at all they are left with any additional money, it is then utilized to cover other variables that include maintenance of equipment, hiring quality staff and offering decent solutions. 

The one thing that caught our attention is, if you take a glance at their plans, you would see words like unmetered and unlimited appear a couple of times.

However, this doesn’t mean you will have all the space you require on the server. You must understand there will be certain limitations, and these limitations are mentioned clearly in their ‘abuse policy and server space.’ 

Let’s move on to the next segment, where we will discuss about the various things that we are so fond of, and there are a few things that they need to improvise. 


Performance and Reliability

When we took a look at the uptime that HostPapa has to offer, we have seen that they all fall under average uptimes of 99.97%. 

These uptimes are pretty fair given the average industry requirement. Yes, the fact does remain that they guarantee a 99.9% uptime; however, this is pretty close. 

It will be absolutely unrealistic to expect any host that also includes HostPapa to offer an uptime of 100% due to the various problems that could arise, as well as they also require regular maintenance. 

We received uptimes of 99.97%, which means that on an average, their servers faced downtime of approximately 3 hours in 12 months.

Depending on your requirements, this could be good or maybe not so good for your business. In my opinion, they are way above the industry standards of 99%. 

It is highly unlikely that the downtime will be off 3 hours consecutively. It would be a couple of minutes spread out over a period of 12 months. 

I would also like to point out that there are a couple of hosts in the market that are offering an uptime of 99.9% consistently. They also have downtimes of approximately 1 hour in 12 months. Of course, these hosts will cost you more in comparison to the plans that HostPapa offers. 

User Friendly

We have seen that HostPapa offers simple setups and is extremely user friendly. The only thing that we find a bit concerning is they don’t provide monthly payment options.

In order to avail of their plans at a cheaper price, you will be required to pay a huge amount upfront. 

The payment process, however, is quite simple. You will need to choose a plan that fits your business requirements.

Once you select a plan, you can move your existing domain name or maybe get a new one. You will then have to enter all the payment details following the process to set up your account. 

Packages that are Scalable 

The most demanded and popular package that they provide is ‘Business Pro’ that we have discussed in the previous segment. This plan is especially Tailored for customers that desire to sell products or plan on setting up an E-commerce store.

If you wish to upgrade the plan in the future, you would find it extremely easy to do so. This plan is highly scalable with E-commerce stores as it is designed mainly for this purpose. 

We haven’t reviewed all the details; however, I must say that the WordPress hosting is 100% optimized to work on the WordPress hosting servers. This package comes with free installed WordPress. So, if you are a business owner, this feature will help you save plenty of money and time. 

The reseller hosting package is good for customers that are in search to redesign their business or develop multiple sites and take their business to a higher level.

HostPapa provides various packages, these packages begin at a monthly price of $19.95, with the highest-level package start would be available at a monthly charge of $79.95. 

A reseller hosting packages range from SSD storage of 50 GB to 200 GB storage. But bandwidth that you would receive with these plans with the starting tier offers 500 GB, and it increases to 1.4 TB.

Shared hosting packages and WP optimized packages are specially designed for newcomers; the reseller and VPS plans are built for an experienced user looking to create and build our relationship for a longer period of time with HostPapa.  

Green Hosting 

HostPapa claims to be a company that focuses on green hosting, distinguishing themselves to be set apart from their competitors. They claim to offer eco-friendly hosting services, which means that they purchase credits for energy that is renewable and designed to especially balance energy they may use.

Many users are very much concerned about the effect a company can have on the surroundings and environment. In our view, the concern that they show towards the surrounding and environment is a big selling point. 


This is a control panel that is very popular, making it possible for users to manage and handle all their server settings.

This is done as it supports various unique features that are designed to assist users that work with files, folders, DNS breakfast configuration, walking and creating domains along with subdomains, matching the emails and much more. 

We are extremely glad that HostPapa utilizes the cPanel because the cPanel is extremely user-friendly and specially designed for beginners. We have seen other control panels, and they seem to be more complex to manage, especially for newcomers. 


HostPapa offers multiple hosting plans. But, it would mean nothing if the site is not up. HostPapa guarantees an uptime of 99.9%. But given the test that we have conducted, we have received uptimes of 99.7%.

I would say it is not bad uptime; it is much better than what most web hosts have to offer, but they are most certainly not the best in the market. 

Load Times

By default, HostPapa utilizes the caching that is in-built. So you cannot make changes to the settings. But if you compress MIME types, you will see a slight change in the speed. 

This optimization you can do simply by accessing the software section in your cPanel. You can use the settings, ‘optimize website‘ and tweak just like the way Apache normally handles requests. 

Many users have said that the load time of their site has seen some improvement from a minimum of 0.9 seconds right up to one second. WP optimization servers that are used by WP sites will load faster. 

Data Centres

HostPapa is very well known for their hosting infrastructure to be 100% reliable. They are a mid-sized web hosting company with very high standards with regard to the security of the data. their customers are absolutely confident as they know that HostPapa provides multiple security features for all their servers that include; 

  • Floor facilities are raised
  • They offer a system for fire suppression 
  • The power supply they offer is uninterruptible 
  • They also have temperature and climate controls 
  • They have redundant power and backup generators 

The power network that HostPapa utilizes is Cisco that allows them to keep all their information secure. Intel server products Power all of HostPapa equipment. 

Things they could do better 

  • The renewal prices for their packages are very expensive. These prices increase drastically, making the plans extremely expensive. 
  • They guarantee money back of 30 days; however, there are plenty of hosts in the market that offer money-back guarantees for 60 days, 90 days and anytime money back. 
  • HostPapa also offers automatic backups, and this service is premium with the starter and the business plan. But, there are many hosts in the market that offer this service without a premium charge. 
  • HostPapa claims to offer international web hosting; however, their data centre locations are pretty limited. Yes, I agree that they utilized CDN services, but if your target audiences are not in Canada or America, then they might not match your business requirements.

Final Thoughts 

If you own a small business at the moment and as most of us expect our business to grow, HostPapa won’t be able to match your requirements in a way that is best for you and your business. 

However, your small business website is 100% secure with them, and you can be sure to enjoy good uptimes. The company also focuses on the environment, which is another positive selling point. 

Before you commit to any of their packages, we suggest that you must carefully review their plans, prices and multiple features to make sure that you do not incur any additional charges on certain features. 

As we discussed earlier, HostPapa offers guarantee of 30 days money back so with that feature you will need to decide within a month if their services are good for you.

Also, remember the 30-day guarantee covers only the actual price of the web hosting. If you have purchased any added benefits, you will not be refunded for them. You can also check our article on GreenGeeks review.

So, that’s all for now. Do share your comments and suggestions. Thanks, guys! 

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