Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review

The employees of Hostinger own this web hosting firm. Hostinger was launched in 2004 and was initially labelled as hosting media.

But in 2011, Hostinger had over 1,000,000 users and decided to re-label the name to Hostinger. 000webhost had Hostinger as their subsidiary in 2007.

Their main focus was to offer web hosting for free across the globe. As we speak, Hostinger has over 25 million active users worldwide, and they also have subsidiaries in over 178 countries. It is a parent company of Weblink, 000webhost and Niagahoster. 

Every day, they claim to have approximately 20,000 new customers that sign up and avail themselves of their services.

Hostinger also claims that they give their clients the freedom to create and build a website with total freedom. What do you think about these claims? Are they just marketing gimmicks, or do they deliver?

Let us dig deeper and learn more about this European web hosting company and see if they are beneficial to our Australian users.


What are they known for? 

Hostinger has never beat around the bush while talking about their services. Their services are never described with glossy terms, and rather they are very clear about providing cheap web hosting services.

Let’s begin with taking a look at their hosting and pricing plans.

Hostinger provides 3 basic plans, they are; 

1.   Single shared hosting Plans that are available at a monthly discounted price of $1.45. 

2.   Premium share plans are available at a monthly discounted price of $2.15. 

3.   Business shared hosting plans are available at a monthly discounted price of $3.45. 

At the moment, they are offering a deep discount that reduces the price of the single shared hosting package to a monthly price of $0.80.

With the Business Web Hosting package and the Premium Web Hosting package, you will receive a free domain. We will take a look at these packages in detail.

Single planPremium planBusiness plan
Price per month$0.99$1.89$3.99
Memory & processing power1X2X4X
Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
SSD storage10 GB20 GB100 GB
Free Domain registrationNoYesYes
MY SQL databases2UnlimitedUnlimited
Email accounts1UnlimitedUnlimited
Daily backupsNoNoYes
SSL certificate (free)YesYesYes

The shared hosting plan is a basic plan and the cheapest of all. It is available at a monthly charge of $0.99 for four years.

After the initial term, you can renew your service; however, the price is then revised to a monthly charge of $7.99. This basic plan offers you;

  • A single website  
  • MY SQL database – 1 
  • Straight forward website builder 
  • Disk space of 10 GB 
  • You will also receive an automatic installer 
  • A single email account 
  • You will also receive bandwidth or 100 GB 

This is their entry-level plan. This plan does not offer you all the features that you might find with other plans, but a plan that is available for under a dollar every month, you can’t expect too many features that are probably offered with the higher plans.

You can use this plan to get started by web hosting a single website. This space is pretty decent to get started with 10 GB, and the bandwidth of 100 GB should suffice in creating an impressive website.

Overall if you look at the package, it’s bare-bones; however, if you require a single website and in search to launch a site that has minimum whistles and bells, this could prove to be a good option.

The only issue that some users have complained about is a single email. Well, this is a very common practice, and you will notice many small businesses have a single website.

However, they have a few more email addresses, these multiple email addresses are used on a regular basis. If you also require more than one email address, then I suggest you look at the Premium Shared hosting plan.

Premium Shared Hosting Plan 

This plan is mid-tier. This plan is available at a monthly charge of $1.89, and this price is offered with four years commitment. After the promotional term is completed, this package is available and can be renewed at a monthly charge of $11.95. with this plan, you will receive;

  • A website builder that is easy to use 
  • You will also receive MY SQL database that is unlimited 
  • You are offered a free domain name 
  • You will receive email accounts – unlimited 
  • SSD storage is unlimited 
  • They provide FTP users- unlimited 
  • You will also receive unlimited websites 

This plan costs twice the amount of the Basic plan, but it also offers a complete package. If you look at the plan specifications, you will realize that multiple features are offered unlimited. With this plan, you get access to multiple functionalities and howl over your website.

This plan is specifically designed for people to web various sites and users with speed as their top priority. 

This package offers you an opportunity to have plenty of websites to match your requirements, and you can utilize unlimited disk space along with unlimited bandwidth. So there is nothing to hold you back.

You can also enjoy unlimited MYSQL databases along with the chance to create multiple FTP accounts to match your business requirements. The one thing that we like about the plan is, it is worthlessly optimized.

So for your WP site, if you plan to get the Premium package, you will experience speeds that are three times more than what you would receive with the basic package.

This plan also offers a domain name, and it doesn’t have an annual renewal charge to it. You will also receive an SSL certificate for free. So you can now protect your visitors from malicious hackers allowing your visitors to enjoy a safe browsing experience.

Business Plan 

This plan is at the top of all the other plans. It is available at a monthly charge of $3.99, along with a commitment of four years. After the initial promotional term, the plan can be renewed at a monthly charge of $15.95, and this is the original price of the package.

With this plan, you will receive all the features and perks that come with the premium plan along with the following;

  • You will receive Deluxe live support 
  • They offer an SSL certificate for free 
  • The memory and processing power is 2X 
  • You will also receive daily backups 
  • The WP optimized speed is 5X 

So if you invest a few more dollars, you will be able to enjoy all the added benefits and features of the business plan. This plan offers a comprehensive service in comparison to the others. All the features and benefits that we discussed with the Premium plan will be added to the business plan as well.

A major difference that you will find will be with the CPU allocation and RAM. Both these aspects will be doubled in this plan. This will have a huge impact on your website performance.

Let me tell you the Premium Package is very quick, so when the speed is doubled in the business package, you will receive exceedingly fast service that will leave you amazed.

If your site is running on WordPress, then I must say things will get very interesting. The speed you receive will be boosted to 5X. So your site will be running extremely fast unless your site gets over thousands of visitors in a day.

There is another aspect about the Business Package that has moved to be very beneficial is the backup functionality, which is automatic.

Manually backing up your data can prove to be a very tedious task, not forgetting how boring, repetitive, and long the entire process seems. This is a major reason many users stop taking backups, then later after a certain time, only to regret it in the future.

They offer an extra perk by offering them priority access to the app Technical Support team. For those who are unclear about this feature, it means, every time you connect with their technical team, you will not have to wait for the line; you will get ahead of users that are not on the business plan. So if your site is facing some major issues, then this feature will be of great value to the package.

VPS Hosting 

VPS is a Virtual Private Server, and in this segment, we will look at the various VPS hosting plans that Hostinger offers. Their VPS plans make it easy for webmasters to enjoy good speeds at a reasonable price and create reliability too.

The basic VPS plan is available at a monthly price of $4.95, and a top-of-the-line plan is available at a monthly price of $75. Each plan has a different specification; however, you will receive RAM ranging from 1 GB and 8 GB. The CPU ranges from 2.4 GHz to 14 GHz.

Hostinger is also very generous with their storage space. The starter plan offers SSD storage of 20 GB, and the highest plan offers an SSD storage of 160 GB.

Talking about bandwidth, the Starter plan offers a bandwidth of 1000 GB, and it increases with the higher plan where they offer a bandwidth of 6000 GB (this is available with the most expensive package).

When we initially took a look at the various plans that Hostinger offers, we turned away as it made us sceptical looking at the cheap web hosting prices that they offer.

But, offering services at a cheap price and delivering exceptional services in that price plan is important. Do they deliver what they promise? Let’s find out. 

Load Time and Uptimes  

We have all experienced this at some point of time when we want to access the site; however, we need to wait patiently for the site to load; this feels like forever!

The site probably doesn’t take just a few seconds to load, but today we have all grown accustomed to receiving an instant response when we browse through the web. So waiting for two seconds can seem like an eternity.

In many cases, the host is blamed for slow speeds. So last year, we started tracking Hostinger, and they have offered exceptional load times of 385 ms.

They have their servers in Europe, Asia and America. The servers that they have all connected well with connection lines of 1000 Mbps. This maximizes stability and performance.

The average load times start Hostinger has offered in the last 12 months is 385 ms; this is an exceptionally low time when compared to the other competitors.

Uptimes are an important factor that you must consider when you’re deciding if a web host is a right host for you and if it is worth your money, they charge you for the plan.

Suppose you come across a host offering you services for just a monthly charge of $0.05, and you notice their service is always down. But you are OK with it because you feel that you’re anyway paying nothing for this service.

I’ll give it a thought as, why your site was down. There were plenty of visitors that tried to reach your site, but they were unable to do so because your site was not reachable. This means that you have lost a potential customer that in turn is a loss of revenue.

Apart from this, it can also damage your Google rankings. So, this host turned out to be very expensive.

Over the past 12 months, we notice that Hostinger offered exceptional performance; however, they can do better in certain areas. Over 12 months, we received uptimes of 99.88%, and it was consistent.

If you apply this further, it will work up to a downtime of one hour in a month. This may sound good; however, they could do better in this area.

When Amazon had their Prime Sale going on in 2018, the website saw a downtime of an hour, and according to their reports, during this one hour, they lost over $100 million in potential sales.

Yes, I agree your business may not be as huge as Amazon, but that one hour every single month would imply a negative rating on your business.

In no way are we saying that Hostinger is not a host to consider. It is our goal to give you a clear picture of their various features and the impact they could have on your business.

Let me tell you Hostinger is faster than many other hosts that we have seen, with uptimes of 99.88%. According to the industry average, Hostinger is nearly 80% quicker in this segment. 

Please take a look at some more features that they offer:


Hostinger offers plenty of features, and this is one of the points that they highlight attracting many users. Are all these features useful to your business? This will solely depend on your business requirements; let’s take a look at their features;

Website Builder and Domain Name 

We totally are in love with their Website Builder, and it has made it to our list of the Best Builders.

Hostinger offers a free website builder that is called Zyro. This builder has plenty of amazing features to offer.

It has a lot of themes that are popular and allow you to set up your website quickly. So if you’re in search of a site builder with plenty of key features that include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, SSL certificate for free, then your search ends here.

You will also receive features like the AI Content Generator along with the Logo Maker. Both are very innovative, allowing you to spend more time with your growing business.

Honestly, the builder has plenty of functionalities; however, it is not as great as some of the popular site builders that you would find in the market.

Once you choose a template, you can customize the web page from Hostinger. You will also receive a domain name that is absolutely free, along with the purchase of the Business or Premium Package.

This feature does not have any renewal fee annually. It is all added to the overall price that you incur for the package. If your requirement is more than a single domain name, you can make a request for it; however, it would include an additional charge.

Web Hosting for Free 

As discussed earlier, Hostinger owns 000WebHost, so 000WebHost provides a very basic web hosting package that is available for free.

But, you must understand one thing, you will receive what you subscribe for. This particular web hosting package is 100% free; however, it is very unreliable and slow.

If your business is of great importance, then this particular feature you must avoid. But if you want to see for yourself, by trying out this free package, you can do so.

Straightforward Pricing 

It is very common in the hosting industry for various hosts to use a couple of pricing tricks. So Hostinger also has a couple of tricks up their sleeves. However, I could say that we have found them to be honest about their service.

Like with the Basic plan, it is available; The monthly charge is $1.45. But, to avail of this package at this cheap price, you will need to commit for a term of four years. After the promotional term, the plan will be available at a monthly charge of $7.99.

So, if you are fine with being with the same host for a term of four years, then it is an excellent opportunity; if not, you would be pretty disappointed.

User Friendly 

Hostinger has designed a user interface that is extremely user friendly. You will find anything you need in a single location, allowing you to perform functions like; 

  • Monitor emails 
  • Manage domains 
  • Update all your billing information 

If you are used to using the cPanel then, you may be a bit disappointed to know that Hostinger does not offer the cPanel.

But they have made it very easy to find and understand icons, making it clear and easy to find everything you may require. But if you’re a newcomer, then you may find the control panel sufficient to keep the site running.

Customer Support 

Good customer assistance is essential, and every good web host offers it. If ever you find your website down and you’re unable to reach the people responsible for handling support for the same, you would find yourself in a soup, and this means loss of money. 

It is vital to receive customer support from a host like Hostinger. We had previously discussed those cheap prices could be availed only with a long-term commitment, a commitment of four years. This is a long time to be with a host that offers poor customer support. I can only imagine it to be four years of frustration.

The good news with Hostinger is they have amazing customer support in place. They have touched multiple bases in regards to customer support.

They also live chat along with an intercom that’s integrated. You can also send them an email and expect a quick response almost right away.

There is another unique factor, Hostinger supports multilingual queries. If ever you try to connect with them through their chat support, you will not have to wait for more than a minute. You can expect a quick resolution to your issues depending on the gravity of your concern.

In addition, they also offer an extensive knowledge base that has multiple informative tutorials that can be very helpful for newcomers as well as for the pros.

This knowledge base also has various information and guides that can assist you with answering plenty of questions that you may have. This will help you clarify your doubts quickly.

There is just one area that they could do better regarding customer service, and that is, they could offer customer assistance over the phone.

Final Thoughts 

In this review, we have tried our best to offer an unbiased view of the multiple features that Hostinger offers. Just like most hosting companies, we have found a couple of things that they could work upon to improve their services.

But so far our overall experience has been very good given the price that the plans are available at.

It has happened with us in the past that hosting companies that offer their hosting plans actually end up providing services that are junk. But, Hostinger provides Premium Services at an economical price.

I must admit that Hostinger’s service so far is the fastest in comparison to their competitors. I could not say that their uptimes are the best because there are various hosts that offer better uptimes than Hostinger.

But given the uptime records and load speeds, Hostinger is at par with multiple web hosting firms that charge heavily for their packages in comparison to hosting. 

The bandwidth and space that is offered with their Business and Premium plans make Hostinger a company that one should consider, especially if you are in search of a cheap and effective web host.

They provide Premium Services without sacrificing quality, given the cheap pricing. You can also check our article on the Best Reseller Hosting Australia.

With our independent research, we try to assist our readers in making informed decisions. We would also like your opinion. Let us know if you have used Hostinger’s services.

Australian Customers Prefer Hostinger 

Hostinger is preferred by various Australian customers due to its multiple advantages; some of them are highlighted below;

Cheap Prices 

In the hosting industry, Hostinger is popularly known to be the cheapest web hosting provider. Their starter level packages are available at a monthly charge of $0.80.

Straightforward Product Line 

Hostinger does not offer multiple hosting offers on their website. We have noticed that multiple hosts sell a similar service under various titles.

However, Hostinger offers a starter level service that will help you begin a website that offers BPS hosting for huge sites, and cloud hosting is available for all the advanced users. 

Strong and Reliable Company Background 

As discussed in the segment earlier, Hostinger was initially launched under the title 000webhost, and they provided storage for free in 2007. They established the current name in 2011.

In 2014 Hostinger reached their milestone and welcomed over 10 million clients. As we speak, Hostinger has more than 29 million clients, and this number keeps growing every second

With Excellent Uptimes 

The company guarantees uptimes of 99%; however, various clients have recorded having experience uptimes of 99.99%, and some have even recorded an uptime of 100%.

This means that there are a few clients that have experienced absolutely no downtime. So you can have the peace of mind that your site will be up all the time. 

24/7 Chat Support 

Hostinger has professional chat support that is available 24/7 even on their entry-level plans. You can connect with their customer support through their email and live chat.

The firm representatives are active on various social media platforms that include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Money-Back Guarantee 

At any point in time, if you are not happy with this service, you can always make a request and receive a full money back. However, this request needs to be made within the initial 30 days of subscription.

There are certain products that will not be refundable, like G suit, all privacy protection and even renewals on the domain name. But these limitations are not uncommon and are pretty much industry standard. Add-on services are very rarely refunded by any host. 

The Domain Name (free) 

You would receive a domain name if you commit a package for a minimum of 12 months. The amount you would end up paying in these cases is the charge of ICANN that is $0.18 annually.

Unlimited Bandwidth 

You will receive unlimited bandwidths with almost every hosting package. So unless you risk the stability of the server with actions that are illegal, you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

With the latest hardware and updated server environment

You will have access to the latest and popular Hostinger technologies that include IPV 6, HTTP/2, GZIP compression, NGINX and PHP 7. You got spam protection available with these packages and servers with the latest hardware elements.

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