HostingCloud Review

HostingCloud Review

HostingCloud is an Australian based company that excels in providing their customers with some of the most useful features. Still, there are plenty of web hosts in the market providing similar services.

HostingCloud is popular in the market as they can compete even with the civil competition as they have economical and almost inexpensive pricing packages. 

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Selecting a good web host is the initial and most important step that you would take with regard to your online web space.

The success of your website and business directly depends upon the kind of host you’re working with. If your web host is unreliable, it will reflect directly on you and your business, giving you bad credibility not only among your customers but also with Google. 

Creating and maintaining a successful as well as a professional website can get tricky. Each one of us looks forward to the success of our own website, we all want to make our site shine, we all have dreams of witnessing potential customers making their way to our website and spending their dollar bills. 

Hence my friends, if you settle for any web host without even proper research, it is extremely unacceptable and a very rash decision.

An incompetent web host will end up delivering poor performance, which would, in turn, mean losses for you, and at the end of the day, you would find your website on the road to disaster. 

With this review, you have nothing to worry about as we have covered all major aspects about this host.

Our main goal is to help you avoid spending your money on a web host that is not worth it. We understand the importance of your website, and we are always happy to help our readers. 

In order to give you a fair idea about the web host, we have tried it out ourselves. I can say we were pleasantly surprised.

Keep reading this review if you wish to learn more about their services and various features they offer, as it would give you better clarity to understand if this is the web host for your website.


HostingCloud History 

The company is a local web hosting company with all their data centres and servers based in Australia. This Aussie company is relatively new in the Aussie market; however, they have a list of well-established businesses, retailers and government.

So if you plan to host with this company, your website would work on a similar technology that is of enterprise-grade, which is also being utilized by some major Aussie brands.

Their domain services and web hosting services are extremely convenient and very dependable as you can rely on them to host the website with utmost efficiency. 

Apart from the top-notch reliability and quality, HostingCloud web hosting has plenty of great benefits to offer, enhancing your experience to a satisfactory level. 

We don’t know much about the date they were launched; however, we did follow them on Twitter and learned that they have been active since 2012.

They have loads of required professional certifications, making this Ukrainian company an extremely reliable web host. 

HostingCloud provides multiple servers to their customers, i.e. Dedicated servers, Shared hosting and Virtual servers. They also offer SSL certificates, domain registration services and much more. The HostingCloud website has been published in Russia. 

Key Features

HostingCloud web hosting provides 8 different shared hosting plans. They are also categorized as Ruby on Rails and Linux VIP. They also have 16 different VPS hosting packages that are categorized as VIP, Windows and Linux. 

You will receive the following features with Linux – shared hosting plans; 

  • They offer you uptimes of 99.98% 
  • You will also receive webspace ranging from 1GB to 10GB 
  • They offer websites 1 to 10 
  • You will receive SMTP, IMAP and POP3 
  • They also offer FTP accounts ranging from 2 to unlimited 
  • They have various PHP versions 
  • You will receive anti-spam and antivirus 
  • They also offer daily backups 

You can now install programs that are popular with these web hosting plans. The programs include;  

  • Drupal – used for content management 
  • Prestashop – good for Ecommerce 
  • WordPress – used for logging 

You will also receive a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, this will give your customers a great level of confidence, and it will also improve your SEO rating. 

At the moment, if you find yourself not very confident about running the online web hosting, you can use the outsourcing services that they offer.

This will give you the time to focus on your business. I would like to point out that they have a Lite web hosting plan that seems to be almost free web hosting plan; however, it has a few limitations, and you would see a hike in the price after 3 months. 

Free Migration 

If you are currently hosted with another host, and you are looking at switching your site to HostingCloud server then I must say it will be a good option as they do not charge any additional fee to migrate your website

Migration from cPanel to cPanel is absolutely free, and your website will face no downtime at all. In order to enjoy the service, you will need to pass on your login details for your current site to HostingCloud.

The company has a team of experts that specializes in migrating sites, and they complete the entire process by securing the backup of the databases and migrating the website onto their servers. 

SSD drives 

HostingCloud web hosting provider has chosen to use servers that are powered by a power range from Dell. This has a tremendous boost in the quality of performance due to the excellent SSD storage that is of enterprise-grade. This contributes to making compatibility flexible and effortlessly light. 

We know of many web hosts that operate on spinning discs that make the functionality of the site sluggish and lagged.

The good news with HostingCloud is they guarantee quality uptime and site speed, so you can be sure that you will receive an enhanced performance. 

Unlimited Bandwidth 

With the multiple web hosting packages provided by HostingCloud hosting provider, the bandwidth they offer is unlimited, making sure the website operates and runs with great excellence. It is a fact known that; a bandwidth that is restricted always ends up becoming a major nightmare. This is the only reason why the company guarantees traffic of an unlimited amount for your convenience. 

Protected Servers

HostingCloud, with each and every web hosting plan, offers its customers a full DDoS protection. This is on standby, making optimization of the server’s sound and the safest.

This is not a very common feature that we have seen with many web hosts, at least not with the low budgeted ones. This is also the reason why they are known to be one of the finest in terms of offering great value to their customers. 

Technical Support 

All of us at some point or the other, do require a little assistance with web hosting and in case you find yourself in such a situation, you can seek help for the same no matter how complex the situation.

HostingCloud hosting provider will assist you as they already have a tech support team with knowledgeable and efficient executives.

Their technicians are always happy to help you with complicated technical issues. So, in that way, your mind will always be at ease in case you are not tech-savvy, you can always ping them anytime as the support team is available 24/7 throughout the year, and you would receive a response almost immediately. 

Easy Interface 

HostingCloud has optimized the control panel making various activities like managing the cPanel simplified and easy.

As a user, you don’t have to stress around to work a way through the various complexities; you can now learn your way around the cPanel instead of you stressing your mind to learn a way around it. 

SSL Certificate 

The company offers their users SSL certification with all their hosting plans at no extra charges. As soon as you begin to use their hosting plans, every account is routinely validated with SSL certificate, and all this is done without having to purchase it separately.

SSL certificate is vital for your sites as it increases the credibility not only with your customers but also with Google. We always stress about having an SSL certificate. 

Expert Management and Team 

HostingCloud offers all their customers with maximum satisfaction and support with every service they request.

They have a team of well-trained technicians and experts working around the clock with customer satisfaction as their main focus.

So now, all that the customer needs to do is choose a correct plan and simply relax, worrying about nothing, because the operation is managed and processed with superiority. 

Plans and Pricing 

They have two packages that are thoughtfully designed for their customers; Web Hosting and Web Hosting Plus.

Web Hosting 

This plan is excellent for websites that are small. This plan also includes the following features; 

  • You will receive SSD disk space of 5 GB
  • Visitors and traffic to the website will be unlimited 
  • You will also receive an SSL certificate for free 
  • Daily backups will be provided 
  • They also guarantee an uptime of 100% 

This plan is available at a monthly price of $2.50. 

Web Hosting Plus 

The best plan is a popular web hosting plan. Many of their customers select this plan. With this plan, you will receive the following features; 

  • You will receive SSD disk space of 10 GB 
  • Visitors and traffic to the website will be unlimited 
  • You will also receive an SSL certificate for free 
  • Daily backups will be provided 
  • They also guarantee an uptime of 100% 

This plan is available at a monthly price of $5.

Apart from these features, they also include the following; 

  • The selector is PHP version 
  • You will receive a single-click app installer 
  • They offer all their customers DDOS protection 
  • The backup will be retained for seven days 
  • Site migration from control panel to control panel is free 
  • You will receive unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, subdomains, alias domains, visitors and data 
  • All their data centres are located in Australia 

There’s always pros and cons that come with every host. Let’s take a look, and thier advantages and disadvantages. 


  • They guarantee an uptime of 100% 
  • They also offer money back guarantee of 30 days 
  • You will receive a free trial of seven days 


  • They do not offer their customers a knowledge base 
  • They do not offer live chat support that is commonly found with most web hosts 
  • Their packages are not the cheapest in the market 

Our Thoughts 

Through this review, it has become clear that HostingCloud definitely offers all their customers some of the most excellent features.

Still, there are plenty of hosts in the market that offer similar packages at a lower cost, some of them even offer a couple of additional features.

HostingCloud is popular to compete with some of the giants in the market due to their economical pricing, but as I said, they are not the cheapest. 

There are a couple of things that we are really happy about which includes the free SSL certificates. This only goes to show that they care about the security of your site and that of your visitors.

SSL certificate encrypts all your data and your visitor’s sensitive data too. This would not only reflect the strong credibility of your website, but it will also increase your Google rating. 

Many of the locals in Australia prefer HostingCloud as all their data centres are based in Australia, so if your target customers are Aussies, you can expect excellent loading times; this also contributes to your credibility, in turn taking your business to the next level.

According to the tests that we have conducted, the results have been extremely satisfactory and one thing is for sure that services they offer are not disappointing. You can also check our article on Panthur review.

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback. That’s all for now, see you guys soon! 

Buying Guide 

Super cheap web hosting is not such a good idea! 

I would want to be absolutely honest here. If you are currently researching for a good host and looking for something that is extremely cheap, then I must say it would simply not be worth it; you would end up wasting your time as well as risking your website credibility. 

There are plenty of hosts out there that offer very cheap plans; however, any plan that is offered for less than a dollar won’t be worthwhile. When you go in for a deal that is below a dollar, it can be very risky. 

In the long run, you would find yourself paying much more than what you have invested; you rather increase your budget to another one or two dollars every month and be sure to receive good quality web hosting. 

The major reason we emphasize on avoiding such cheap services is the way these hosting providers make their money.

All their customer’s websites are dumped on a single shared server, and all of them have a similar IP address. This is a major No-No, and I’ll tell you why shortly. 

There are multiple reasons you must avoid these huge shared hosting servers, and some of them include; 

No SSL certification 

These super cheap plans do not offer an SSL certificate for free, and you may end up paying approximately $80 annually to own an SSL certificate.

According to what we have seen, SSL certification is almost an industry standard and is being offered by various hosts absolutely free along with all their plans. 

If you have read our review earlier, you will notice how much we stress on owning an SSL certificate. Without an SSL, no payment processor that is credible will look at you or even consider you. Now you would face a major roadblock if you are planning on selling products on your website. 

I would like to stress here that you would want your website to earn Google’s trust in order to attract potential customers to your website and finally make those sales.

Without an SSL, your website would come across as a threat, and visitors would soon exit the page. 

An SSL certificate is installed without spending a single dollar simply by using Let’s Encrypt, a free service.

However, you would notice that hosts that offer extremely cheap plans will charge you for a service that they are receiving absolutely free.

The most troubling part about these things are, you would find multiple complaints, that they do not offer VPNs free and you provide extremely cheap digital products; they do come with plenty of strings attached to them and at a higher cost which fortunately many of us do not realize initially until we begin to learn that most of our vital data is super unsafe with these hosts. 

Pathetic support

I am confident that a host that offers you a package below a dollar is likely to have absolutely no support service.

According to them, they cannot allocate a team to cater to your requirements, and the only thing you could expect is just the basic resources that would help you sort your issues out.

For the most part of it, you will be on your own, so in that case, you must have a very strong in-house technical team to sort your problems. 

Most of them will just offer a section of FAQ, and then it all depends upon your luck, you may receive email support, but there are no guarantees. Some of them are also available through telephone support, where they send in an automated response that’s a complete waste of time. So to sum it up, you’re on your own. 


In this segment, I must say they offer their customers excellent downtime; yes, you read that right, I say excellent downtime because you would find your website down for most of the time.

With very cheap plans, you cannot have high expectations as these hosts cannot allocate high quality resources and equipments in order to make sure that their low budgeted, almost free packaged clients are having an excellent experience. 

Some of the best hosts in the market offer, or I must say, guarantee uptimes of 99%. Always note that if your site faces downtimes of 50 minutes or even more, that’s your cue to change your host. 

Google Ranking 

Google ranking is very important, especially if you want your website to not just do well but rather thrive. You have to make sure that Google likes you at all times. There are multiple reasons why Google would blacklist your website, which we will learn in the following points.

If you are a newcomer into the web hosting world, you must at all point in time, make sure that there are certain things that your website must have; one of them is the SSL certificate in order to be in good books with Google.

If your Google rankings are high, your website gets promoted with multiple visitors as and when they search. This leads to higher chances of potential customers that in turn is very beneficial for the growth of your website. 

Bad Neighbours 

Almost free and extremely cheap packages have very little requirement for investments so anyone or all can find it easy to get their plans. This is basically online real estate; it works similar to the real estate market.

If you purchase a house that is listed in a fancy or a rich neighbourhood, you can be rest assured that your neighbours will be classy and safer too.

But if you don’t have the finances to get a house at a decent place, then you know that the neighbourhood you would be living in would not be as safe as you would want to do be. 

In a similar way, when you get these cheap plans, you would be sharing server space with some shady neighbours who are probably just spam bloggers that contributed to nothing that is fruitful or even positive to their visitors and to the Internet as a whole.

They seem to be clogging the Internet with junk and malicious stuff as their life, and this seems to be a very horrible low life goal. When you plan to launch your website, remember that is a bit of your online real estate, and you must consider investing in it. 


There are many of these people that we have spoken about earlier that make shared IP addresses a target. These shared addresses are a very easy target on account of their poor security level.

These hackers do not have to try very hard to break into the system and create havoc. You don’t want your website to follow straight to this sort of unfortunate event. 

Spreading Virus 

As we have seen that it is child’s play for these hackers to get into the system. Soon enough, your system would be hacked, and you would see plenty of viruses, advertisements and malware that you would rather not have anything to do with. 

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