Domain Names: What is WHOIS Privacy?

Domain names: What is WHOIS Privacy 1

When a domain name is purchased from a registrar, you may be asked to furnish your personal contact information. These details include your name, email address, phone number, and so on.

The domain registrar is responsible for making sure that your data is kept safe. They are able to do so because of WHOIS privacy. Are you well-versed with the term WHOIS privacy? Do you wish to understand what it is about? If yes, this article will answer these questions for you.

Here, we will cover important questions related to WHOIS, like What is the definition of WHOIS? Why is it important? And many more other questions.

WHOIS Privacy (Domain Privacy)

WHOIS is a database that is available publicly. Your data provided by you at the time of registering your site’s domain name is stored by it. Each WHOIS record stores details related to the domain registrar, registrant, name server, and so on.

All this data is very important. It comes in very handy in case of any mishaps or any other problems. As per ICANN, the data needs to be shared publicly. However, it doesn’t see the many drawbacks this action has.

When personal information gets shared publicly, it can be misused. Domain Privacy is one of the few commonly used methods that make sure that your personal data is not publicly available.

The Importance of WHOIS Privacy

You will come across few people who, despite knowing the facts, will still ask why the service of domain privacy is important. Let’s get this answered by reading the below information:

Privacy of Personal Data

The main reason for taking the necessary measures to ensure domain privacy is to protect your personal data. Your personal information saved on WHOIS can be directly accessed by anyone whenever needed. This can be very dangerous and unsafe.

Your data will get exposed to hackers who could try hacking into your site or use your personal data incorrectly. This could then affect your website and you. Say, for example, you are thinking of launching a new product in your market, and the details of your domain name get hacked. What would you do in this scenario?  

Many small businesses could get ruined easily like this. Hence, it is best to purchase domain privacy protection to secure your personal information.


Every business has to face some or other competition. It is healthy to compete but could get stressful. There are so many competitors in the market. And, each of them wants to be the best.

If, after buying the domain name, you do not opt for good WHOIS privacy, then you will be exposed to risks. This, in turn, will not help you in competing with your competitors. You will not be able to be at the top of the game. Your rival will take advantage of this weakness of yours. They will overtake you in terms of business growth.

There are higher risks involved here if your company is a small one that has few resources and employees. For small businesses, domain privacy should be considered very important. One should opt for it if they wish to prevent their information from reaching their competitors.

Risk of Data Getting Sold

When your information gets exposed, and one can access it easily, they could misuse your information and even sell it to third parties. Today, ‘data scraping’ is a common problem. Data scraping is actually the process of getting personal data collected from different sources freely and then selling this to other parties.

The public directory of WHOIS is one of the resources that are freely available. This is a very obvious cybercrime that could affect not only the victim but also the criminal. You should get proper domain privacy if you want to lessen or prevent such things from happening.


Creating a website requires much time and effort. You have to also spend a good amount of money to get one running. We all know this. So imagine what a minor error could do to your site. All your efforts would go in vain. If someone manages to get hold of your site’s control panel, they can change the name of your site to the name chosen by them.

Your personal data is shielded from such attackers, and any mishaps are prevented when you opt for domain privacy.

You need to protect your website from these attacks, just like how you would protect your body from viruses.

Can you Provide Incorrect Personal Data when Buying your Domain Name?

Many people wonder if buying WHOIS privacy can be avoided by entering incorrect personal information while registering their domain name. The answer to this is, you will be unable to register your domain name if you provide fake information.

All information provided by you to the registrar is verified. Hence, you have to provide only accurate information. Also, you need to remember that for any business to survive; you need to be loyal to your staff and customers. Providing correct information builds trust and helps the business grow.

How to Purchase WHOIS Privacy?

Your domain name can get protection very easily. It all depends on the choices you make. We’ve listed two options for obtaining WHOIS privacy at Namecheap below.

After finding the required domain name, the next step is to register it. However, before you do so, the domain privacy will be applied to it automatically. If this is not what you want, you could do away with it by unselecting it. But remember, by doing so, your personal information will become accessible to the public.

But, say suppose you want to opt for domain privacy after unselecting it. Will this be possible? The answer is a definite yes. You will just have to click the option ‘apply privacy’ that you will find under the get-go.

Benefits of Opting for WHOIS Privacy

Domain privacy makes sure that your personal information is kept safe and away from misuse and threats. Also, you are given better control over all your personal data.

Spam is also prevented. Domain privacy makes sure that phishing emails do not reach your inbox. Your data gets shielded. This makes it difficult for your competitors to get hold of your personal information and sell it to third parties.

In a way, it’s like buying full protection to safeguard your house completely from being attacked by robbers, who could cause damages.

Final Thoughts

I hope you understood the meaning of WHOIS privacy and why it is so important for you and your site. You can also check our article on How do Registrars Work?

When you invest in domain privacy services, you will benefit from it. It’ll save you from hackers. All your time, money, and effort spent in creating your website will not go to waste. And you will be able to focus on growing your business. After all, growth is important.

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