Digital Pacific Review

Digital Pacific Review

Digital Pacific is an Australian hosting firm that has been in the market for a while now. They mainly specialize in offering Australian hosting to bloggers and small businesses.

Although we have not used them actively, we have a bit of experience with customers that have utilized their services.

This review is written with the focus on explaining the various features and benefits that you would receive with Digital Pacific, which in turn will help you discern if this is the right host for you.

Quick note: At no point do we feel that Digital Pacific is not good; however, we would like you to know that there are various higher tier solutions that you would find at a similar price, or maybe even lower, along with better additional features that are not offered with Digital Pacific.

But if you are a firm supporter of local Australian firms, then Digital Pacific is also a good choice.



Digital Pacific is one of the initial Australian hosting companies that was launched in 2000. Digital Pacific claims to be carbon neutral, focusing all their efforts on offering web hosting solutions to businesses that are small and medium-sized.

If you take a look at their website, they emphasize on hosting solutions that are innovative as well as excellent services. Digital Pacific describes their services as being completely scalable so that their customers can increase or decrease their requirements accordingly. Moreover, they also speak of meeting future demands by evolving on their website, suggesting that clients can rely on their services to stay ahead of innovative technological features that will make their sites more functional and responsive in comparison to all their competitors.

Our Opinion 

We like plenty of things that the company stands for that include; debt-free and carbon-free. These are some outstanding achievements for any company. But we are not so fond of a few decisions they have made with regards to their web hosting plans.

If compared to modern-day hosting, their plans are very expensive. This is a scale issue; the more significant the hosting company, the plans are cheaper because you receive good server space along with the great value that you can offer your customers.

This is a standard issue with many and all small scale web hosting firms; they are three times more expensive with the leased server space. Digital Pacific offers a package that adds a monthly price of $16, this similar product you would get along with additional features for as little as a monthly charge of $2.99.

For the past two decades, we have worked with plenty of hosts, giving us a pretty much comprehensive knowledge of the various prices and plans being offered in the market. Reviews on Bluehost and SiteGround makes it very clear that web hosting companies provide better and stronger networks, robust features and services that are more reliable. All this you would receive at an economical price.


Many tiers of hosting are offered by Digital Pacific, with the intention that they would cater to various customers and budgets. The hosting categories are VPS, Premium, Business and Personal. Other details about these packages have been mentioned in this review; keep reading to learn more.

Let’s look at the Personal hosting services. With this package, you will receive an option to commit to a 3 years plan, and this will help you to save money; however, it is helpful to get a monthly hosting with the Standard plan, especially if you are unsure of using their service or you want to be absolutely sure that they meet your business requirements.

 Monthly One Year Two years Three years 
Basic  ***$7.42  Total: $89 $7.04  Total: $169 $6.90  Total: $248 
Standard $11.90  Total: $11.90 $9.92  Total: $119 $8.93  Total: $214 $7.74  Total: $278 

With regards to their Business hosting solution, they offer four tiers. So if you own a new venture or just part of a firm that is growing, any of these plans will be perfect for your business. 

 Monthly One Year Two years Three Years 
Basic $16.90 Total: $16.90$10.99 Total: $395$12.68 Total: $304$10.99 Total: $395
Standard $21.90 Total: $21.90$14.24 Total: $512$16.43 Total: $394$14.24 Total: $512
Advanced $24.90 Total: $24.90$16.19 Total: $582$18.68 Total: $448$16.19 Total: $583
Pro $34.90 Total: $34.90$22.69 Total: $816$26.18 Total: $628$22.69 Total: $816

Entrepreneurs that feel their businesses are beginning to outgrow the Shared hosting package, they can consider any of these plans. These plans fit squarely in between VPS hosting and shared hosting. This will offer you the right plan which is not too small or too big. 

 Monthly One Year Two years Three Years 
Standard $49.90 Total:  $49.90$41.92 Total: $503$37.43 Total: $898$32.44 Total: $1168
Advanced $99.90 Total: $99.90$83.92 Total: $1007$74.93 Total: $1798$64.94 Total:  $2338
Pro $149.90 Total: $149.90$125.92 Total: $1511$112.43 Total: $2698$97.44 Total: $3508

If VPS is what you’re in search of, then Digital Pacific provides this service too. It is a VPS cPanel managed service, and everything is offered in one plan. These plans are posted at their data centre. Take a look at their plans.

 Monthly One Year Two years Three Years 
VPS 1 $129.90 Total: $129.90$119.51 Total: $1434$113.01 Total: $2712$107.82 Total: $3881
VPS 2 $189.90 Total: $189.90$174.71 Total: $2097$165.21 Total: $3965$157.62 Total: $5674
VPS 3 $249.90  Total: $249.90 $229.91  Total: $2759 $217.41  Total: $5218 $207.42  Total: $7467 

Key features 

All their web hosting packages offer backups that are automatic and conducted three times a day. They claimed to have a completely redundant network to ensure that a failure at one point doesn’t bring down the entire network. Their databases use the Dell hardware. They also claimed to have extremely good quality equipments, and they are never compromised. Locals definitely appreciate this Australian network, and to top it all, their servers are all based in Australia. This can be a chance to shop locally.

Digital Pacific declares that all their servers are green; hence, doing business with them would definitely be a sustainable option. If you are having an issue in deciding which plan would meet your requirements, then they also have a plan selector that is automatic; it reads through all the multiple options and helps you with it.

They also have backup hardware systems like EMC AC SAN/ Dell as well as PowerVault Dell MD, San Series. All their servers are connected with the Gigabit network, enabled with jumbo frames. This means that the network transfers will be faster than average, allowing you to have a reliable restoration and backup process.

In addition, clients can have the firm Pty backup protocol, rapid restore. This uses an app to continuously protect the data allowing you to perform comprehensive backup without the server performance compromised.

Digital Pacific provides a 99.9% uptime along with guaranteed money back of 30 days in case you are not completely satisfied with the purchase.

Personal Hosting 

This plan is designed for an individual user. So, if you are planning to build a site for your family to share pictures and you wish to record your favourite pastime, or maybe you just want to begin a blog of your own. Regardless, these plans are small, offering affordable packages.

Each plan offers a control panel that is web-based, their customer support team is available 24/7, and they do not have any contracts in writing.

The basic package offers storage space of 1 GB, allowing you maximum traffic of 10 GB every month. They also offer a free set up for your website and 2 email addresses that are domain-based.

If you plan to upgrade to their standard package, you will receive storage space of 5 GB, and you would be allowed traffic of 20 GB every month. Setting up your website would continue to be free on this plan as well; however, you will now be permitted email addresses that are unlimited. In addition, you will also receive 5 MYSQL databases along with the plan.

Business Hosting 

Similar to the personal packages the Business plans also offer customer support 24/7 control panel that is web-based, and they do not have any written contracts. These plans are a tad expensive in comparison to the personal plans, but they also offer increased security, functionality and storage. You will also receive an SSL certificate for free with all their plans.

The basic plan offers storage of 25 GB and traffic of 100 GB every month. You will also receive a single addon domain, email addresses that are unlimited and setting up your website is not at all a chargeable feature.

If you plan to upgrade your plan to the standard package, you will be offered storage of 50 GB, 3 domain names and email addresses will be unlimited. The traffic that you receive every month will also be unlimited.

Additionally, with the advanced plan, you will receive storage of 100 GB and 6 domain names. The biggest plan is the Pro plan. This plan includes everything that you would receive with the advanced plan; however, they will offer a storage of 150 GB extra.

Premium Hosting 

The Premium hosting plan was created as a bridge between VPS and Business plans. It is specifically designed for businesses that are growing, making it very simple to upgrade and even downgrade the current plan; depending on your requirements of your business. With the premium plan, you will receive unlimited traffic every month, and they also offer an SSL certificate for free.

With their standard plan, you will receive storage of 25 GB, CPU speed of 400% and memory of 4096 MB, I/O speed is 6 MBS. They also include 30 processes. With the advanced plans, clients are upgraded to the storage of 50 GB, CPU speed of 600%, the memory of 6144 MB, I/O speed of 8 MBs and they offer 40 processes.

With the Pro package, customers get storage space of 75 GB, CPU speed of 800%, a memory of 8192 MB, I/O speed of 10 MBs, along with 60 processes.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting 

This hosting offers plans that are more advanced. They are not like dedicated hosting, but they are pretty close to them. With this hosting, you will be using a server that is shared with various other users; however, it offers server functions that act like exclusively yours.

The VPS plan will offer you resources like the dedicated plans, which include bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and storage. They also offer better security for your website as well as access to the server root. These are a few features that you could take advantage of by using the VPS plans. 

The VPS plans offer multiple features that are mentioned below; 

  • Server management 
  • DDoS protection 
  • Customer support that is available 24/7
  • Kernel  Care 
  • Data transfer of 4 TB 
  • CloudLinux and cPanel control panel 
  • Instant setup 
  • Single IP address 
  • Daily backups 

The VPS 1 plan includes RAM of 4 GB, storage of 50 GB, along with 2 vCPU. When you upgrade your plan to VPS 2, you will receive RAM of 8 GB, storage of 100 GB and 4 vCPU. Their most extensive plan, as mentioned earlier, is VPS 3, and it includes all RAM of 12 GB, storage of 150 GB and 4 vCPU.

Digital Pacific Data Centre

Digital Pacific has their central data centre in Sydney, and they also have 4 more data centres in other regions. Their data centres have redundant infrastructure allowing customers to enjoy an uptime of 99.9%.

Final Thoughts 

Digital Pacific is not a bad host, but there are various providers in the market like Bluehost and SiteGround that offer better networks and increase in space. They also offer hosting packages that are specifically designed for WordPress. So in case you are in search of a similar performance at a lower rate, then you can also have a look at these other hosts too.

If you have an Australian based small website, then Digital Pacific will suffice. We admire the fact that Digital Pacific is environmental friendly, but the basic package provides a small list of features, and their prices are a bit expensive when compared to their competitors; it’s a bit disappointing. The upside to everything is they offer servers that perform exceptionally well and guarantee uptimes of 99.99%.

If you are keen to work with a local hosting company, then Digital Pacific is a good option; however, we do feel that there are plenty of hosts that offer better services at economical rates. You can also check our article on Hosting Cloud review.

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