Best WordPress Hosting in Australia

Best WordPress Hosting Australia

Today, almost 30% of the Internet is powered by WordPress. Think about it; this is a substantial figure.

This means that more than 1/4 of the firms on the Internet are actually created with the help of WordPress. 

Popular websites have used WordPress that includes TechCrunch and New York Times. I’m sure they are getting plenty of things right.

Everyone is only on the Internet, and WordPress makes it possible to launch huge amounts of constructive things that, in turn, are made available to users all across the globe.

In Australia, hosting WordPress seems to be easier in comparison to utilizing WordPress. Based upon the type of WordPress website you want to build, this review will offer clarity as we take a look at a couple of WordPress hosting options.

You can pick any host from our list, and not go wrong. It would be best if you began with making a list, prioritizing what you expect from your website as well as the host.

So now, all you need to do is look at each and every host on our list and see which host works best for you.

I think you need to pick an option that is worth your money. SiteGround is not a very cheap host, but they are definitely not as expensive as most web hosts are found to be in Australia. 

Beginning with SiteGround, they are very easy to use with their single click WP installation. This particular feature is offered with the top-level plans, and you will notice scaling up will be a simple process.

On the high range, Kinsta is a great option as they offer a couple of features that SiteGround doesn’t.

And if you’re looking at the cheapest post, then we suggest Hostinger as they offer amazing hosting services at an absurdly cheap price.



Star Rating

Check Plans

  • 99.99% uptime

  • 716 ms speed

  • Free SSL

  • 99% uptime

  • 570 ms speed

  • Great customer support

  • 99.9% uptime

  • 487 ms speed

  • SSD storage

SiteGround – Best for WordPress Hosting 

Key Specifications 

  • They offer single-click installs for Drupal and Joomla
  • They have very convenient drag and drop feature
  • You will receive free SSL certificates
  • This WordPress hosting also provide daily backups
  • Their web hosting is cloud-based
  • They also provide excellent uptime and speeds
Price Per MonthAvg. UptimeAvg. Load Time
$ 5.9999.95%375 ms
Pros  Cons  
They offer excellent uptimes Their price is a tad high in comparison to their competitors
Their web hosting speed is highMigration service is not free with this WordPress hosting provider
They are straightforward and intuitive to work with 

SiteGround offers overall very good hosting services and therefore has made it to the top of our list. And also, for the fact that we have been using their service for a while now, they have also earned the top position on our guide for the finest web hosting solutions.

SiteGround has been a favorite host for many years now, and there are multiple reasons for that.

Excellent Customer Support 

SiteGround offers everything that one would expect from a good web host, and the prices of their plans are not as expensive as the WordPress hosts that are in the market.

From the many support teams that we have interacted with, I can say that SiteGround has a very strong support that we have seen.

If you are facing a technical concern, SiteGround customer assistance team is just like connecting with the employee.

They are extremely accommodating and would go beyond to assist you with your concern.

There are other factors that I would like to mention, like their load times and up times. As I mentioned in the stats above, our sites loaded, within half a second and their servers were always up and running.

They have data centers that are located all across the globe, and they offer single click WP installation. These factors are what makes SiteGround’ WordPress hosting so popular.

You could be just a beginner, a blogger or maybe you have an E-commerce business and planning to move to SiteGround; they have something for everyone. There are multiple packages that can fit different types of budgets.

HostPapa – Runner Up 

Key Specifications 

  • They offer an extensive knowledge base
  • You will receive free SSL – Let’s Encrypt for free with this WordPress hosting provider
  • You will also receive Cloudflare CDN for free
  • They offer customer support 24/7
 Price Per MonthAvg. UptimeAvg. Load Time
$ 3.9599.99%355 ms
Pros  Cons  
This WordPress hosting provider offers SSD storage Their customer support is very poor
They also provide cloud LinuxThey have a few hidden charges
You will also receive free website migration and domain transfers. 

Small-sized businesses tend to have small budgets making their choice of web hosting vital to their success, profitability and security. They definitely need a host that is cost-effective, safe and reliable.

We can confirm that HostPapa provides all of this and much more. They offer user friendly servers and tools that are designed especially for performance that helps you with getting the WordPress site set up quickly.

There are a couple of more factors that make HostPapa an ideal option for small businesses. Keep reading to learn more.

Offers for Small Businesses 

In Australia, there are multiple web hosting options, and with each day, it just keeps increasing. Hence, it is vital that you select a host that provides a combination of the best WordPress hosting price and features.

With host Papa you will have all the services in a single place, giving you everything you need with complete control that helps you to serve your clients in the best way possible.

Does your business see high traffic regularly, and does dedicated technical team work for you? It would help if you looked at the enterprise plan that will get you into the driver’s seat.

You will receive the web builder with the starter plans, and domain registrations are cheap. Their managed WordPress hosting plans are very affordable and helpful. You will also find dedicated WordPress hosting and domain transfers for free.

Plans and Pricing 

HostPapa provides multiple levels of pricing and service options. To begin with, they offer a refund policy that guarantees a 30 days full money back.

This is given to you before you could commit to their service. Their standard plan is unlike the other plans in the market; they come with two websites and bandwidth that is unmetered.

Their plans are available at a monthly charge of $3.95. These plans are renewable after one year and will be available at the original cost of $7.99.

The Business Pro plan is also available, and we suggest them mainly for businesses that are growing. This plan is available at a monthly cost of $12.95. This plan is also renewable after one year and will be available at the original cost of $19.99.

But the best of all is their Standard Business plan. This plan is available with a 3 years commitment; however, you can avail of it at a monthly charge of $2.95.

This plan is renewable at the original cost of $12.99. For this price, you will receive everything in the entry level plan along with various advanced features.

The viability and success of your WordPress site as an E-commerce business completely depends on how reliable your host is. HostPapa provides tons of features at an affordable price.

They provide all this, and you can be at peace that your data and your visitors are not put at any risk. Over 500,000 users cannot be bluffing.

Hostinger – The Cheap Choice 

Key Specifications 

  • So far, they are the cheapest host that we have seen
  • They offer great speeds
  • Their interface is straightforward
  • This WordPress hosting offers customer support 24/7 and are available all year round
  • They also provide a return policy of 30 days 
Price Per Month Avg. Uptime Avg. Load Time 
$ 0.80 99.91%  389 ms 
Pros  Cons  
Their customer support service is excellent They do not have phone support
They offered excellent uptime during testingThey do not provide dedicated Hosting
This WordPress hosting offers various options for payment of plans 

Various promotional pricing has left the Australian web hosting in a rife. For users, this could be either positive or negative.

Users can make use of some amazing prices that are available, and the downside to this is you will have to pay high renewal prices post promotional.


This WordPress hosting provides various promotional offers most of the time. These prices keep bearing between a monthly price of $0.80 to $1.45. The craziest thing about it all is you can seal the deal with a long term commitment of 36 months.

In addition, they also offer you their website builder that is called Zyro. With this web builder, you don’t need to have any experience in designing and coding. It is extremely straightforward, and you can pull things off without any help.

It offers some of the most classic features that many popular builders provide, and they also throw in a few new ones too. You would receive a library that has plenty of images that are free.

These images can light up your website with their innovative features known as the logo maker. The logo maker will allow you to redo your logo or even make a new one easily.

If you want to save your cash and yet have but whistles and bells, then I must say that Hostinger is an excellent option.

HostGator – An Amazing Choice 

Key Specifications 

  • They provide unlimited domains
  • You will receive free SSL certificate with this WordPress hosting
  • They guarantee you uptimes of 99.9% 
  • Their customer support is available 24/7, all through the year
  • They offer you free WHMCS billing software along with client management
Price Per MonthAvg. UptimeAvg. Load Time
$ 2.9999.4%657 ms
Pros  Cons  
They provide decent customer supportTheir advanced features managed WordPress hosting plans are very short
This WordPress hosting offers site migration 

HostGator is well known in the market, and they are web hosting services that are marketed the most, and some of the biggest companies use their services.

If your website requires a guarantee from a longstanding and massive company, then HostGator is the ideal match for you.

HostGator provides all the features that WordPress website would require and that too at a very economical introductory price offering quick load time and high uptimes.

A2 Hosting – Amazing Service 

Key Features 

  • The higher-level plans offer the turbo options
  • They do offer a refund policy 
  • You will receive a free SSD storage and free SSL certificate with this WordPress hosting 
  • You are offered a transfer of 1000 GB 
  • Their customer support team is available 24/7 all year round 
Price Per MonthAvg. UptimeAvg. Load Time
$ 3.9299.1%601 ms
Pros  Cons  
Refund policy guarantees anytime money back with this WordPress hostingTheir signup process is a bit clunky 
Their customer service team is very responsive They need to work on their uptimes 
Their servers are super secure  

A2 Hosting is the next best WordPress hosting alternative after SiteGround. To be honest, we have never faced any issues with the two web hosting; therefore, if you are in search of a web hosting plan that is available at a monthly cost of under $10, and you feel that SiteGround doesn’t match up to you in a certain aspect then A2 Hosting will be the next best WordPress hosting option.

A good thing that we know with A2 is, suppose you select the higher plans, then you would receive turbo speeds with them.

Their premium servers are faster. The basic plans also have basic servers that are as fast as any other servers in the market. 

You would have access to all you need with A2, and they also offer you a guarantee of your money back along with single click WP installation.

CloudWays Managed WordPress Hosting 

Key Features 

  • They offer Git deployment
  • They also offer firewalls at the platform level
  • You are offered monitoring at a real-time with this WordPress hosting
  • Security patching is provided 
  • The web hosting is SSD based
  • You will have access to SFTP and SSH 
  • Customer support is available 24/7 all through the year, you can connect with them via live chats
Price Per MonthAvg. UptimeAvg. Load Time
$1099.8%557 ms
Pros  Cons  
The installation is very easy with this WordPress hostingThe access to the severs are limited
They provide a free SSL certificate They do not support all programming languages 
You can now monitor your consumption in real-time 
You are allowed to pay as you go  

If you’re in search of a managed WordPress hosting, you would find it difficult to get a host that is better than CloudWays.

CloudWays has always been focused on simplifying the entire process of managed WordPress hosting for their customers, and so far, they have done extremely well.

Their platform is designed in such a way that it would help you get started ASAP. They also have multiple books and features that you would expect from a good Managed WordPress Host.

Their packages are available at a monthly charge of $10, and the best part is you can pay for the services you have used. So this is particularly helpful if you do not wish to commit for a long term. 

If you’re in search of extra power, bandwidth and storage, then your search ends here. With their top level plan, you will receive a RAM that is eight times more than what you get with a basic plan, bandwidth that will be four times more TB and a storage of 160 GB. All this is available at a monthly charge of $80.

What is it you receive in turn for your money?

Every plan includes plenty of functionalities and features like free SSL certificates and migrations that are free, along with PHP 7 servers, dedicated firewalls, 24/7 live chat support, unlimited apps and more.

Fast and Reliable 

All this is headed toward reliability and speed. You will receive access to sixty-two data centers that are located in thirty-three cities and across fifteen countries throughout North America, Asia and Europe. They also have locations in Australia and Brazil.

CloudWays adds to the security which is 2F authentication, IP whitelisting – that enables secure collaboration with unrestricted SFTP & SSH and various other networks. 

The most demanded plan is available at a monthly charge of $42 and per hour $0.0583. With this plan, you will receive;

  • RAM of 4 GB 
  • 2 core processor 
  • A storage of 8GB 
  • A bandwidth of 4 TB

Fast-growing companies can avail themselves of the enterprise solutions from CloudWays that offer deluxe services at very competitive prices. With this option, you get high scalability, priority support and dedicated onboarding.

For years CloudWays has worked very hard to offer superior WordPress customization and versatility.

They can manage all the upgrades and oversight for you. All you need to do is focus on building and growing your brand.

Lately, they have come out with some latest innovations like Webroot change application, support addons, along with chatbot notifications. 

They handle all the maintenance and technical details giving you the freedom and control over the server and parameter configuration, configure Custom/ advance Varnish settings, change app settings.

Through a single account you can enjoy API and CloudWaysBot channel. However, it doesn’t end here.

You will receive various additional benefits with SMTP addons, DNS Made Easy, applications are upgraded and extra features with email.

CloudWays has put in plenty of dedication and functionality and taking care of all details, making them one of the best managed WordPress hosting platforms. If you are skeptical about this service, they would also offer you a free trial. Every level of service provides a free trial for 30 days.

WP Engine – The Finest Premium Choice 

 Key Specifications 

  • They offer a genesis framework for free
  • You will receive more than 35 teams from studio press
  • Their track support is available 24/7 throughout the year 
  • You will receive two site transfers 
  • You will also have access to their global CDN 
  • They offer free SSL certificates
Price Per Month Avg. Uptime Avg. Load Time 
$ 3599.5%601 ms
Pros  Cons  
They offer excellent uptime They do not offer email 
You will also receive daily backups Their phone support is limited 
They provide threat detection in real-time 

WP engine is by far the most expensive choice on our list but relevant too. WP engine is created especially for WordPress hosting.

Your experience with this host will be pleasant, and you will not need to spend plenty of cash with their packages.

They offer amazing teams that allow you to design your site without having to worry about all the various challenges.

They offer everything that you would need and that you would find with any other web hosting company in the market.

Kinsta – Best WordPress Host for Businesses 

Keyword Specifications 

  • They offer a platform on the Google cloud 
  • You will receive site migration for free 
  • Their customer support team is available 24/7 round the year 
  • Their dashboard is very powerful 
  • You will receive a staging site 
  • They also offer SSL certificates for free
Price Per Month Avg. Uptime Avg. Load Time 
$3099.9%520 ms
Pros  Cons  
They offer free migration They need to work on their pricing 
Their security features are robust They do not offer any sort of email service 
This web hosting company offers auto website backups  

Getting a high end web hosting solution is very rewarding; however an extremely expensive experience. Kinsta doesn’t do it differently.

You will definitely incur a charge that is premium; however, I must say that their premium service is excellent. You will receive what you pay for.

For many years the company has been obsessed with creating the finest web hosting architecture for the clients.

The cloud hosting platform is used by their infrastructure; hence it is powered by nineteen data centers across the world.

When you incur premium costs, you will definitely receive excellent security. The status of your website will be checked by them every two minutes.

Imagine that every single day your website will be checked every 2 minutes, which means in a day, your site is checked 720 times; that’s a lot of checking!

WPX Hosting – Excellent but Expensive 

Key Specifications 

  • You receive website migrations that are unlimited 
  • You will also receive unlimited SSL certificates for free 
  • They guarantee uptimes of 99.95% 
  • They guarantee a money-back of 30 days
  • They also offer CDN of high speed
  • You will receive automatic backups for 28 days and manual backups too 
Price Per Month Avg. Uptime Avg. Load Time 
$20.8399.5%601 ms
Pros  Cons  
They also have clean up and malware scanning They do not have phone support 
They offer DDoS protection at an enterprise level The interface lacks features 
Other CMS is also supported with this web hosting company 

WPX hosting offers premium web hosting services, and their pricing is a tad less than Kinsta. That makes them an expensive web host after Kinsta.

With this company, you will be at peace knowing that you will receive what you pay for, so when you’ve paid premium charges, you receive premium service.

But this being said, you will experience great uptimes and fast loading speeds.

Another factor with WPX hosting is the app starter level plan; wherein you will receive five sites.

So if you have a couple of websites from the beginning, WPX hosting will be an excellent option for you.

What to expect with WordPress hosting

In this section, we will discuss a couple of things that you need to look for while selecting a good WordPress host.

While shopping for a WP host, you must consider various factors and compare them with one another.

Reviews have always been an excellent way for you to find out and shortlist the best web host for your business. However, you must know the various factors of any product before you begin your search.

The most essential factor of hosting solutions is that you must always take into account their load times, uptimes, if they offer an SSL certification, free backups, site migration, WP installation, security, how much customer support and the multiple data centers that they offer.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a newcomer or a professional, selecting a host can get extremely overwhelming to many people.

It is very challenging for people who have no prior knowledge about the workings of websites and hosting solutions. Working with WordPress will only add to that stress.

I remember the days when I was new and just starting out; going through multiple posts available in the market was exhausting, confusing and extremely overwhelming.

As a newcomer, you don’t really know what to expect from a good hosting service. The Internet has a lot of information, and most of it is just jumbled words, with a lot of technical explanations.

By the end of the day, I would find myself in a state of confusion and unsure which web host to choose.

But there are a few reviews that you would find on the Internet that are sponsored. These reviews would lean toward a particular host and market their services.

It gets trickier because, with such reviews, you cannot take their word for it. This is the reason why we have decided to offer an unbiased review on various web hosts.

Making a list of your requirements is vital and learning about hosting services is also equally important.

The entire process can also be fun, given the right guidance. Your goal is to select a web host that would help you with your business and not be a hindrance.

That is the major reason why we have selected SiteGround as the number one host. Their prices are economical, and they have checked all our boxes.

The amazing thing is, they go on and beyond with their customer assistance team that makes you feel like you’re interacting with one of the other employees.

If you are in search of added features that include heightened security, then we would suggest the more expensive host like Kinsta.

Kinsta can still make a lot of sense with regard to premium features, and as I mentioned earlier, with Kinsta, you would get what you pay for.

They do not have any added frills or upselling. They do not look at making more money out of you. Simply pick what you require for your business and pay for it expecting top-notch service. You can also check our article on Digital Pacific review.

My advice is, decide on a budget. I make sure the starting plans fit your budget. Do let me know your experiences and thoughts.