Best Web Hosting for Small Business in Australia

Best Web Hosting for Small Business Australia

All small businesses require a good website; however, selecting the right host for your business is never easy.

There are plenty of plans that are available in the market that focus mainly on home users and lack the power a small business requires. 

For example, emails; I have seen web hosts offer plans that provide 5 email addresses to a single website, inboxes are limited to 100 megabytes, this is definitely an issue for businesses.

Always check the email specifications that a web hosting plan offers before you commit to their package. 

SSL certification is vital today for all business and professional websites. Many companies provide SSL certifications for free, and this is offered from the project of let’s encrypt.

Best stores will need more than this; however, these are sufficient for all standard websites. 

Small business sites cannot afford to fall through – ever – hence, reliability is essential. Select a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated hosting package, and if you have the budget for it, this will help you avoid all the hassles that come with shared service.

Always choose a host that offers good customer support allowing you access through live chat and telephone along with ticketing and emails.

Try and get a plan that offers automatic backups; however, ensure to check the fine print as backups are offered as an option that may cost extra. 

Always consider an upgrade as well, especially if you are beginning with a starter shared hosting package.

When your business expands, your site will also need to grow, and this will make things easier, especially if you have selected a host that offers extras and add-ons to cope. 

There is a lot that you must consider, and luckily, there are some excellent web hosts available in the market that cater and understand what small businesses require.

In this review, we will highlight 6 web hosting services that offer an excellent service to the average small businesses in the Australian market. 

So if you are in search of a good web host for your side, WP blog or online store, then continue reading as we reveal the best host for startups and small businesses. 

Web HostAustralia ServersPrice Per Month
WP engineSydney$28
A2 HostingSingapore $3.92
Digital PacificSydney$6.90
VentraIPSydney, Melbourne$6.95
WP HostingSydney$19

Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses in Australia 



Star Rating

Check Plans

  • 99.9% uptime

  • 487 ms speed

  • SSD storage

  • 99.99% uptime

  • 716 ms speed

  • Free SSL

  • 35 Themes

  • Free CDN

  • Support 25K site visitors

Our list has the top ten hosting services for small businesses in Australia 

Hostinger – The Best Cheapest Web Hosting in Australia 

  • The beginner plan is available at a monthly price of $0.99. 
  • Their data centre is based in Singapore; however, they do offer good latency. 
  • They do not offer phone support. 

Hostinger has built a reputation that precedes them by providing the cheapest web hosting services in the market. 

  • Their prices are extremely affordable that begin at a monthly price of $0.99. 
  • They offer powerful servers. 

You can find a web hosting solution for businesses of all sizes with Hostinger. Their plans provide email accounts that are unlimited, MY SQL databases are unlimited, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited websites. 

You will also receive automatic weekly backups for free. You can reach out to them with tickets and email. 

Pros   Cons   
Their pricing is extremely affordable for everyone. Their newer prices are extremely expensive in comparison to the price you pay during signup. 
They offer unlimited websites, storage and bandwidth.  
They also offer domain name for free.  
Their customer support is available 24/7, throughout the year.  

Specifications of the Basic Plan  

  • Unlimited emails 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Unlimited databases 
  • Unlimited websites 

Starting price per month: $0.99 

Check Plans on the Website

SiteGround – The Best Runner-Up Host in Australia 

  • Their basic plan is available at a monthly cost of $6.99. 
  • Their data centre is located in Sydney.

Many websites across the globe trust and use SiteGround. SiteGround has been offering. exceptional solutions for a long time and is popular for their customer support. 

  • They are popular for their super-fast speeds and servers.
  • They also have very good customer support.
  • Currently; they host more than two million active domains.

SiteGround provides web hosting solutions for everyone no matter the size of their business and budget. They provide WordPress Managed hosting, shared hosting as well as cloud hosting. 

There are packages that offer WP site migration for free by utilizing the plugin for migration. You can connect with their customer support team and make a request for the migration of your website from your current host on two SiteGround servers. This service is available at an additional charge of $30. 

Their customer support team is famous for their quick response and are known to be the best. We used to host a few of our sites with SiteGround, and whenever we had any technical issues, we would get a response to our queries within ten minutes.

You can connect with the support team through the ticketing system, email, as well as phone and they are available 24/7. 

They provide single click installation for over hundreds of various software scripts like Joomla and WordPress.

They also provide a single click installation for SSL certificates that are free on all plans. What we like the most about SiteGround is their dedication to performance and speed. All their servers are 100% powered by a cloud hosting platform from Google, powerful caching solution – super catcher (NGINX reverse Memcache and proxy) NGINX direct delivery. 

Pros   Cons   
They offer unlimited bandwidth, emails, and MY SQL databases. Their renewal prices all very high. 
You will receive automatic restore and backups daily.  
They offer Cloudflare CDN for free.  
They guarantee a moneyback of 30 days.  
You will also receive free WP website migration with the help of their plugin.  
They offer exceptional support along with quick response times.  

Specifications of the Basic Plan

  • You will receive Cloudflare CDN for free. 
  • They offer let’s encrypt SSL certificate for free. 
  • You can also make a request to migrate your site for free. 
  • They provide unlimited bandwidth. 
  • They offer disk space of 10 GB. 
  • You will receive a single website. 

Starting price per month: $6.99 

Check Plans on the Website

WP engine – The Best WP Managed Hosting in Australia

  • You can connect with them through their phone support by dialling 1- 877- 973- 6446. 
  • They also have data centres that are based in Australia. 
  • They have a basic plan beginning with a monthly charge of $28. 

WP engine offers a trusted platform specially designed for professional bloggers. Currently, they host a couple of large news websites. 

  • WP engine offers web hosting solutions to a few of the largest sites on the Internet. 
  • More than 60,000 clients trust and use their services. 

Their plans offer over 35 free Genesis Themes. Genesis Themes and Genesis Framework, make it very easy to create a website that looks professional, and it doesn’t require you to have knowledge of coding and designing. 

With every plan, you will also get the premium CDN, which is very helpful in increasing website speeds.

They also offer WordPress Managed hosting, so you don’t need to be hassled with various things; all you need to do is set it, and it practically runs by itself.

This is especially beneficial for people who do not like handling maintenance tasks that you will find with WordPress. This is a very good platform for such users. 

WP Engine provides high scalability. So your site could be having on a daily basis maybe hundreds of visitors or millions, their infrastructure is built to handle it. 

Pros   Cons   
All their plans offer free SSL certificate and CDN service. Their beginner plans are expensive in comparison to their competitors. 
Their solutions are easily scalable.  
You can connect with their customer support team through support tickets, emails and phone.    
Their support team is available 24/7 throughout the year.  
Genesis Themes and Genesis Framework is offered with every plan for free.  
Huge brands like Gartner and Microsoft trust their solutions.  

Specifications of their Basic Plan: 

  • They offer more than 35 Genesis Themes and Genesis Framework. 
  • They offer free CDN. 
  • You will also receive bandwidth of 50 GB. 
  • They support visitors of 25K every month. 
  • You will receive a single website. 

Starting price per month: $28 

Check Plans on the Website

Kinsta – Great Premium WP Host in Australia 

  • They have data centres in Sydney. 
  • Their packages begin with a monthly price of $30. 
  • They do not offer phone support. 

Kinsta is known to be the best WP Managed Host. Some of the very huge brands like Ubisoft, TripAdvisor, FreshBooks and ASOS trust their services. 

  • They offer free SSL certificate and CDN with all their plans. 
  • Popular brands like Ubisoft, TripAdvisor, FreshBooks, and ASOS trust their services. 

They offered free website migration with all their plans. You can also make a request to migrate your website from another WordPress Host onto Kinsta servers for free. 

You will also receive the CDN service for free. Kinsta has built their platform on the cloud hosting platform from Google. You can now select and host the site on any of their eighteen global locations that are available. 

You will also receive daily backups of all the plans for free, and they also provide SSL certificates for free that are easily installable with one click. 

Kinsta’s WP hosting utilizes PHP seven and NGINX, and this makes all their servers faster in comparison to the standard ones. 

Pros   Cons   
They also offer automatic backups daily. For a start-up one might find their package expensive. 
They offer support for WP multisite.  
Popular companies like Ricoh and Ubisoft trust their services.  
They provide site migration for free.  
You can reach their customer support team through support tickets, phone and email.  
They provide free CDN service and SSL certificate with all their packages.  

Specifications for the Basic Plan 

  • They provide free SSL certificate and CDN. 
  • You will also receive bandwidth of 50 GB. 
  • They offer storage space of 50 GB. 
  • They support monthly visitors of 20K. 

Starting price per month: $30 

Check Plans on the Website

Cloudways – The Best Cheap WP Hosting in Australia 

  • They have a Data Centre in Sydney. 
  • They do not offer phone support. 
  • Their basic plan begins with a monthly price of $10. 

When you run your site on a VPS hosting, it offers you a speed increase and also gives you total server control.

However, it is not very easy to learn how to manage and handle a VPS hosting server all by yourself. Developers, however, do not have issues with the same. 

CloudWays offers the finest managed hosting as well as great VPS servers. You can host your site on a VPS server that is yours, and you will also receive support with any and all technical concerns. 

  • The Technical Support team is available 24/7, and their team of experts have thorough product knowledge. 
  • You can now have complete control by web hosting your sites on the VPS server. 

CloudWays does not force your site on their individual servers. They permit you to select the cloud VPS hosting providers that are supported by them, like Linode, Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services. 

Once you select a suitable VPS provider, you will have control of your site easily via CloudWays WP Hosting. You can also with ease reach out to their amazing Technical Support that is available 24/7. 

And that’s not all; you will also receive CloudWays CDN for the site on all the packages. This is offered for free, along with SSL certificates and site migration. 

Pros   Cons   
They offer you five VPS providers to choose from. We do not recommend them for beginners. 
You will receive complete control over the server and your website.  
You can now host your site on the VPS servers. 
You will receive CloudWays CDN for free.  
They offer you free SSL certificates along with site migration with all their plans.  

Specifications of the Basic Plan 

  • You receive a free SSL certificate and CDN. 
  • They offer you a bandwidth of 1 TB. 
  • You will also receive storage of 25 GB. 
  • You get one processor Core. 
  • They provide RAM of 1 GB. 

Starting price per month: $10 

Check Plans on the Website

A2 Hosting – One of the Fastest Servers in Australia 

  • You can reach out to their phone support by dialling 1- 888- 546 8946. 
  • They do not have a data centre in Australia. 
  • Their packages start with a monthly price of $3.92. 

A2 Hosting has over thousands of customers that trust their services. This trust and client base has been built over the many years that they have been in the market. 

  • A2 Hosting has data centres across the globe. 
  • Plenty of entrepreneurs trust their services. 

A2 Hosting provides shared hosting, dedicated hosting servers, email hosting, cloud hosting and more. 

Their customer support team can be reached out to by their support tickets, phone and email service. The team can be reached out to anytime, all through the year.

They also provide their customers with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage with all their plans. Their plans also have the control panel – cPanel that makes it extremely simple to control and use the site and all the content. 

You will also receive a single click installation for all the software scripts that include Magento, Joomla and WordPress. They also provide an SSL certificate for free. 

Pros   Cons   
They use the cPanel.  The features they offer are very limited in comparison to their competitors. 
All their plans offer unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.  
SSD storage is used by all their servers.  
You will also receive a single click installation of free SSL.  
Their customer support team is available 24/7, all through the year.  

Specifications of the Basic Plan

  • They offer or guarantee for your money back that can be claimed anytime. 
  • You will receive an SSL certification for free. 
  • The bandwidth they offer will be unlimited. 
  • You will also receive unlimited storage. 
  • They have five databases. 
  • You will receive one website. 

Starting price per month: $3.92  

Check Plans on the Website

Digital Pacific – The Best Owned Australian Web Hosting

  • They have a data centre in Sydney. 
  • You can connect with their phone support by dialling 1300 MY HOST (694 678). 
  • Their packages begin at a monthly price of $6.90. 

Digital Pacific is popular in terms of Web Hosting and is located in Australia. They provide shared hosting, dedicated servers and VPS servers. All these servers are located in Australia. 

  • Their Australian customer support is available 24/7, throughout the year. 
  • The parent company is situated in Australia. 

When you connect with their support service, you can be sure that an Australian executive will attend to you. Their customer support is made available 24/7 throughout the year. 

cPanel is offered with all their plans that assist you in managing your website with ease. They also provide single click installation for WordPress software scripts. 

Pros   Cons   
Their servers support Dream Hosting. They do not offer their packages on a monthly plan; they only have annual plans available. 
Their Australian customer support is available through phone and email 24/7.  
The basic package offers disk space of 1 GB and a bandwidth of 10 GB.  
They offer services to different sizes of businesses.  

Specifications of the Basic Plan

  • They use the cPanel as their control panel. 
  • They offer two email accounts. 
  • You receive bandwidth of 10 GB. 
  • They also offer disk space of 1 GB. 
  • Their customer support team is available 24/7. 

Starting price per month: $6.90 

Check Plans on the Website

VentraIP – The Best Cheapest Owned Australian Web Host

  • Their Data Centres are based in Melbourne and Sydney. 
  • You can reach them through phone by dialling 132485. 
  • Their plans begin at a monthly price of $6.95. 

They are an Australian web host and offer exceptional services to their Australian customers. Their servers are also located in Australia. 

  • Currently, they host over 150,000 customers that trust their services. 
  • They are an Australian company and have their data centres located in Australia. 

Ventra IP guarantees a moneyback of 45 days with all their packages. Their plans also provide unlimited databases, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts that are also unlimited. 

The starter plan offers SSD storage of 5 GB and RAM of 2 GB. You will also receive an SSL certificate for free that can be easily installed with a single click on multiple domains. They provide daily automatic backups and CDN service that is free. 

Pros   Cons   
They have been in the market for over 10 years. But the space that they offer is less than what is available with your competitors. 
You will receive automatic daily backups that are free.  
They also offer free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN.  
Australian customer support team is available 24/7, and you can contact them through dedicated ticket support, phone and email. 

Specifications of the Basic Plan 

  • MariaDB databases are unlimited. 
  • Email accounts are unlimited. 
  • They offer unlimited bandwidth. 
  • The disk space that you receive is 5 GB. 

Starting price per month: $6.95 

Check Plans on the Website

WP Hosting – The Best WP Australian Host

wp hosting
  • They have their data centres in Sydney. 
  • You can connect with them through phone by dialling 1300- 974- 678. 
  • Their packages start with a monthly price of $19. 

They are an Australian web hosting company that provides Managed WordPress hosting at economical prices. 

  • Their data centres are located in Australia. 
  • They offer the DDoS attack protection for free. 

WP Hosting provides site migration service at absolutely no extra charges with all their plans. They help you migrate your site with absolutely no downtime. The Australian customer support team can be contacted anytime. You can connect with the support team through ticket support, email and phone. 

Daily backups are available for free with all websites. They also offer their clients DDoS attack prevention that is labelled as “Always On”. 

Pros   Cons   
You receive the CDN service for free. Their basic plan does not offer phone support. 
You will receive daily backups that will be retained for 15 days. 
WP hosting is available at affordable prices. 
Their data centres are located in Australia. 
Yeah, the Australian support service is available 24/7 throughout the year. 

Specifications of the Basic Plan

  • The CDN service is available for free. 
  • You receive daily backups for free. 
  • They also offer unmetered bandwidth. 
  • Disk space of 5 GB is made available. 

Starting price per month: $19 

Check Plans on the Website

Bluehost – The Best WP Host for beginners

  • They offer international phone support. You can contact them on 1- 801- 765- 9400. 
  • Their data centres are not located in Australia but in America. 
  • Their plans begin at a monthly price of $3.95. 

Bluehost is a very popular host among professional bloggers, and they are officially recommended by WordPress. 

  • Currently, they host over thousands of sites. 
  • They are trusted by multiple popular entrepreneurs. 
  • WordPress has officially recommended Bluehost. 

Bluehost caters to businesses of different sizes and budgets. They provide unlimited bandwidth with an SSL certification free with all their plans.

They have a strong support team that is available 24/7, and you can connect with them through phone and email. Your website is automatically backed up every day. 

For more than a decade, Bluehost has offered exceptional services to various businesses. Professional bloggers recommend and trust their service.

You receive 5 email accounts with the basic plan, and email accounts are unlimited along with unlimited storage with the Premium Package. Their Premium Package is available at a monthly price of $5.95, and they offer unlimited SSD along with it. They also provide marketing credits worth $200. 

Pros   Cons   
Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress. Hosts the initial term, upon renewal the prices are very high.
Their support team is available 24/7 through phone and email.  
Their basic plan offers unlimited bandwidth.  
You will also receive an SSL certificate for free that can be used with multiple websites.  
When you subscribe & signup, they offer a domain name that is free for a lifetime.  

Specifications of the Basic Plan

  • They offer you a domain name for free. 
  • You receive 5 email accounts. 
  • SSL certificate is provided for free. 
  • You will also receive unlimited bandwidth. 
  • SSD storage of 50 GB is available. 
  • You get one website. 

Starting price per month: $3.95 

Check Plans on the Website

Why must you get an Australian Web Host 

There are multiple reasons that make a site slow. However, there is just one thing that has a major impact, and it is called latency. 

So, if you wish your site should be fast, you must have a watchful eye for latency. 

Latency makes your website slow.

Suppose you want to visit a site, the browser needs to connect with the target site server in order to download all the contents of the page. 

The amount of time taken to download all the contents of that particular web page depends on multiple factors; however, one of the most vital factors is latency. 

Latency: It is the time taken by the web browser in order to connect with the webserver of the site that you want to reach. 

The time totally depends on your physical location and the targeted site server. 

For example, you reside in Australia and want to connect with the server that is located in the UK, and you will experience a certain amount of latency in the connection. 

All this adds up and is a major drawback about latency. Every video, JavaScript file, CSS file or image that your browser requests is usually delayed on account of latency. This happens with all websites. 

There is an increase in the load time of a webpage if there is an increased distance between a user and the server. You can avoid this issue by web hosting your site that is close to your target visitors. 

Hosting Locally 

Apart from the reduced latency, there are multiple benefits of web hosting all websites locally. 

Supposedly you call your host, and you can now be confident that an executive based in Australia will respond to your call. 

When your site is hosted with a web host who’s based locally, all your calls will be responded to by an executive located in Australia, and it will not be diverted to a call centre that is based in another part of the world. 

If you still have doubts about whether you should consider a host with Data Centres in Australia, first consider where your target visitors are located. 

Suppose you own a restaurant in Australia, then your customers will be from in and around the vicinity of your restaurant.  

Therefore it is preferred to host your site in the country of your targeted visitors. 

Final Thoughts

Australia has plenty of business opportunities; however, it is not the easiest to find a web host that is reliable. Though we have good Internet connections, it still depends on the cables that are undersea.

Unfortunately, these submarine cables have aged, leaving much desire with regard to reliability and connection speed. 

So if you own a local business, an international one serving clients across the globe, having an excellent host makes a big difference.

There are plenty of Australian options in the market, it is vital that you select a host that offers assistance to your company and helping it reach full potential. In order to assist you in getting a provider that matches your requirements, there are a few things you must know. 

As mentioned earlier, there are a few amazing web hosts suitable for Australians. Australia is known for its unreliable servers and extremely slow Internet speeds, but there are multiple ways to sort this issue.

These web hosts provide top-notch protocols and equipments that help your visitors to access your website without concerns. If you have the right web hosting solution, you can establish an Internet presence that will help the business to reach its full potential. 

You can also check our article on the Best Cheap Web Hosting Australia.

Selecting a good web host for Australian users 

Data Centres: Overseas or in Australia 

If you are located in Australia, the simplest thing you could do is search for a host that is closer to Australia. Why? If your host has their servers in America and your target audiences are in Australia, then you could encounter concerns like delays, slow load time and plenty of lagging.

So location is important, but just on a country level, you don’t need to be concerned about the city it is in. So if your target visitors are Australians, then it doesn’t matter if the servers are in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane; it won’t make a difference. 

Going Global 

Now just because the website is hosted in a particular location on a particular server, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy good loading times across the globe in various countries. CDN is particularly helpful in serving your site anywhere with minimum lag. 

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers distributed geographically that uses the visitor’s location and delivers a version of the website content that is cached and from the closest server or node.

This will help to increase loading times as well as block spammers, keep away DDoS attacks and increase security. Cloudflare is a popular CDM, but offers free plans and plenty of web hosts integrate, through Cloudflare seamlessly. 

Guarantees on server uptime 

It is essential to know that you can depend on a host to offer maximum server uptime along with a stable server.

We have been tracking response times and overall uptimes for big web hosting companies. Many of these providers offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, but unfortunately, most of them are unable to deliver.

The first five web hosts on our list have done an amazing job at constantly maintaining a good uptime. You must select a reliable web host.  


When we talk about storage, it means the number of files that can be uploaded on the server. For small websites and blogs, you need just a few GBs, and you can get this with many cheap web hosting companies.

However, if you are in search of a web host, to host your website that is large, you can get a plan with a large storage capacity. Always try and consider a web host that utilizes SSD drives as storage data instead of HDDs. Storage with SSD is 10 times better in performance with regard to writing and reading speeds.

Response Time and Performance 

Many people look at signing up with a web host that offers good performance and is also very fast; however, there are a few that offer good server performance along with a host-based in Australia. This is mainly preferred by users who are targeting visitors from Australia.

Various web hosts have their servers overseas or in Singapore that perform better than the local servers. The fact is a good host will always custom build scripts and systems in order to optimize the performance of the data centres.

If good quality hardware and multiple features like PHP 7 support, server-side caching, and lightspeed integration is combined, it will perform exceptionally well like none other.

When a server configuration is correct, it makes a big difference in terms of speed and loading times. This, in turn, has an effect on the SEO ranking of your website. 

Customer Support Team 

If you’re looking for the best web host, you will always want to look for one with a reliable support team. To begin with, you must, ensure they have multiple ways to connect along with fast response times.

This may include ticketing support, live chat, phone support and a vast knowledge base that includes multiple video tutorials.

Ticketing support is still a very efficient way of sorting out multiple issues as they are scalable for the host. This comes into play if ever the central server is facing downtime and there is a huge influx of multiple complaints.

We also need to understand if the hosts handle their customers in-house or is the service outsourced. Each of these options has their unique roles. In-house support is always quick and knowledgeable, whereas outsourced support offers better consistency and scalability.

Email Features 

Many prefer a total package from one host, and if you are looking for a similar benefit, then the first thing you must do is check out their email features. This is essential for users that require a business web host because they will require various email addresses.

Not every web host offers services that create multiple email accounts, and if ever they do, you will need to check if they also have an interface for your webmail and if they provide unlimited emails, along with external service integration.

You will also need to understand their limitations. Some hosts permit you to create hundred email addresses or even send out two hundred emails every hour.

SSL Certificate 

Keeping your site secure is of uttermost importance, and an SSL certificate is a step in the right direction. Today having an SSL is less of an option and more of a requirement, and not just for E-commerce sites but every site.

In the near future, Google will begin to label the non-secure sites, and this will have an adverse effect on the conversion rates.

An SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer that is all technology used to establish a link that is encrypted between the client (browser) and a server (host). An SSL enables you to transmit information like login details and account numbers securely.

When you are learning more about a host, you must find out if they provide SSL certificates for free; the single click installation options are preferred more like what SiteGround offers.

If the host does not offer an SSL, you can avail 1 from let’s encrypt, and you can then ask your host to help you install it. Always notice the best web hosting services will offer an SSL for free.