Best Reseller Hosting in Australia

Best Reseller Hosting Australia

If you are a reseller of web hosting solutions, then you have an opportunity to build and create your business where others can purchase an area on the vast Internet.  

You can now dictate the price plans; you can market it and also sell to various clients. You are responsible for maintaining and handling relationships with your customers.

But the firm that is selling you this web hosting service should be responsible for managing software issues, hardware issues and all technical concerns. You will be leasing a server space from them. 

You are getting these services at a wholesale rate and you resell these services to your local customers at a retail cost. In this way you make a good amount of profit. 

Having said that, selecting a reseller hosting program with exceptional quality will ensure that your customers remain with you for a long term. 

Take a look at the list we have created which suggests some of the best reseller hosting providers in the market. They are listed in an order of our choice. 



Star Rating

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  • Unlimited domains

  • 99.9% uptime

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Free eNom reseller account

  • Free SSD & SSL

  • 24/7 customer support

  • 100GB Space

  • Free dedicated IP

  • Unlimited cPanel

HostGator – Amazing Packages for Exceptional Performance 


Key Specifications 

  • This web host offer unlimited domains 
  • Customer support is available 24/7 throughout the year  
  • They also guarantee uptimes of 99.9% 
  • You are offered free billing software and WHMCS client management 
Pros  Cons  
They provide white label web hosting serviceThey do not offer SSD storage 
You will have total control of all resources  
You will also get the ResellerClub account with absolutely no extra charges  

HostGator reseller hosting provides what I feel is a more complete plan for resellers in the market. The packages that they provide makes it extremely easy for resellers to offer excellent features to their customers and also handle their clients. 

They also permit you to make features available to the customers when they are online and the customers also reach out to customer support. These benefits are available at an inexpensive price plan. 

Discounted Registration 

The plans offer this service to a reseller account absolutely free allowing a reseller to sell over 70 CCTLD’s and GTLD to the customers.

Back in the day all they offered was an 80% discount on the registration cost. Your clients can now purchase domain names from you. 

You can also assist them in migrating their websites from the present server onto your server. As you have already purchased all these services at a price, you can now resell it to them and make a decent amount of profit. 

HostGator has multiple tools that are unique and makes it easy for your business to be branded. Like, HostGator’s cPanel is uniquely designed to provide to your customers. The best part about this is, you can with much ease add your business logo and your branding. 

HostGator reseller hosting has made multiple tutorials and videos for their customers’ convenience. You can utilize these tutorials and videos by offering them to your customers and also brand them. In this way your customers feel like all this information that you are offering comes directly from your own business. 

You are also given 100% control over the RAM, storage and bandwidth. You can also control the allocation of all your resources.

HostGator web hosting company will offer you the facility to upgrade to a tier even if you are half way through a month if you think that you might lack resources. This ensures that you do not miss out on a potential customer. 

Very Reliable 

HostGator is a number one choice and has very high reliability. This sort of reliability is not very common in the market and we like that HostGator keeps their word and honors the guarantee they give their customer. 

If at any point of time their servers fall short HostGator compensates their customers for the entire month. 

As mentioned earlier your clients can use the control panel that has your branding on it. You can also use the cPanel. I would say the company has done an excellent job with redesigning the control panel and making it extremely user friendly. It has plenty of power. 

Your customers and you will have multiple options while using the cPanel that has a unique design and is very helpful. 

As you read the reviews on HostGator it will get clear as to why they rank at the top position in terms of being the best resellers in the industry.

This web hosting provider offer amazing uptimes, excellent speeds and have a user-friendly cPanel. HostGator web host offers all the major features that one would anticipate from an excellent web hosting company given the price bracket. 

Newcomers find it extremely easy to use and master. But it has features and the power that allows customers to get all their work done with much ease. 

There are multiple security features made available and some features are also made available at an additional cost. Why don’t you try it yourself? As we speak HostGator is offering a guarantee of 45 days money back. 

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A2 Hosting – Premium Web Hosting Service 


Key Specifications 

  • They offer an eNom reseller hosting account for free 
  • They offer excellent guarantees on money back  
  • You will also receive free SSD and free SSL with this web host 
  • Their customer support is available 24/7, all through the year 
  • You will receive transfer of 1000 GB 
  • Their turbo options are 20 times faster 
Pros  Cons  
They provide integration with cPanel They do not offer enough storage space 
You will be offered an option to select between two softwares for free billing  
You can also select between Windows Server and Linux servers  

A2 hosting is our second pick because, It is the same as HostGator and they offer their customers whatever they require. Reseller hosting plans that they offer are the best in the market. These plans offer; 

  • Blesta that helps in managing hosting accounts or WHMCS 
  • SSD storage 
  • They also provide C panel integration 

Comprehensive Features 

If you have noticed Reseller hosting plans, it doesn’t matter which company, they all have a billing software. A2 web hosting provider is unlike them because they offer you two options. On the purchase of the silver package you are given an option to select between Blesta and WHMCS. It is recognized by many as a tool that is very helpful with problem solving. 

Blesta is an open source and is favored by a few because customers customize it to match their requirements. 

You can make a choice between Windows Server or Linux server, depending on the operating server that you select a software option will be made available.

You can make this choice depending on the various services you plan to provide to your customers. For example, windows utilize .NET cores and Plesk, whereas Linux uses PHP and cPanel. 

No matter which reseller hosting plan you select you will be allocated a good quantity of resources. The starting tier package that A2 web hosting provider supports forty accounts. You can upgrade your plans later, depending on how fast your business expands, you can choose a higher tier plan that’ll provide more storage. 

Fastest Web Host 

A2 web hosting provider impressed us with their excellent speeds. They are one among the fastest web hosts that we have tried and tested. The base speed that they offer is fast and this is because of their improved SSD storage. They have multiple data centers across the globe that deliver content. 

You also receive an option to utilize their turbo servers. These turbo servers provide speeds that are 20 times faster than the regular servers. 

They also provide excellent support and you can reach them through: 

  • Phone support 
  • Live chat 
  • Email 

In addition you will also have access to their extensive knowledge base. They have multiple guides that will help you and your clients with basic questions and also start the website. 

A2 reseller hosting has been providing services that are consistent for over 15 years. Over the years they have built a brand name that offers top notch web hosting solutions. At any point of time if you feel their service does not match your requirements, you can make it known to them and receive a full moneyback, anytime. 

A2’s main focus is to make things customizable for the clients. It does take a little time to navigate through the various aspects and to understand it, however once you get used to it, your experience will be inexpensive along with fast web hosting that offers multiple impressive features. 

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InMotion – Few Features but Excellent Performance 


Key Specifications 

  • They offer space of over 100 GB 
  • They also offer dedicated IP for free 
  • You will receive unlimited cPanel
  • Their customer support is available 24/7, throughout the year 
  • They also offer site backups 
Pros  Cons  
Their site security is excellent You will experience occasional downtime 
You will have access to white label web hosting  
They also provide an SSD storage  

The products that InMotion provides their clients have multiple features, some features are nice and some not so much. Luckily the reseller hosting plans that they offer have nicer features. InMotion offers the option to select between 6 different configurations. 

This web hosting company also offers various features that include more aspects to benefit you with backups and billing too.  

Transparent Service 

Among the multiple benefits that this web hosting provider offers their clients we appreciate their transparency the most. InMotion products are white label and as you utilize their resources; your name and your branding is what your clients can see. InMotion continuously works behind the scenes. This avoids confusion between their business and yours adding to your business credibility. 

They provide impressive resources as their reseller hosting servers are well equipped with data protection Raid – 6 and SSD storage. This gives you fast speeds for data transfer. 

Their excellent customer support is simply the cherry on top of all these services. 

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Final thoughts 

If you have a reseller hosting business that has unlimited potential, this would contribute to the growth and happiness of your business and your customers. This will all depend on the web host that you select. 

I’m sure you have already done your research, and have noticed there are limited reseller hosts in the market that offer you sufficient space on the servers and there are few that support resellers but do not provide the best services and tools. This is the sole reason why we have written this review today. You can also check our article on the Best Ecommerce Hosting Australia.

Our review offers the top three contenders and web hosts that are excellent for reseller hosting purposes. They not only offer good features but also are economical and offer value for your money. Do share your feedback and suggestions especially if you have worked with resellers.