Best Ecommerce Hosting in Australia

Best Ecommerce Hosting Australia

So, you’re selling things online. That’s amazing, but now what? Where do you plan to host your online store? You will need a place to host your site that houses all the amazing content and beautiful products.

With regards to the website, this probably would be the first decision you would have to make and a vital one.

Suppose this was a physical store, then the host would be the foundation of your store. If your foundation is crummy, then your store is destined to fall.

No one wants their online store to fail, and we definitely want your ecommerce store not just to grow but also thrive.

For this, you must make sure that you have the correct web host that meets your requirements and is also the best host that the web hosting industry can offer. 

To begin with, you must select a good web hosting for your E-commerce ad; once this is sorted, all you need to focus is on marketing and selling your products.

Let’s get started. 

E-Commerce web hosting has three categories that include ecommerce platforms, Website Builders and web hosting your site and utilizing WordPress.

We recommend that people must select an ecommerce platform. Shopify is a recommended ecommerce platform.

We highly suggest Shopify because it offers everything an entrepreneur would require in order to sell all kinds of products.

If you’re looking at web hosting your site, SiteGround is a good option for multiple budgets, whereas it is a good option to start for companies with no limitation on their budget.

If you think you would require a site builder, or maybe you just don’t wish to handle too much, then Wix is an amazing choice that will help you build and create a fantastic website.



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Check Plans

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Payment gateways

  • 100+ Themes

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Free updates

  • Lightning-fast

  • 100+ designs

  • Updated templates

  • Personalised image gallery

  • Free SSL

  • Powerful dashboard

  • Free migration

  • High quality templates

  • Advanced design structure

  • Futuristic designs

  • Free SSL

  • Integrated with Amazon & eBay

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Shopify – The Best E-Commerce Web Hosting Provider 

Key Specifications 

  • SSL certificate is offered for free 
  • They provide payment gateways of 70 
  • You will receive a domain name 
  • It is ready for mobile commerce 
  • This offers a complete blogging platform 
  • You will receive more than 100 themes 
Pros    Cons    
It is extremely user friendly Their plans are costly 
They offer high uptimes  
You would also receive over 100 free themes  

With regard to web hosting services, Shopify has robust web hosting features and server networks but handles everything you require for your E-Commerce store.

Shopify hosting provider also guarantees uptimes of 99.98%, and they also have plenty of resources that help to deliver. In regards to load speeds, their average is approximately 2000 Ms.

The content on your website has an effect on load speeds; however, there are a couple of things that can be done in order to increase the speed of the page, such as compressing your images and tweaking themes.

Web hosting your site on Shopify is a good bet. It’s great features are, inventory system, customer support and the App Store for E-commerce. 

A web host that offers a platform with everything on it makes many people sceptical about using their services as they come across as a web host that caters to beginners. This is true for E-commerce platforms.

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SiteGround – Apt for WooCommerce 


Key Specifications 

  • They offer a free SSL certificate
  • You can web host various sites 
  • They also provide plenty of upgrades for free 
  • They are known to be lightning-fast
  • Their customer support team is available 24/7 throughout the year
Pros    Cons    
The site speed is top-notchTo avail of their plans at a lower price, you will have to commit to a long term
The installation of WooCommerce and WordPress is extremely easy  
They also provide amazing uptimes  

Web hosting your site and utilizing WordPress has a learning curve. So, the initial step is ensuring that the service offered by your web host has a single click installation for WordPress. If they do not offer this feature, move on to the next web host.

There are certain things that are essential and must be available with good web hosting services. SiteGround is a host that meets all the essential requirements.

They provide excellent uptimes of 99.9% and also offer top-level speed of 475 Ms.

Role hosting with SiteGround is offered, you can do straightforward installation of WP and woo commerce.

The best part about SiteGround service is that their basic packages are available at an extremely cheap price. They also have packages that you could upgrade as and when your business grows.

SiteGround servers are built around WordPress hosting, and their infrastructure was also created to offer great load speeds.

Another thing that we like about SiteGround is the customer support service. You could have any issues with regards to web hosting services, and you can count on their support service.

The team is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any concerns treating them as a priority; it feels as if they are your employees.

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WIX – Amazing Website Builder 


Key Specifications 

  • You will receive over 100 designs 
  • They offer powerful tools that help with building your website 
  • All their templates are updated 
  • You will receive multiple links for images and videos  
  • You will also have an image gallery that is personalized 
Pros    Cons    
They have a massive server network Your free version package does not offer E-commerce
They offer decent load times  

WIX is a website builder that we are really bored of, and they do not slouch in terms of maintaining and handling their web hosting responsibilities.

Your site will always be up and running with the excellent uptimes of 99.85% that they consistently offer.

They’re a huge company that has a huge server network. When we tested their service, we experienced load times of 1237 Ms, which is pretty decent for a web hosting service level. 

You will also receive their software that is a free version and also includes web hosting services. The only drawback with them is you cannot have a customized domain.

We advise that you take their service on a test drive and be sure that it fits your requirements.

The E-commerce capabilities are not available with the free version; however, you can use the website builder.

With regard to the aspect of a website builder, web hosting should be offered and should be good too. Lucky for us, WIX will go on and beyond to offer web hosting solutions and can also compete with various other services in the market.

In terms of the aspect of their site builder, Wix is unbeaten. But with their website builder, you can take a page that is completely blank; and create something so beautiful within a few days.

They offer multiple features in comparison to their competitors; however, they are not the easiest to work with.

Having said that, I must say the teams are easier to utilize in comparison to various other E-commerce platforms and WordPress.

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Kinsta – For WooCommerce, Good Premium service 


Key Specifications 

  • They offer website backups that are automated 
  • You will receive a free SSL certificate 
  • You will also receive a staging site
  • You will get a dashboard that is powerful 
  • They offer site migration for free 
  • They offer the cloud hosting platform from Google 
  • Customer support is available 24/7 throughout the year 
Pros    Cons    
They offer daily backups that are automated Their plans are not very cheap 
You can navigate easily  
Their security protocols are great  

If you are in search of just web hosting and do not require any other factors, I would suggest Kinsta in the facts for this case.

They offer free options, which means their services are expensive. In the premium category, web hosting options are obsessed and focused on speed, and Kinsta isn’t different.

With the price that you pay, you definitely receive a lot. They offer uptimes of 99.9% and amazing load times of 520 Ms.

They have a status system that helps you stay stress free, and there are security protocols that are the best in the industry.

At all times, they make sure that your site is available to your visitors, and for this, they have a scanning protocol in place.

But in this protocol your website is checked once in two minutes, every single day. This means your website is checked on 720 times in a day.

I don’t know of a host that is so obsessed with keeping their customer’s websites available for their visitors at all times.

Your website is also backed up every single day once in six hours if that’s what you prefer. They also make their deals sweeter with amazing guarantees like no hacking, and at any point of time something like that happens, they will take care of it.

With the next-gen infrastructure it can stand out when compared to the other host in the lower tier category.

They use the Google cloud hosting to run everything. They also have 19 data centre locations across the world. Their network is created in order to reduce the distance of their servers from the users avoiding hops.

As a web hosting service, you are required to install WP and utilize a plugin just like woo commerce or any other.

A great aspect is they are specialized in WP hosting, and the support team will assist you with any and all WP related queries that you may have.

Kinsta is also a top choice in the category of the best WP hosting.

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SquareSpace – Simple Builder 


Key Specifications

  • They offer templates that are of high quality and industry-specific
  • Their designs are futuristic 
  • They also offer features that are advanced, like the grid layouts 
  • You will receive over hundreds of premium and free designs 
  • Web hosting is included 
  • You will also receive category creation, comment sections, and RSS feeds
Pros    Cons    
They also have great Load times and uptime If you wish to customize outside the team, it is not the easiest
This is an amazing option, especially for artists 

We had to include SquareSpace on this list, and it is an alternative to WIX. Both of them occupy a similar site builder segment; however, they are different.

In terms of web hosting, they offer similar results, and their work is pretty similar too. As a huge company but with plenty of resources and an amazing server network, it is no surprise that they also have an uptime of 99.95%. Their load times are also pretty decent, with 946 Ms.

With regard to the aspect of website building by using SquareSpace service, it all comes down to the various themes that you could access when utilizing their service.

If you decide to customize your site outside the structure of the theme, it is not easy at all. But if you remain within the theme, you will be able to build and create an amazing website to showcase all your products.

For artists, where space has proved to be a very beneficial option and has also proved to be very helpful and selling certain types of products.

If your plans are to sell certain art pieces, paintings and photos – SquareSpace is an amazing choice. But, the only host that has come close to them on this E-commerce platform is BigCartel.

Using SquareSpace as an E-commerce platform to host your website means you are hitched two their technology for website building.

This technology that they offer is extremely simple to work with. You can create and build an amazing website in a couple of hours.

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BigCommerce – Runners up 

Key Specifications

  • They offer dedicated SSL and sitewide HTTPS for free 
  • Their websites are very responsive 
  • They are also connected to Amazon and eBay 
  • You will be offered staff accounts that aren’t limited 
  • You will receive unlimited bandwidth, storage and products 
Pros    Cons    
It is a very good alternative to Shopify The features they offer are not as rich in comparison to Shopify 
They offer uptimes of 99.99%  

On E-commerce platforms, one of the biggest competitors that Shopify has is BigCommerce. Personally, I prefer Shopify; however, there are a few people that prefer BigCommerce instead. I suggest you can always check out both the options and select the one that matches your requirements.

BigCommerce offers us an uptime guarantee of 99.9% at all times, and during the cyber week, they offer an uptime of 100%.

This is a huge guarantee that will offer you some peace of mind with regards to web hosting on this E-commerce platform.

Load times vary with BigCommerce, and it depends on the website and what is deployed on it; however, they offer an average time of 1332 Ms.

In terms of features, BigCommerce doesn’t have as many features as Shopify does, and their features are all a tad harder to utilize.

The thing that we like about BigCommerce is they allow you to design aesthetics that will help you to gear into that specific industry.

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Buying guide for E-commerce hosting 

In terms of web hosting an E-commerce platform, you must consider three broad and main categories. It can get complex for beginners; however, it is vital to understand the various web hosts that are available in the market before you dive in. There are multiple negatives and positives and various options in the categories. 

You will need to understand which category you fit into and then decide the host you would want to sign up with. 

1.   A comprehensive E-Commerce platform (The Best Choice) 

Most people will be successful by using this option. This platform provides everything that a beginner to E-Commerce would require.

If you had to rank all the three options on a scale of easy to difficult, then this category would find itself somewhere in the middle.

If you use this option, you would not have to stress about the loading speeds and uptimes as they provide amazing server protocols and setups.

They all offer SSL certificates and meet all the essential web hosting requirements. It is a good thing that they match all the requirements since the servers are available at a premium price.

This is a stress-free option as the platform is built to handle all the heavy lifting and manages E-Commerce stores.

You will experience a learning curve as in when you utilize the E-Commerce platform; however, the features and functionality options definitely make the curve easy.

2.   WordPress along with plugins 

This category has multiple options. You can buy your web hosting from web hosts like Kinsta and SiteGround. Now, if you had to rank this option on the scale of easy to difficult, this option is the most difficult of the three.

There are a few people that prefer this option. A person who has SEO high up on their list would want to use this option so that they could utilize WordPress.

So for users that have SEO rankings high on their list only prefer to use the WP platform because they offer more functionalities that ensures their web pages have a high ranking on Google.

Entrepreneurs who have experience in the field of web development are the second type of people that prefer to use this option.

This gives them complete control over their website. You can customize at the highest level with coding and a good theme on WP. 

If you are just starting and want to learn more about how to build your website that is customised to your needs, this can be a big learning experience, providing beneficial skills to equip you in the future.

And finally, the third type of user will be someone with a good amount of cash to pay up the website developer.

There is a high chance that the web developer you hire might want to utilize WordPress. So, you will be paying plenty of cash to a web developer to manage and build your website, and chances are you will not know what they are using.

If you choose this option, it may take plenty of your time in searching for a service that was before you in many E-commerce platforms; however, the control aspects and customizability will be amazing.

3.   Website Builders 

Website builders are generally good for beginners. They are an easy option in comparison to the above two.

The only place where you would face issues is when the site requires e-commerce features that are more advanced.

It is a good option for entrepreneurs that sell very few products and they do not have the requirement to scale their business and make it into a large operation.

A business that sells products that are digital or unique pieces of art may go in for this option. Creating and building a website with the help of website builders is very simple, and the entire process can be completed within a day.

However, there are a few that are a tad more difficult than the rest, but functionality and user-friendly features are the highlights of using this option.

With a few options, it is possible to get a fully functional online store within an hour.

Load Times and Uptimes 

This is when a web hosting provider offers 100% of the time, which means your website will be available all the time for your visitors. 

Suppose a host offers 90% uptime this only goes to say that in every 10 minutes, you would face one minute of downtime. This also means that their servers are not functioning properly.

You will see a big difference even in a slight variation of a microsecond, especially in terms of the website availability.

When a host offers uptimes of 98%, it is considered decent; however, uptimes that are closer to 100% is the best. We are still to find a company that offers perfect uptimes; therefore, according to the market standard, anything above 99% is acceptable.

There are times that they would be facing certain concerns; usually, the servers are not down, they might be facing a very small issue.

For those of you who are wondering how to measure load times, it is the measurement of the speed of the web host. The unit used for measurement is milliseconds; it illustrates the full request length and the web server response.

For a low time to be considered good, it has to be within 2000 milliseconds. This means it needs to be within two seconds.

When you have to wait for a page to load and display on your screen, 2 seconds seems like a very long time, especially in the current times.

The top-notch web hosts offer load times all under 500 milliseconds that is within half a second.

Well, the best web host will always offer a combination of good load speeds and uptimes. The web host we have shortlisted for our review today is good in both these areas; however, you must understand that there could be various variables that could impact the speed of your page on a day-to-day basis.

It is always a good idea to try and test the various options that are available, and as you do so, always have a watchful eye for their uptimes and load times. It is particularly important while selecting a cheap web hosting solution. 

Final Thoughts 

Hosting a website is always very overwhelming, and web hosting an online store on any formal platform can get a bit scary.

There are always these fears that lurk at the back of our minds, like what if my website crashes or becomes unavailable, while having 20 customers browsing through the various products on your site and contemplating a purchase.

Yes, indeed, this can be a very scary situation to be in as thus not only means loss of revenue but also damaging the reputation of your business.

That is why you always need to make sure that you have the right web host for your online store. This is the initial decision you will have to make with regards to your website and also it is a vital decision that could decide the future of your store. 

Overall, utilizing an E-commerce forcing solution may come with a few hesitations. These hesitations would mainly involve choosing the best web host, the features they offer, and if you would be able to create a store to match your preference.

If you look at various E-Commerce web hosts, all are alike – But the leader of the E-Commerce platform is Shopify.

Shopify does not take their title lightly, and at all times, they strive to do justice to it. They provide everything a new entrepreneur needs, often E-commerce stores would require good features and they also provide plenty of features that are beneficial to businesses that are at an enterprise level. This makes scaling of your business effortless and very easy.

Our main focus is to assist Australians with regards to web hosting and give them clarity on the various services available, encouraging them to begin their online ventures, fun sites and simple blogs.

All the information that is in this review is based on our extensive tests and research conducted by our team. You can also check our article on the Best Web Hosting for Small Business Australia.

We do hope you find the best web hosts you’re looking for and do share your experiences with us.