Best Cheap Web Hosting in Australia

Best Cheap Web Hosting Australia

Back in the days when we began, I specifically remember paying $40 to host our website on a shared hosting service. Since then, hosting solutions have changed drastically.

When we’re looking at hosting solutions, we need to look at data centres.

For our newcomers, if you are unaware of what data centres are or how they work, then picture a sci-fi movie that’s really loved, and visualise the multiple rows of computers. Isn’t it amazing!

Giants like Amazon have their own web services popularly known as AWS – Amazon Web Services, and they rule the cloud computing market. This has resulted in huge economies for multiple hosting firms, making it extremely convenient for them to police a server space at a very low price in comparison to the charges they would incur in the past.

Today a cheap web host offers multiple features with excellent performance and speed that used to cost quite a bit in the past. Talking about cheap web hosting, notice how when the server resources are more, the plans they offer are cheaper. So, if you want to save money, try looking forward to big hosting companies over your regular local guys as these companies tend to have multiple servers contributing to you plenty of resources at cheaper costs.

Tip: if with your current hosting, you’re paying anywhere between $20 to $50, then you’re definitely overpaying for it. If you look at the bigger hosting companies, you could receive a similar plan within a dollar.

For our review today, we have suggested 4 companies. The first company on our list is the cheapest, and they also offered great performance, uptimes and multiple features.

It was the second contender, it is a tad expensive, but it qualifies for the list of cheap hosting. The 3rd and the 4th posting on our list offer premium choice solutions; they are an amazing choice for those that need a bit of performance and flexibility.

If you were about, there are up times, and I must tell you we have personally tested them, and they have offered about average scores. Our team has tested it from various locations such as Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and multiple other regions too. 

Best Cheap Web Hosting in Australia



Star Rating

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  • 99.9% uptime

  • 487 ms speed

  • SSD storage

  • 99.99% uptime

  • 716 ms speed

  • Free SSL

  • 99% uptime

  • 570 ms speed

  • Great customer support

Hostinger – Economical and Quality Posting  


Key Specifications 

  • They offer the cheapest web hosting solutions 
  • They provide great speeds 
  • Their interface is extremely user friendly 
  • They offer a refund policy of 30 days 
  • Their customer support service is available 24/7 throughout the year 
Pros  Cons  
They offer quick load times At their beginner plans, they do not offer free SSL and domain
They have uptimes that are high  
The promotional contracts are available for a long term  

So, if you’re in search of the cheapest hosting solution, then your search ends here. If you are sceptical about their services and wondering if you would have to sacrifice on certain features or benefits that I must say you have nothing to worry about. Yes, just like some of you, we also used to be extremely sceptical of posts that offer their service within $2.

Initially, when we came across Hostinger, I must say we had reservations towards them. I remember at that time, their service was available at $0.80. We simply thought of them as a sub dollar host. And then we decided to test them and guess what, and they blew off every other host in terms of speeds. They also offered uptimes that were almost 100%. Let me share with you a few features that they offer.

Uptimes and Speed 

I can share a few metrics with you; 

Low times that are below 2000 Ms is good. Putting this into the application means; the web page will load in two seconds. 

Hostinger offered load times of 389 Ms, allowing the web page to load quickly. Compared to the others, Hostinger’s priority is the server speeds, and you can see it.

Hostinger offers ridiculously good uptimes. Uptimes that are above 98% are good. Hostinger offers 99.90% uptime and qualifies as one of the highest providers of uptimes.


The practice of offering cheap hosting services is honestly a concern today. They entice you with promotional offers that are available at super cheap prices. At first, it seems like a very good offer until you reach the end of this promotional deal. The renewal prices are three times more than their promotional offer. Now, this can come as a major shock, especially for businesses that are on a limited budget.

Hostinger follows this similar marketing strategy, but they allow you to seal this promotional rate for a term of four years. Yes, you read it right four years. Some people did not find it beneficial; however, to some, this is an excellent offer. Staying with a host that offers reliable and cheap hosting along with a cheap price plan for the long term is a good idea.

Their lowest tiers are not the best. They do not offer an SSL certificate or a domain for free. If you take the upgraded plan, it would be available for a monthly cost of $3.95, and it seems to be a good plan and not very expensive. With this plan, you are also offered an SSL domain as well as daily backups for free.

A word of caution, post promotional offers, their plans are expensive in comparison to other hosting services. So if you get a monthly plan for $1.45, then post promotional term, the renewal rate will be available at a monthly charge of $7.99.

The monthly plan of $2.95 will then increase to a monthly charge of $11.95, and the monthly plan of $3.95 will increase to $15.95. you can see the leap it takes post promotional period.

Many other hosts in the market also follow a similar strategy; they offer you a very low beginner plan and later hike up the prices. The promotional contracts that they offer are very long so in this way you can take advantage of their packages.

Website Builder – Zyro 

Hostinger has launched its own website builder labelled Zyro. Many users are in love with this website builder. They offer plenty of the latest features and are at par with some of the best builders in the market.

Zyro Is available with a user-friendly UI and plenty of features that include SSL certificates for free. An SSL authenticates the domain. Along with that, you also receive unlimited bandwidth and unlimited SSD.

They also offer a library with plenty of images that can be used to design the website according to your business preference. This feature we find extremely useful, especially for the newcomers.

If your logo needs to be improvised, all you need to do is create a new one; you can do it with much ease. Zyro offers you a logo maker. The logo maker will help your brand to be accessible to your visitors. You can now design and create a logo for your business within minutes, and that too you can do it all by yourself without seeking help from professionals.

A major bonus for the logo maker and the website builder is they are extremely straightforward, and the user does not require any coding or designing experience.


Everyone loves guarantees, and Hostinger has confidence in the services they offer. The user has a 30 day refund policy along with an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. If the uptime dips below the specified percentage, then you would be compensated for the same.


A few of their downsides I have already specified in the pricing segment; however, I must say the lack of a free SSL is very sad. But you can figure a way around it. Utilising MSN for free is very easy, especially on the big inner plan.

  • Let’s encrypt – This is available with all cPanels. For any site, the SSL certificate is free.
  • Simple SSL – This plugin is amazing as it allows your website to have an SSL. It is also available with plenty of customisable features.

Lack of phone support is a major drawback; however, there are a couple of hosts that don’t provide any form of support. Hostinger has its own panel, so if you are used to using the cPanel, you might be a tad disappointed. It is very intuitive; however, pros that are used to working with cPanel might miss a few things.

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SiteGround – Overall a good cheap Host 


Key Specifications 

  • They also offer lightning-fast speeds
  • Plenty of upgrades for free 
  • Multiple sites can be hosted 
  • They offer SSL certificate for free
  • Customer support is available 24/7, throughout the year
Pros  Cons  
Their customer support is top-notchExcept for the basic plan, the other plans are a bit expensive
They offer excellent uptimes 
You will also receive a free CDN 

With regards to hosting, we haven’t seen another site that could beat SiteGround in this category unless you’re ready to pay premium prices. 

Plenty of clients run their sites on the servers of SiteGround, and we have seen them grow. SiteGround is known for their exceptional customer support service, good loading speeds, great uptimes and additional features.

SSL Certificate 

SiteGround offers an SSL certificate for free. Websites that sell physical products and all digital products online require an SSL certificate. Any website that is SEO centric also requires an SSL, especially if they want their websites to come up in the Google searches. When a host does not provide a free SSL, then we suggest you move on to the next host.

Excellent Customer Support 

HostGator and Hostinger have excellent customer support, and if you look around in the market, many hosting services offer horrible customer support. So far, SiteGround is at the top of the list in terms of customer support. They are quick responses; to messages feels so unreal.

Their customer support executives are extremely knowledgeable and always ready to assist you with any and all concerns. This also includes general troubleshooting and technical issues. As I mentioned earlier, SiteGround has exceptional customer support compared to the rest on our list. They go on and beyond to help you with your issues, and at one point, it begins to feel like you have an employee working on your payrolls to help you with any and all concerns.

The only drawback that I find is their customer support is available only through chat. They lack phone support; however, their live chat is made available 24/7 all through the year. They also have a ticketing system, and you can expect a response for a ticket to come in under 24 hours.

Solid Uptime 

Just imagine all prospective customers visiting your website only to find out that your site does not load and takes a very long time to do so. It is very rare to find a site down on SiteGround servers. They offer 99.9% uptime that leaves you with minimum and, most of the time, no downtime. As I mentioned earlier, uptimes that are about 98% are acceptable. Clearly, 100% uptime would only mean that you are receiving up times of the upper echelon.

Free CDN 

The most popular feature that SiteGround offers is free CDN. The full form of CDN is Cloud Distribution Networks; this takes all your website files and spreads them over multiple global locations. Therefore your visitors will never face the concern of being away from a server.

So at SiteGround your users can access content from any part of the globe, and they would receive exceptionally good speeds, yes even in Australia.

Website Transfers 

If you currently have a site and you want to transfer it to some other hosting service for multiple reasons, then manually transferring your site is a tedious task. SiteGround understands this, and they transfer their customer’s websites for free. They have an efficient team to get this done for you in two days. This exceptional service sets the tone of the relationship with the customer and SiteGround from the very beginning.


Every product has its pros and cons and with SiteGround we have noticed a downside with their plans apart from the basic one.

Beginner plan is available at a monthly charge of $5.99; however, if you look at the packages at the higher tiers, you will notice that they are expensive. So getting a plan for a longer-term, that is there are three of the plans, could prove to be a good deal as you can benefit from all their services for a longer time and add a host that is minimal.

Check Plans on the Website

HostPapa – Hosting service that is premium 


Key Specifications 

  • They offer Cloudflare CDN for free 
  • They offer an initial two-page site creator 
  • You will receive cloud Linux servers 
  • They provide a warranty of 30 days 
  • They also offer website transfers for free 
Pros  Cons  
You will receive let’s encrypt SSL for free The startup plans do not offer free SSL certificate and domain 
They offer server times that are very high  
Their customer support is available 24/7 throughout the year 

While HostPapa is not the best in terms of cheap hosting in Australia, they are definitely an affordable and economical option available in the industry.

Just like we were sceptical about Hostinger in the beginning, it was the same case with HostPapa, a due account of their affordable and economical plans. However, we tested their services, and we were simply blown away at their exceptional performance.

Uptimes and Speeds 

They offer uptimes of 99.97% and quick load speeds, making HostPapa a fantastic option for those that are in search of an affordable web host that they can count on. Yes, they do not guarantee uptimes of 99.9% with all their plans, it is definitely unacceptable given the price.

In terms of load time, they offer an average of approximately 450 Ms; this means that you will not have sluggish and slow web pages.


HostPapa provides their customers with multiple pricing plans; to be specific, they offer the basic Level 3 plans in the monthly price range of $7.99 to a more economical option of $12.95. Their most basic plan will allow you to host 2 sites, and they offer you domain registration for free, bandwidth is unmetered and SSD storage of 100 GB.

You will also receive “Essential Features”  that include free site transfer, 24 hours customer support, and cPanel. Take a look at the plans that they offer;

  • Starter – This plan is available at a monthly price of $2.95. As I write it is available at a 67% discount, especially for our Australian readers.
  • Business (most demanded) – This plan is available at a monthly cost of $2.95. This price is after a 79% discount, with Australian hosting. The original cost of the package is $12.99 per month.
  • Business Pro – This plan is available at a monthly charge of $9.95 (promotional offer). The original cost of this plan is $19.99.


HostPapa claims to offer everything you require to run your website successfully, and they are not lying. Along with their exceptional performance and low prices, their packages come with essential features that you will see from other hosting services at higher prices.

These essential features include 24/7 customer service that is available all through the year. You will also receive individual training at no extra cost along with Softaculous, but it offers more than 400 acts of three. I’m not forgetting the let’s encrypt SSL that they throw in for free as well. So now they offer you everything that you need to begin your website, and you don’t need to be concerned about paying for these features.


The major drawback that we find with using their services is they are not apt for businesses that are large and who receive very high traffic. This is because when you host your website with them, you will be sharing your server resources with multiple businesses too.

HostPapa is an amazing option for businesses that receive low or medium traffic on their website. They are good for businesses that are in search of affordable and economical hosting plans that offer great speeds and uptimes.

Check Plans on the Website

HostGator – Great up time and high speeds 


Key Specifications 

  • You receive a website builder 
  • They offer great performance 
  • They offer an uptime of 99.9% 
  • Their customer support team is available 24/7 throughout the year
  • They guarantee a money-back in 45 days
Pros  Cons  
They offer consistent uptimes They are a bit more expensive in comparison to Hostinger 
Customer support available 24/7  
The pricing is extremely straightforward  

HostGator has their advertisements on Instagram, and this is something we really like about them. We are not particularly fond of a close-up picture of the mascot. Feels like that picture says, “I’m always watching you”. But again this is just my opinion, and maybe you would love the picture, what do I know!

So, besides their ads being two up and close, HostGator is an excellent host with excellent services. Their reputation precedes them, and their shared hosting is excellent as a cheap option.

Uptimes and Speed 

What we love about HostGator is their uptimes and speed; it is always consistent. I agree they are not the fastest and don’t offer the best uptimes in this category, they are consistently at the top level.

As I mentioned earlier, uptimes of 98% and about are sensible to be good, and HostGator is well above that mark.

Their loading speed is under 2000 ms, but we have noticed that this speed remains consistent as we tested it from multiple locations in the world. This only goes to show that their commitment and servers are consistent.


HostGator pricing layout is very straightforward. Their promotional pricing begins at a monthly charge of $2.75, $2.95 and $5.95. These promotional prices can be enjoyed for as long as you are in the promotional. However, after the promotional term is over, the prices will go back to their original cost. You can lock the plans for 36 months and enjoy the low promotional offers for that term.

Upgrades will offer you more domains and also unlock a couple of additional tools. The best thing about it is that they allow you access to the basics with the hatchling plan.


With HostGator, you will have access to their phone support, and they also offer you general customer support that is available 24/7 throughout the year.

Their features stand out with the unmetered bandwidth, disk space and free SSL certificate. I think in the near future, these features will be standard features and offered by all hosting services. Until then, HostGator has set a very good impression by offering these features.

Another amazing feature that they offer is the Google AdWords credit of $100. With the hosting plan, if you decide to sell anything or you want an increase in traffic redirected to the blog, then in this way, without any additional charges, you can get started.


The only drawback that we have noticed with HostGator is; they are not as cheap as the previous host (Hostinger). They do not provide the benefits like SiteGround does. So I can see they are somewhere on the middle grounds.

Why are we not fond of free hosts 

Let me tell you most of the hosting solutions that are available for under a dollar sucks for multiple reasons that include;

  • These sites can be easily hacked 
  • They are extremely unsafe 
  • Your neighbourhood would involve bad IP
  • Google will not be fond of you 
  • You will experience terrible downtime 
  • You will also receive bad customer support 

There are multiple reasons why one should avoid cheap hosting services that are less than a dollar: 

  • These hosts utilise shared IPS that are easily hackable and have high chances of being compromised.
  • Your site is hosted on a similar server that is being used by multiple spam blogs. These blogs are not preferred by Google, and Google will begin to look at you as one of them.
  • These hosting solutions are very cheap, but they will also have slow speeds with plenty of downtimes and very poor customer service.

Plenty of cheap hosts have atrocious downtimes and horrible uptimes. Many times they are down for not just a few minutes but also several hours.

For your business, if uptime, quality and ability are vital, then I would like to urge you to keep away from all sorts of super cheap web hosting services.

Let’s look into the various kinds of web hosting and what they offer.

Various Value Hosting 

There’s no such thing as one host that fits all business requirements. If you are in search of a cheap hosting solution for your project or a personal blog, then you will be in search of a different criteria while hosting your business.

Shared Hosting 

When we talk about shared hosting, imagine it to be like an apartment that has various people living in it. In this case, an apartment is your IP – Internet Protocol.

Shared hosting utilises shared IP addresses. So multiple websites are hosted on a similar IP.

The reason why they do so is if your business is small, it wouldn’t require the resources of an individual server, especially if their CMS is undemanding like WP websites.

When you utilise resources of a communal group, various businesses share a server, or a single dedicated IP meets the traffic needs. But this sort of solution also presents a significant issue.

Access to other sites that are hosted on a specific IP is restricted. Shared hosting, by all means, is the cheapest hosting and multiple online businesses prefer to use shared hosting.

Shared hosting is different in terms of quality in service and mostly in the prices. It is easy to find very cheap shared hosting that is less than a dollar, and it is referred as SEO hosting.

The best hosting solution is built to maintain and house various spam sites for the link or SEO hosting. These services operate on a principle of tone and bone that allows all these hosts to make their revenue and abandon their clients.


This hosting is opposite to shared hosting. Your website help will be assigned a single IP address when you use a dedicated host.

Dedicated hosting is just like leasing a physical area on a specific server. Dedicated hosting is very expensive and definitely not an economical choice for many sites. We suggest dedicated hosting for businesses that are small in size or someone who is looking for an extremely reliable host all the time.

VPS Hosting 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Better VPS utilises a portion of the IP or server, allowing you to function on the cloud as a dedicated server.

This offers you plenty of bandwidth and robust features. VPS servers utilise droplets in order to create a single IP on the cloud computing.

VPS servers are an amazing option to people who are in search of a host of web tools and various other programs that are JavaScript based on the website. A CDN (Content Distribution Network) operates by forwarding the site IP to their individual unique IP that is utilised by thousands of websites.

As multiple sites are using this IP, Google trusts it. 

You can now distribute the content over the Internet as CDN allows you to do so, avoiding making various requests to the server for data. CDN’s are simple to install and free. 

If you want to utilise a CDN, we recommend you get a shared hosting package and add cloud flare to it. This will increase the security speed and anonymity.

Who can use VPS? 

VPS servers are an amazing option for people who are in search of hosting programs that are JavaScript based and web tools onto their website or CDN works by forwarding the IP of the sites to their individual unique IP that, in turn, is utilised by thousands of websites. Since multiple sites use this IP, Google trusts it.

You can now distribute the content over the Internet as CDN allows you to do so, avoiding making various requests to the server for data. CDN’s are simple to install and free. 

If you want to utilise a CDN, we recommend you get a shed hosting package and add cloud flare to it. This will increase the security speed and anonymity.

Buying guide for cheap hosting 

Suppose you are a Blogger in search of building your individual simple website; I would recommend shared hosting. This hosting will allow you to save up on money, and your blog will also be scalable with an increase in sales and traffic.

You don’t have to commit to an expensive dedicated solution as the resources on the shared host will suffice. 

Many small-sized businesses have a similar requirement to that of bloggers. In fact, the majority of these businesses don’t get high amounts of visitors.

This site is created for; their specific users and their references. Hence, shared packages are enough for small businesses. 

If your website receives less than 4000 visitors in a month, then we suggest any high quality shared posting package that matches your requirements. As and when your site begins to scale in terms of sales and traffic, you can always switch to a dedicated solution.

Please note that some hosts charge to migrate the site or, will offer certain features like bathtubs and SSL at very high prices. Selecting the correct host will save you plenty of cash in the near future. A very common mistake that most people make is selecting the cheapest host in the market.

In this way, they save a lot of cash initially; however, in the near future, when they want to add various features to their sites or move to another hosting service, they are charged a bomb. They end up paying high charges on additional paid features and even on various service fees.

By the end of it, you will realise you have spent four times more than the original cost. Therefore, to sum it up, avoid cheap hosting solutions and try to get economically priced plans. If you invest a few dollars every month, you can rest assured that you are receiving good quality service.

Cheap hosting recommended for E-commerce 

If you own an e-commerce website and you are in search of a new site, then we suggest that you completely avoid shared hosting solutions and instead go for a dedicated plan. E-commerce sites tend to have heavy graphics, various interactive features, videos and media.

Therefore they need plenty of uptime and resources that they wouldn’t find with shared plans. I agree you will save a couple of extra bucks every month, but you will definitely lose out on potential revenue and sales. 

If you look around, people are totally spoiled. If a page takes more than 12 seconds to load, be sure that people are exiting your website immediately.

SSL Certificate 

Another vital feature that you must consider for your E-commerce site is SSL protection. SSL creates an encryption from the web servers to the user’s computer. This protects all the information and keeps it away from hackers and various malicious forces.

Today it is a requirement for financial transactions that are done online and as well as for many payment processors. These processors will reject any site that doesn’t have an SSL. The issue with cheap hosting is they charge anything above $60 for the annual installation of an SSL.

So, why would you get a base plan for a dollar or two, you will end up spending between $50 to $60 for an SSL.

So by now, things are pretty clear, don’t go in for a cheap web host. But if you still try and get the cheapest hosting solution, remember you are simply saving money temporarily in the long run; you will be paying five times more than it’s worth. It always gets tricky when you’re beginning a new website as you can never be sure as to where will it go and how will it grow. 

Hosting a website for free 

I personally feel it is not worth using a 100% free hosting service. If you look at it, you can post your site for free on Weebly, WordPress and Wix. But you are not able to utilise a domain name.

When you host your website for free, be sure to receive horrible service. Instead, you can invest a couple of dollars every month and host your website with all reputable, reliable and affordable hosts.

Final thoughts 

All said and done, and you can never go wrong with the options that are on our list. Hostinger offers an amazing value add, just $0.80 every month. They are an amazing option, especially if you’re trying to cut corners.

SiteGround and HostGator also offer amazing value; however, you may find yourself incurring extra charges.

Our primary goal is to assist our Australian readers in understanding what web hosting is all about and to encourage each one of you to begin an outline business of your own or maybe a fun site and blog. You can also check our article on the Best Free Web Hosting Australia.

All the information that is provided in our review is solely based on our research and multiple tests that we have conducted over several months. Feel free to share your comments or even ask questions. That’s all for now, see you guys soon!