5 Reasons to Use Cloudflare

5 Reasons to Use CloudFlare 1

Hi guys, and welcome to our article today, where we will be discussing why you should consider utilizing Cloudflare. Quick web hosting is something that every web owner wants for their website or, must I say, need for their website.

If you look around in the market, you will find many web hosts that do offer the service because they want their clients to enjoy a supreme level of site performance and security services every single day.

Having said that, if this is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place because we will speak more about Cloudflare, and by the end of this article, you would realize why you need to get this service.

The world of web hosting is taken by storm, all thanks to Cloudflare. Over thousands of users have activated their service and definitely reaped its advantages.

Cloudflare claims to offer their customers a supercharge to their websites and that too at no additional costs. Well, this sounds too good to be true; however, what does this mean?

Making your Website Operate Reliably and Quickly 

Yes, this is what Cloudflare does precisely. Suppose your site is the core of the business, then you definitely need your website to be fast as possible, secure and reliable too.

It is so important because at the end of the day, if your website is down, it will definitely have an impact on your business, putting the business through some significant losses.

If your site is extremely slow in loading, you can be assured that your visitors will be frustrated soon and move on from your website to your competitors.

How to make sure that your website is loading fast and operating smoothly? We suggest that you consider solutions like Cloudflare.

What Exactly is Cloudflare? 

It is a CMS that bridges the communication between the client and the server. Does it sound too complex? If not, then good for you; however, for the benefit of our novice readers, I’d like to explain a little more.

The server is a program or a device that manages and saves all the information. Now with regard to a site, a server has every data about your site that includes JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

It also has all the data of your visitors, the information that they have typed into the website, all the videos, images and numerous media on the website. In short, everything that contributes to the function of your website.

Meanwhile, a client is a device that accesses information. So, with regard to your website, it will be every browser and device that accesses your website.

Content Delivery Network or CDN is an array of servers that load all the data that is based on the client’s location. 

Every user at any geographic location around the globe will have access to their server that this arrangement can create and is built for the user that is away from the primary server. Yes, the best Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes in very handy, solving the problem by simply setting up numerous servers and distributing information across the globe.

In this way, it is of great help for users to have access to the website quickly, even if they are based far away from the websites primary hosting server.

Let’s take a look at this instance for a better understanding. Suppose you are working from an office in Australia and you require to access a website that is in America. With the help of a CDN, the browser that you’re using will be able to access the CDN server, which is located in Australia, rather than requesting a server in America.

Why Must you Utilize Cloudflare? 

We will understand whether you require Cloudflare with one more example. You are in requirement of a Wi-Fi router, and you decide to purchase it from Amazon.

Now I know this joke never gets old, but it’s a fact that Amazon has numerous warehouses that are based across the globe, and just for this example, let’s presume that all these warehouses have a similar router in stock. So what would you prefer? Would you prefer it to be shipped from a warehouse in Perth or a warehouse in America?

So, in the same way, if you need your website to load swiftly, a CDN will assist you by delivering your site content to your visitors from a server that is nearest to their location. So, their Wi-Fi router will reach them with lightning-fast speeds.

Cloudflare is the finest CDN available in the market. What’s the best part about it is that they have an amazing server arrangement in the market. It really doesn’t matter where your website visitor is; with Cloudflare, your content will be delivered to your visitor at lightning-fast speeds. It is a significant advantage for the SEO ranking, especially for the fact that website speed is a high-ranking signal.

Are they Safe? 

I understand why would you have such a question especially given the fact that they will be distributing your website information all over the globe, so are they safe? 

Yes, 100% Cloudflare is definitely secure because they simply copy caches of the site onto their server in order to distribute them across the globe. In addition, they also provide an option where the user can choose to hide their original IP, so if you plan to go for it, you would require to get in touch with your host.

Five Reasons for Popularity of Cloudflare 

Increases the Speed of Websites 

They save and store all your sites’ static content on their data centres. These data centres are strategically located across multiple locations in the world, and the physical location of your server does not matter.

Your target audience will be redirected to a data centre that is nearest to them. This ensures quick service. The web pages, on average, load extremely fast. In addition, it’s a bonus that multiple search engines are particularly fond of quick web hosting.

Website Performance is Optimized 

Cloudflare offers numerous tools that help with optimizing websites. These tools help website owners to load quickly and look amazing on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Many users have also said that third party software and web pages that have widgets have also shown a significant improvement in the web performance of the site.

Uptime is Maximized 

Next-Gen CDN from Cloudflare is designed and created to enhance efficiency as it also has inbuilt redundancy. If ever you happen to face any problem with any of their 32 data centres that are based globally, your site visitor will be directed to a server that is available immediately and automatically.

Enhanced Protection and Security Services

When you enable Cloudflare on your hosting account, you will enhance the site hosting experience; however, you also become a part of Cloudflare’s network and a globally growing community of numerous users.

If there is an attack on a user, it is swiftly identified and immediately blocked not just for a single user but the whole community. Cloudflare offers protection from cross-site scripting, bot crawlers, comment spam, SQL injections and more.

Easy Activation 

The entire process is extremely simple, with no software or hardware to be installed or codes to be changed. All you need to do is set an account and select the domain that you prefer to protect. If your host offers an icon in the panel, then all you need to do is select it, and in under 5 minutes, you would be enjoying amazing web performance.

Key Features 

We have come up with a few terminologies and critical features that will assist you in making the best of cloud flare.

These features can be accessed by using the website tab that you would find on Cloudflare’s dashboard’s top panel.


Cloudflare offers an array of premium and free apps which will enrich the experience of the user. Here are some of the apps that rank at the top of the list; 

  • SmartErrors – This app is excellent if you plan to replace the boring 404 pages as they have a couple of suggested pages, this will reduce the website’s bounce rate. 
  • UserVoice – This app is amazing as it enables the user to get suggestions and feedback from the site visitor. 
  • PunchTab – You can also provide rewards to visitors that include free coupons, especially for your visitors that are loyal.

Note that many of these applications are easily install by toggling the off/on the icon.

Threat Control 

This feature allows the user to blacklist and whitelist IPs, IP range and, if need be, a whole country in order to avoid attacks on the website. It also reflects a record of IPs that were challenged and failed. Then it’s up to you if you wish to block these IPs.

Development Mode 

It is a feature that comes in handy, especially when you are trying to make changes often to the website and are required to shut off Cloudflare’s caching temporarily.

This is done primarily when the user is trying to implement certain changes to JavaScript, images and various other content which is cacheable. This development mode will last you three hours; however, you could choose to shut it off earlier as per your preference.

Rocket Loader 

It is a feature that is specially designed to keep the advanced user in mind. It focuses on reducing the load time of a page drastically. This is done by simply loading asynchronously every JavaScript code. So, many also believe that rocket loader interferes with AdSense. Hence, we always keep the feature, Rocket Loader, at all times switched off. We also strongly recommend readers in doing the same.

Final Thoughts 

There are certain things that are essential for you to know; they are; whenever you are planning on making certain changes to your theme that’s on the website, especially with Cloudflare enabled, Cloudflare cache should be purged below the settings and also you must activate Development mode. You can also check our article on CDNs Compared: Cloudflare vs. MaxCDN.

Now WP users can utilize the Cloudflare plugin for free. By utilizing it, the user can manually purge the cache. If the user publishes the latest blog post, then it will automatically purge the cache.

We have utilized Cloudflare for over 4 years now, and we highly suggest all our readers to utilize it. Trying to set up Cloudflare may initially sound a tad technical; however, let me reassure you that it is exceptionally straightforward and simple. There are videos that you would find to help you with the entire process.

Furthermore, Cloudflare operates flawlessly with all cache plugins that you may have enabled on the blog. Let me tell you we have never had any problems with regard to this. Always ensure to check the websites load time before you can set up Cloudflare. Now once you are done with setting up Cloudflare, make sure to check the loading time, this will give you clarity, and you would see the difference in your website’s performance.

I am confident that by using Cloudflare, you would see a drastic boost in the performance of your website. If you are already utilizing Cloudflare and you have experienced certain significant benefits, then do share that with us; we would love to learn more.

If you’re still hesitant and contemplating whether you need to go for Cloudflare, then let me tell you that many researchers have proven that Cloudflare has become extremely popular with many hosting companies. And many WordPress sites are utilizing their services.

So, think normal, and be rest assured that utilizing Cloudflare is definitely a step in the right direction. That’s all for this article, folks! Do share your experiences with us as and when you utilize Cloudflare.

We look forward to hearing from you. We’ll see you soon with our next article, so until then, take care and stay safe.

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