5 Must-have WordPress Plugins for an Ecommerce Site

5 must-have WordPress plugins for an ecommerce site 1

Hey guys, and welcome to our article today; we will discuss some of the best WordPress plugins suitable for E-Commerce.

Today many business owners have been taking their business online, and with that, you will find a lot of solutions that would assist you in creating your E-Commerce website.

Right from self-hosted solutions to post IT services and even WP builders are easily available that help you create your website without even having knowledge of coding.

These plugins have innovative functionalities allowing them to grow rapidly, and today, we find thousands of E-Commerce stores across the globe.

But with the increasing number of E-Commerce site builders every year, business owners find it extremely difficult to select the best service to help them with their E-Commerce store.

I’m sure all of you are well aware that WP is an extremely powerful CMS that operates as a site-building platform.

There are multiple reports that have proven their extraordinary popularity; WordPress powers for almost 1/3 of the websites that we find across the globe.

This website builder offers plenty of plugins suitable for E-Commerce that integrate with the current WordPress website.

Luckily for us, WP E-Commerce plugins offer almost everything that website owners require that include exceptional features along with community support.

Hence, plenty of owners have migrated their sites from Shopify and Magento to WooCommerce in order to use the variety of plugins that they offer.

If you are currently working with WP or maybe planning to in the future, you will definitely come across plenty of plugins that offer solutions to various requirements.

This diversity of WP E-Commerce plugins at times confuses the users, as they are unable to plug in and make a final decision.

Hence, in this article, our focus is to help you decide which plugin is best for your requirements and point out its unique features. Take a look at the following highlights;

  • The best WP E-Commerce plugin 
  • Which plugin will match your requirement? 

The Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins 

We have invested a lot of our efforts in researching various E-Commerce plugins and selecting the best ones for you. For our research, we had a specific criterion that includes features, community rating, active websites, tendencies and more.

These are criteria’s that users usually look at in order to pick out the best WP E-Commerce plugin for their site.

For instance, suppose you are looking out for a plugin that has been installed a maximum number of times from wordpress.org, you would see that WooCommerce has the maximum number of installs in comparison to any other plugin.

The primary reason behind this is, they were launched in various years. The other plugins are also not as popular because they were designed and created for a different purpose.

As of today, WooCommerce is one of the highest-rated WP plugins in the market. The statistics show that as of 2020, there were over 3 million websites that WooCommerce powered.

This results in almost 7% of the 1 million top E-Commerce sites. You can also take a look at Google trends statistics; it shows similar results, so WooCommerce is actually very popular!

WooCommerce has been ranked 4.6/ 5 from over 3500 reviewers. There were other plugins also rated with a good rating, and so after considering the highest rating plugin, we have made our list of contenders that you may want to consider; 

  1. WP WooCommerce 
  2. EDD – Easy Digital Downloads 
  3. WP Shopify 
  4. WP eCommerce 
  5. WP Ecwid 

Now that we have a list in place, let’s move on and learn more about these plugins.

1. WP WooCommerce 

As we discussed a bit about this earlier, it is a plugin that is recognised worldwide, gaining a lot of popularity among various margins.

It receives a high ranking every year, and why so? The only reason that they are highly ranked is that they are completely capable of offering the best functionalities, and they are also extremely flexible; this is only because of the open-source nature.

Apart from this, WooCommerce has an ecosystem of diversified plugins to enhance the overall performance of an E-Commerce store.

If you’re currently on another platform and looking at switching to WooCommerce, then I see it is an extremely wise decision. Let’s take a look at the following;

Key Features 

Unlimited Customisation 

WooCommerce users have access to the source code, allowing them to create and build unique and personalised websites. The users have top-level permissions in order to manage their data and content.

WooCommerce Shortcodes

Users can now add multiple functionalities within a widget, sidebar, page, post etc. 

Payment Gateways 

This WordPress plugin is integrated along with PayPal by default. It also has a WooCommerce Payment feature as a unique payment method.

Along with the built-in solution, it also allows its users to select from over 100 payment gateways. This is available in order to match the user’s particular transaction security requirements.

Support Selling Various Types of Products 

It is an E-Commerce platform that will allow the user to sell whatever they would like to including, subscriptions, digital products and physical products.

But the user will also need to have a single commercial extension in order to get a membership site. 

Total Inventory Management 

It has functionalities that makes it extremely easy to manage the inventory. With the latest active panel in the 4.0 version, it is now able to assist the user in accessing all management tools swiftly, and these tools are tools that are utilised frequently.

Which plugin will match your requirement? 

WooCommerce is a platform that is highly customisable and is ideal for those who are looking at having complete ownership of the data and content.

But as we are aware that it is a plugin that has an open source, so you might come across certain tasks that require you to have coding skills.

Therefore, it is an added benefit for users who are technically competent as they could use it more efficiently.

Suppose you are looking at building a store that has tools of advanced management, then WooCommerce will be an ideal solution to meet your requirements to a full extent.

2. EDD – Easy Digital Downloads 

This WordPressplugin is prominent, just like the name it has. This plugin is considered to be exceptional for managing and selling all digital products.

It is also extremely user friendly, and you will be able to begin creating a fully functional and amazing digital product shop with EDD.

Key Features 

Selling Digital Products 

This plugin is specifically created, but the focus is to sell all digital items. For instance, the moment a customer buys a commodity from the website, the system, by default, will send out an email to your customer along with a download link.

Now you can choose to add addons- key licensing in order to purchase a license key for the digital products and software.

Product Files Protection 

Every product file on the EDD shop is restricted to only authorised customers without configuration requirements. Users can also set the expiration for the download link and the limit for file download.

Customer Management 

It reflects every detail of your customers within the WordPress dashboard, and it also maintains a different record for every customer.

These records include information like recent purchases, email addresses and customer names. This plugin also offers an area that displays the client’s lifetime value. This is done for each and every buyer. The interface is as follows:

  • Discount Codes: The plugin has a functionality that is built-in functionality to assists with discount codes; this feature attracts plenty of customers, encouraging them to purchase more. Users can provide discounts at the percentage of flat rates. These would have a certain setting for maximum uses, expiration etc. It also has additional settings like to set a limit on usage of discounts by user or count, setting auto discount expiry, etc.
  • Digital Business Addons: If you go to Extension Library, you will come across plenty of extensions. Some of these allow the users to request software licensing, and this is exceptionally innovative for digital businesses.

Who can use this plugin? 

Suppose you are contemplating to begin business focusing on only digital products, so we suggest that EDD is an ideal option.

It is a great plugin, to begin with, the selling of digital products like graphic designs, music, Ebooks etc. You can increase the power of this plugin by simply adding premium and free extensions. These extensions are known to empower digital businesses.

3. WP Shopify 

This is a plugin that is a result of efforts made for the integration of Shopify into WP. We are glad to let you know that if you decide to begin with Shopify, you will find it much easier to utilise in comparison to working with the native WP E-Commerce plugins.

It is as if Shopify is the back end and WP is the front end. You can now benefit a lot from the interface that Shopify has as it is extremely user friendly and allows you to manage the store like process orders, adding products and more with much efficiency.

These changes can also be synced automatically into WP. Shopify permits the user to create their online business along with the COD experience by utilising Shopify’s Buy Button. 

Key Features 

Customising Products 

The best plugin offers multiple shortcodes that permit the user to have complete control over their products, like the information of these products and the way they look.

With this, the user also gets a lot of flexibility, allowing them to customise their products that many plugin pages do not permit.

Automatic Syncing 

This plugin also provides syncing of collections and products from the Shopify shop, just like native WordPress site posts.

Hence if you decide to make changes to the title and the price of a particular product that is on Shopify, the changes that you make will reflect automatically on WordPress.

Direct Checkout 

Direct checkout is an amazing feature that allows the user to substitute “add to cart” icon with the link that will take the customer straight to a checkout page.

This is amazing, especially if you do not require the card experience and simply wish to send your users to make their payments immediately.

Who can use this plugin? 

WP Shopify plugin is an excellent choice for website owners that are looking at taking advantage of WordPress as well as Shopify in order to sell their products.

If you fall in this category, then all you require to do is select a good plan for the Shopify store and create a WordPress site. Once you’ve done this, all you need to do is, add the Shopify plugin. 

At the front end, this plugin is extremely flexible, so you can take advantage of it. In addition, you can also take advantage of their simplicity and security that powers the store’s checkout process and back end.

Suppose you are currently operating the Shopify store, then you must consider integrating it with WP Shopify as it is an ideal way for business promotion.

4. WP eCommerce 

Now you can sell anything and that to anywhere by utilising WP eCommerce plugin. It is a plugin that keeps things simple with regard to the setup of a store. But it also has good features and hence has made it to our list of best WP plugins for E-Commerce.

I would also like to point out that this plugin, at times, is regarded as an alternative to none other than WooCommerce. This plugin is also known for being economical, especially during the setup of an online store.

Key Features 

Brilliant Reporting 

This plugin has brilliant reporting capabilities and ranks second in this category. It also offers extensible API orders, a view of top-level sales on the dashboard. This plugin also provides extensive exporting CSV capabilities.


  • HTML customisation that is advanced

Customers have access and can also make changes in the code (raw) of their online store in order to build a unique interface for an enhanced user experience.

  • Automated marketing 

With WP eCommerce plugin, it is extremely easy to integrate the marketing campaigns automatically with Google base, Google Analytics and many more through add-ons.

Who can use this plugin? 

WP eCommerce plugin offers their clients expert advice; therefore, as a customer, you would never find yourself in a situation where you do not know to set up the E-Commerce site.

This plugin is extremely simple to utilise as they offer plenty of inventory with supporting articles. Hence they are a good solution for merchants who are planning to sell online.

It is also extremely suitable for merchants whose top priority is to build a store that has top-level customisation.

5. WP Ecwid 

You can now sell on the WordPress website with Ecwid. It is a plugin that was launched in 2009, and ever since then, it has been growing rapidly. Today it is well known in the market and is an extremely successful plugin.

Ecwid allows its users to inexpensively and swiftly create and build an online shopping system on their current website.

In addition, it also is extremely capable of offering good features that would help you to grow the business along with an E-Commerce platform.

Key Features 

SEO Tools 

This plugin is extremely good as it can generate sitemaps automatically. Apart from this, it is also capable of offering customisable microdata, clean URLs and auto alt tags.

Who can use this plugin? 

This plugin is extremely simple, making it ideal for businesses of small size and even for users who currently have websites and are looking at adding an E-Commerce flair to these sites.

Suppose the websites you have are custom-tailored and they won’t depend on any platform, then this plugin is ideal for assisting you with integration and efficient promotion of the products on WP.

WP Ecwid offers a free package system that you can utilise to easily and quickly launch the online store. 

These are our top five plugins; however, we also have an honourable mention that is also an amazing alternative;

6. WP BigCommerce

It is a plugin thatBigCommerce has attempted to make in order to operate with WordPress. Their main focus was to draw the attention of various companies that have currently created their sites on WP.

There have been several users, and they have reviewed this plugin by mentioning how greatly they have benefited from WP in order to manage data as well as BigCommerce for E-Commerce.

The way they work is very similar to that of Ecwid. Users can now integrate with the BigCommerce WordPress plugin with sites that aren’t built on a platform.

Key Features 

Managing numerous websites 

This is an extremely beneficial feature, especially for merchants that sell their products across custom made websites.

You can now utilise BigCommerce in order to manage and handle them from a single control panel. WP BigCommerce allows its users to manage and oversee various things like orders, catalogues and information with regard to shipping details for all the stores.

Who can use this plugin? 

It is an excellent plugin, especially for huge brands that know the value of content marketing and those looking forward to getting access to an E-Commerce solution that is currently in the lead.

In addition, the plugin also leverages all the most pleasing aspects of the platforms that allows WP to manage and handle content as well as BigCommerce to manage certain E-Commerce aspects.

Might I say it is extremely user friendly, very well designed, it also has features that you would require to succeed and grow.

Final Thoughts 

In this article, we have offered you five of the best WP plugins that are excellent for E-Commerce, along with the key features. We trust that you have had better clarity and idea as to which plugin will be best suited for your online shop.

Our team has invested plenty of effort into researching and shortlisting some of the best plugins that are currently available in the market.

But after reading this article, if you still find it a bit tricky to pick a good solution for your business, then I would say that it is wise you select the best with regard to your business requirements and current situation.

If you look around, you will notice that there is an increasing demand for moving between multiple E-Commerce platforms in order to receive the features and to increase the growth of one’s business.

Many are making the switch because their business has grown to the next level and requires a better place to flourish and thrive.

I would say that once you made a list of your preferences, choosing any of these plugins from our inventory will definitely be a win-win situation as each one of them has a unique feature to offer.

So, wait no more and make the choice of a plugin for your business; if you have, please do share with us which one did you prefer to go with and why. We do look forward to your feedback and comments.

We also have certain additional details that we have mentioned in our next segment, especially for our novice leaders.

For those of you who benefited from this article and are on your way to getting your very own, we wish you all the best and hope to see you in our next article. Until then, take care and stay safe!

Things to do Before Selecting a Plugin in Order to Activate E-Commerce for WP 

Before selecting the extension and plugin which will power the E-Commerce shop, it is necessary that you create a strong foundation for the WP website. Follow are some non-negotiable aspects: 

1. A Performing WP Host 

If you look at it closely, you can with much ease get a plan that is extremely cheap; however, you must also be aware that page speed is very important, especially for a decent E-Commerce experience.

It is a signal of Google ranking too. At the end of the day, I would say premium solutions are always worth investing in.

A web host that is reputable will always ensure low or even no downtime with increased bandwidth that allows you to manage traffic surges and, in this way, you will never lose a sale.

2. SSL Certificate 

I’m sure all of you are aware of the fact that E-Commerce stores process financial and personal information; hence you must have a robust WP security system. SSL certificate offers this kind of encryption which secures all the communication between the web server and web host. 

You can also tell if a site is secure when they effectively incorporate “HTTPS” within the URL. Suppose you are currently utilising Google Chrome, then they will notify you on your address bar when a site isn’t secure.

When you install an SSL and properly redirect URL from HTTP – HTTPS is a way to activate HTTPS. So, what is the reason to activate HTTPS apart from communicating and enabling site security?

HTTPS is a signal to Google search ranking.  

Where and What will you Sell? 

We also do recommend that the initial steps that you must take prior to researching available WP E-Commerce plugins are to decide on what you will be selling? How will you be facilitating all transactions?

1. Physical or Digital Products? 

You should know that you can sell physical as well as digital goods online. Specific WP E-Commerce plugins assist both kinds of sales, and there are a few of them that specialise in a particular kind.

You will also come across platforms and plugins that assist with dropshipping; this is particularly beneficial if you have no plans of dealing with; handling fulfilment and holding inventory.

2. Which Other Country are you Planning to do Business with? 

Certain WP E-Commerce plugins provide payment gateways that are pre-installed by default. Many of these top E com plugins assist with the most international friendly and popular options that include; Authorise, Stripe and PayPal.

However, these well-known payment gateways also have certain limitations, and that depends on the particular countries you may be selling to. So always conduct your little research prior to deciding on the gateway of payment.

Vital Aspects to Consider while Selecting an E-Com Plugin for a WordPress Website 

We have mentioned a couple of factors that will assist you to differentiate between the good and the bad with regard to WP E-Commerce plugins. 

1. Present WP Supported Version 

New WP versions are frequently being released. This creates issues with compatibilities for various plugin developers that cannot keep up. The thumb rule is, great plugins are constantly updated.

It’s vital that it stays updated with the new WP version in order to keep away the possibility of issues with regard to compatibility leading to it breaking the website.

WP frequently sends out warnings to their users that attempt to download plugins that are outdated and those that have not been updated in the last two years. 

2. Impact on the Page Speed 

Not all plugins are made with a bandwidth that is economical; in our experience, we can tell you with certainty that some of them can seriously reduce the speed of the website.

Therefore, before installing the WP E com plugin, be sure to check the reviews for these plugins that are posted publicly.

You can check the ones available on the WordPress plugin directory, take their names and make a quick search on Google and check the review, which can be extremely enlightening.

3. Community 

You will notice that many famous WP plugins have a lot of fan following, and these fans are very, very eager to comment and sing praises of the multiple beneficial tools that they have to offer. 

These fans can be very resourceful, especially at times of troubleshooting issues that are not so common and which are not addressed in the documentation published by the plugin support.

You can determine the communities with WP E-com plugins; 

  • In order to understand the popularity of a particular plugin, you must always look at the downloads made. Once you get that number, you can go ahead and compare it to the active installations. This will help you to determine approximately the churn rate of this plugin in comparison to the others. The churn rate will help you understand if the promise is met with use.
  • Always utilise the WordPress plugin directory in order to determine the number for each and every plugin that you are considering. Now, if any of these plugins are not found here, that means it could be available as the premium tool. And suppose if you do not find it in the premium segment, then it is for sure a red flag.
  • Do not depend on the stats that you find on popularity alone. Always be sure to read up on the plugin, especially their reviews, in order to get more clarity from the users on what it is like to utilise this plugin. Believe me, and reviews are extremely helpful to understand if a particular plugin has features that might be problematic to utilise. Always read up and see how developers are responding to reviews that are not so good. Also, see if the issue is fixed, especially the ones appointed by reviewers.

Before we leave, I would like to suggest that you always make a list of your priorities and do your bit of research because, at the end of the day, it is your business. You can also check our article on 5 Reasons to Use Cloudflare.

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