3 Plugins to Help you Clone your WordPress Site

3 plugins to help you clone your WordPress site 1

Hey guys, welcome to this article where we will speak about cloning and plugins that would help you to clone your WordPress website.

When you decide to clone your WordPress site, you would need to backup the website and also restore the site to a new location.

Site owners usually replicate the website whenever they are planning on changing their web host. While switching hosts, you must not just duplicate your website but also restore it on the new server.

Now it also depends on the setup, and you may need to clone your site when you decide to change the domain name as well.

When you clone a live site onto a staging environment, it allows you to make your updates safely, and as you do so, you will have a duplicate of the website, and this is ideal, especially for general testing.

WP provides the users with a guide that is extremely useful. It has instructions on moving WP manually.

Duplicating the site manually to a different location is not difficult; however, the entire backing up process of the WP files and database, as well as restoring these files and databases to a new destination, is time-consuming.

Many site owners prefer to utilize a WP plugin in order to build a clone of the website.

Migration plugins from WP make the entire process simple, duplicating and shifting a WordPress site onto the new destination.

Most of these plugins are being currently utilized on thousands of WordPress websites, and they are extremely popular.

Why do Website Owners Clone their WordPress Websites? 

Let’s understand what does cloning mean. Cloning of a website is not similar to backing up a website.

When you clone a website, it creates a complete working copy of the website and sets it up to add to a particular destination.

On the other hand, backing up a website implies a passive copy of the website files; these files can be saved at any location just for safekeeping.

When you clone a WordPress site, it is useful in numerous ways; some of them include;

Changing the Domain Name 

When you talk about changing the domain name, it partially involves cloning the website onto a different location on the server.


Suppose you decide to switch your host, so you can pick your WordPress site and simply set it up just the way it is on a different server.

Staging Website 

If you decide to test your updates on a live website, it will be extremely risky. Therefore, if you clone the website, it will help you to make sure that all the changes you have made operate smoothly.

Once you are satisfied with these changes, you can then update them to the live website.

Now that we have learned all about cloning and why should one clone their website, let’s move onto some of the most popular plugins that would help you to clone your website.

Best Plugins to Use to Clone your Website


This is an extremely popular WP plugin that assists the user to relocate and clone the WP website. 

Backups are offered along with the plugin as a package; when you are making a package, you can select to avoid backing up database and file tables.

You can also enter the location of MySQL silver data within the backup file.

Your website will be completely scanned with the help of Duplicator that makes sure all is well and focuses on large files, which could be avoided from being backed up.

This is mostly required if you are utilizing a free version of the plugin because the free version supports a backup of max 500MB.

In addition, it permits the user to back up all the files to the site server, and this means that you would be required to get an upgrade and begin using Duplicator Pro, especially if you prefer a backup by utilizing FTP or even to the cloud storage solution like Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Suppose you need to restore a site; you will have to download the backed-up archive file as well as the PHP file corresponding to it.

You will now need to upload these files to your new destination. WP does not require installation to the latest location because the installer takes care of it; however, you will have to create a database, especially if you have not yet done it.

Website owners with smaller sites that are below 500MB may find the free service of Duplicator as an extremely amazing solution; however, if your site is established, then we suggest you consider an upgrade.

Apart from eradicating backup file restrictions, the upgraded Duplicator Pro has plenty of beneficial features to assist large websites.

The features include support for WP multithreading, multisite, processing backups quickly as well as offering support for huge databases.

You can also create a new database as well as users within the cPanel of the plan creation area.

You can get a license to duplicate a flow for $59 that offers updates and supports 3 sites annually.

You also have an option to upgrade to their freelancer license, which is available for $79, and it increases the support to fifteen locations.

It also unlocks extra features that include key replacement, installs assault, installs branding, and hourly schedules.

Duplicator is an extremely helpful WP plugin that assists the user too; however, you cannot restore backups remotely onto a particular location.

The entire restoration process is significantly faster in comparison to making a copy of the website manually.

Owners that have established websites must consider getting an upgrade to the pro edition because it is ideal for managing huge websites and offers the user plenty of storage options.


We have noticed that this plugin has gained quite a lot of publicity in the market, and we know why.

UpdraftPlus can be easily downloaded for free, and it provides plenty of features that some backup services charge for them.

For instance, it permits the user to schedule numerous backups every day through FTP onto the UpdraftVault solution, and from there, it can be sent out to many cloud storage solutions.

The user can also select what they want to backup. UpdraftPlus also assists with incremental backups as well.

But with their Premium packages, you can avail functionalities for migrating and cloning websites.

The cloning solution UpdraftClone allows the user to build a cloned site and save it on servers of UpdraftPlus. This is an excellent option, especially for users that require a testing environment or website staging.

In order to utilize UpdraftClone, you must buy tokens. The charge to clone a single website is one token, and if you wish to extend the service for one week, the charge would still be one token.

If you want to keep the cloned site for 30 days, it would cost you five tokens. These tokens can be bought for a single charge of $15, and if you wish, you could also go in for their monthly subscription, which is $12.

The migrator plugin that they have is known as UpdraftMigrator. It is available at the retail price of $30, and you can utilize it to clone the site to a custom URL.

Now, if you are not utilizing the servers of UpdraftPlus, you will not be restricted to the number of migrations you can conduct.

Replace and search feature is also available with the migration tool; this will allow you to replace the URL and conduct changes in order to show the new destination of the WP site.

UpdraftPlus is an amazing service that many prefer to use in order to backup their websites; however, if you are in search of moving or cloning your website, then I must say you will have to invest money.

UpdraftClone is very helpful for testing. However, we always suggest UpdraftMigrator if you are planning to move the WP website often, and the charges for it is just $30, so it’s pretty economical.

If you go in for the paid version that is UpdraftPlus Premium, then you will also receive the UpdraftMigrator included in it.

The premium plan is available for $84, and the plan will unlock all the add-ons from UpdraftPlus along with one year’s subscription to the Vault solution and for UpdraftClone tokens.

All-in-One WP Migration 

This plugin is an extremely user-friendly WP migration plugin, and it bypasses the highest file upload restrictions that you would notice most website hosts enforce.

It gets the work done by uploading files in large chunks.

While creating backups for the website in order to copy it to another destination, it will be able to locate as well as replace text. It is extremely helpful while changing a site URL within a backup file to a new destination. 

You will also have an option to keep out things like post revisions, media files and spam comments from backup. However, there is no way that you can avoid certain files and database tables. 

In order to restore the website, all you need to do is activate the plugin on the WP website and choose to import backup files from a similar process that you selected to back up. 

This plugin is an ideal solution, especially for users who need to relocate a WP website that is of a small size.

If you want to experience the complete potential of this WP plugin, you may have to invest a certain amount of money because most of its functionalities are available for Premium Extension clients.

Suppose you need to restore the backup from the server, 512MB limit import; all you have to do is buy Unlimited Extension that is available for $69, and if you decide to import and export your backups through FTP, you would need to spend around $99.

If you plan to add support to WP multisite, you will have to invest around $199, and I should point out that adding support to cloud storage solutions costs $99 for every cloud storage site.

The plugin is very versatile, and we do not doubt its capabilities in migrating and cloning WP sites.

The free service for this plugin is ideal for WP websites that are of smaller sizes or, should I say, below 512MB; however, many site owners end up spending a couple of $100 in order to unlock all their features that are required for setup.

So, these are the top-three plugin that we recommend; however, while we were researching, we learned about various amazing WP cloning and migration solutions.

These plugins have not made it to our top three. However, they make excellent alternatives. So, in the next section, I would like to refer to a couple of good plugins you may want to take a look at;


This premium plugin is also a very popular backup solution for WP. It was introduced in 2010. This plugin allows its users to select what they prefer to backup and also allows them to download all the compressed files and save a backup in numerous cloud storage solutions that include Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.

They also support scheduled backups. While scanning, they thoroughly look for user errors, deleted files, hacks and malware. Single click restores will restore the website swiftly.

WP Migrate DB 

This plugin is an extremely straightforward WP migration and backup tool that allows the user to export the WP database.

This is an amazing alternative for backing up through phpMyAdmin. It also permits the user to avoid post revisions, transients and spam comments.

It is a tool that allows you to locate and replace along with modifying the data that is exported; all this is done without affecting the live site. In order to unlock all their features, you would have to upgrade the Premium service.

WP STAGING – Backup Duplicator & Migration

This is a cloning and migration WP plugin that has a setting area allowing you to make changes to CPU load, database query limit and file copy limit.

While building a staging environment, the user has an option to choose the database tables as well as WP folders to be backed up.

This environment offers notification messages within the WP admin bar in order to remind the user that they are viewing a staging site.

With the free plugin, a staging site is built like a subfolder of the main WP installation. In contrast, in the Premium version, the user can install the staging site from a remote location simply by defining the information of the database target directory and URL for a new destination.

Wrapping It Up 

I must say that there are numerous amazing WordPress plugins that are easily available in the market, and they are extremely helpful.

These WordPress plugins will help the user to migrate and copy WP websites with much ease. Duplicator is an amazing plugin, and we do suggest all our readers to give it a try as it is absolutely free to utilize.

Many of these WordPress plugins have amazing features that can benefit the user; however, they are restricted to a Pro version. You can also check our article on 3 WordPress Plugins you can Use for Faster Loading Speed.

We do suggest that if you frequently transfer your WP sites from one destination to another, then investing a little money into a pro version would definitely be a wise investment.

When you invest in a pro version, it unlocks all the features, and many of these features will actually help you in the setup process. So, investing a certain amount of money to receive amazing solutions is definitely worth it. 

We have always encouraged all our clients and users to always test all the migration and cloning plugins the best way you can.

By testing these plugins, you will get a clear idea as to which one of these matches your requirements in the best way.

It will also help you understand if you are looking at creating a test website that is simple or a staging environment that will need pulling and pushing to the live site, or maybe you are simply migrating the site to another web host.

Whatever your reason, testing as many plugins as possible will be extremely helpful for you, and you will end up saving plenty of your time and money.

All said and done, and we always recommend to clone your website before doing anything, trust me, it will save you a lot of unwanted trouble.

We have already discussed the various benefits of cloning a website and why should one consider doing so.

We do hope that this article has given you much clarity and has been extremely helpful.

If you have decided to go ahead with any one of our recommendations from this article, then do share with us your thoughts and comments. We would love to hear from you guys.

Thanks for visiting our page and reading this article hope to see you guys soon, take care and stay safe!

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