3 Free WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins

3 Free WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins 1

Hi guys, and welcome to this article where we will discuss a few free WordPress Author Bio box plugins that are the best in the market.

Author Box will help you to add elegant and beautiful author bio box content to the WordPress website.

However, before we can take a look at the list, let’s look at certain FAQs that some of you might have in mind.

WordPress Author Box Plugin – What is it? 

It is a Author Bio Box plugin that permits users to build an author info box in detail on the WP blog. This box is also known as “about the author” you would find this box towards the bottom of a blog.

WordPress Author Box – What does it Do? 

Author Box allows you to output the author information within a template that is a pretty design. This will showcase the author of the blog along with the other details of the author that includes; photograph, name, latest blogs, contact details, profile links to their social media and more. 

Advantages of WordPress Author Bio Box 

There are multiple advantages that an Author Box offers; let’s take a look at a few;

  • Author Box boosts social followers of the author 
  • It initiates a connection between the author and the site users 
  • Author Box elevates the authenticity between users 
  • It enhances the credibility of the WP blog 
  • Author Box permits the audience to learn more about the author 

What Must You Include in it? 

Once the Author Bio Box plugin is installed and you have created an author box, you will be able to begin to think of what you would like to include in it.

Apart from the posts that are written by the author, there are a couple of things that you could consider adding in order to make the Author Box even more effective. Let’s take a look at what you could add; 

The Author’s Brief Bio 

Of course, whatever you write in the Author Box will always make the first impression, but a bio is a place where you can exhibit who you really are and what is it you do.

Therefore, the bio will allow the reader to learn the kind of work the author does and also the kind of work the author is intrigued towards. 

Profiles on Social Media 

This has always been an intelligent way to get connected with various individuals. Hence giving the author an option to add links to their social networks like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook allow multiple users to contact the authors directly, especially the ones that they are particularly fond of.

Contact Information 

You must also make it a point to offer the author an opportunity to add the contact details and start to include their website and email address in Author Box.

This could not be a factor that is necessary for your website contributors.

However, offering them an opportunity and area to promote not only themselves but also their work and connecting their availability on the site is definitely something you must consider as an action that must be taken.

In addition, with the author’s contact information made available in the Author Box, visitors can connect with the author directly with absolutely no hassles.

Picture of Author 

The author’s picture within the Author Box adds a good touch. This will pique the attention of your readers, allowing them to now give a face to the author, hence building a connection between your reader and the author.

Adding Author Box in a WP Blog 

Many of you must be aware of the various premium WP themes that are available, including VMagazine, ExtraNews, Newspaper, X Flatsome, Enfold, Avada, etc.

They are available with a feature that is already in-built for Author Box on the WordPress blog.

But if the WordPress theme doesn’t have the Author Box feature built-in, then you can utilise the plugin – WordPress Author Bio Box; this is easily discovered on the web. 

Adding Author Box to WP Blogs Without a Plugin, Is it Possible? 

Yes, it is possible to add an Author Box. Developers that have knowledge of coding can easily add Author Box without utilising a plugin.

Implementing Author Bio Box – How to do it? 

Various WP themes that are premium contain Author Box that is pre-developed, but if the current template that you are utilising for the WP website does not have Author Box, then you can go in to utilise the free version that you would easily get on the WP official page.

You can also go in for a premium option, and you would get it on the CodeCanyon marketplace.

Key Features to Look for

When you look around, you will come across plenty of premium as well as free Author Box options on the internet with an array of customisation options and features.

But there are certain features that you should be careful of while selecting this Author Bio Box plugin; they include;

  • Image and Gravatar support

This allows the visitor to learn what the author may look like. 

  • Profile links to social media

This offers a social acknowledgement of the website author. 

  • Responsive design

This makes the box look amazing on all sizes of screens.

  • Layout-options 

With this, you can add the bio box of your author that matches the overall template/ site design.

Free Author Box – Are they Available? 

I’m glad to let you know that you will find plenty of them. All you need to do is visit the WP official website.

The Difference Between Premium and Free Author Box

By now, most of us must be aware of the fact that any service that you get for free definitely has a certain amount of difference when compared to the Premium service. There is no difference for this as well.

With the free WordPress Author Bio Box, you will receive fewer templates and skins for the Author Box. You will also receive customisation options that are very basic.

In addition, you could integrate fewer social media pages. With a free version, the user can download as well as install plenty of bio box plugins as per their requirements without having to spend any money.

With a premium Author Box, you will receive numerous templates and skins for the Author box, and it’s way more in comparison to the free version.

In addition, the user will also receive certain functionalities and features that are advanced. The user can also link an increased number of the author’s profiles on social media when compared to the free version.

Author Box – Why Should you Utilise it for your WordPress? 

Searching this Author Bio Box plugin allows you to customise as well as display a section for your author bio box, which will be displayed at the bottom of the WP post.

Various WP themes have the feature already built-in. But if you get a plugin, it will allow you to change your author bio that is being displayed, and you can also add links to your author social media accounts, add a picture of your author that allows the reader to put a face to the author increasing the connection.

Getting a Author box segment will benefit the WordPress blog in various ways; 

  • It will boost the credibility of your author as well as your author’s authority with their readers.
  • It also helps to create a connection between the author and the readers.
  • This will also benefit in persuading your guest authors to write for the website.

Having said that, let’s look at a few popular plugins for your WP for you to utilise on your website.

Best WordPress Author Bio Box Free Plugins 

There are plenty of free plugins that are available; however, we have handpicked the best. Take a quick look at the following;

Simple Author Box 

It is a free WordPress plugin that will add responsive and beautiful author boxes to the bottom of the post. The box can be built from scratch or even by utilising a professional template that is available.

Every author box is customised and can include as little or as much information as per your preference. Multiple things like gravatar, bio, author’s name, author’s picture and much more can be displayed with style and ease.

Key Features 

  • User support 
  • Special widgets 
  • Support for the post type
  • More than 45 Social icons
  • Crediting co-authors and guest authors 
  • Colour control, typography, link and appearance
  • Gutenberg block 

Ultimate Author Bio Box Lite 

It allows its users to add extra info about the author in their posts, custom posts and pages. It has templates that have beautiful designs and a colour scheme that is custom for every template. You will receive a total of five such templates.

Key Features 

  • Ready short codes and widgets 
  • Social icons are made available for the social profile of the authors (A total of 10 such icons) 
  • They also offer their users an unlimited author box for additional content
  • Hide/ show Author Box on every post 
  • Templates have customed colour schemes
  • Well-designed template pack of five

AMP Author Bio Box 

It is a plugin that permits its users to build attractive sections for their authors on the website. It has an auto contact segment where the contact information, email address, website links, links to social profile accounts and much more can be easily added.

Key Features 

  • They offer responsive designs 
  • You can also add a link to the WP profile 
  • Author descriptions, names, avatars can be easily added
  • It has icons that would link you to the email directly 
  • You can also add a link to the website 
  • Allows you to add a total of four accounts to the social media page

Final Thoughts 

In this article, I have given an introduction to what an Author Bio Box is, as well as explaining the purpose and need to utilise them for your WordPress website. We have also understood how we can implement Author Bio Box plugin to a WordPress site.

At this point, if you feel that your WordPress website does require this Author Bio Box plugin, then you can quickly go ahead and implement it as well as you can also add certain essential things about your authors.

We have already discussed; it mainly encourages your authors to write on their website. You can also check our article on 3 Lazy Load Plugins to Make your WordPress Site Faster.

We have handpicked some of the best WordPress Author Box free plugins for you. This will save you the hassle to continue researching and comparing various plugins.

I have mentioned what they exactly do as well as the key features. You can go ahead and pick any of these Author Bio Box plugins that we have mentioned on our list, and I am sure it would be a win-win situation.

We do hope that this write up has been of help and has also sorted out your queries if you have had any.

Do let us know which Author Bio Box plugin you have decided to get for your WordPress website. If you’re presently utilising any of the plugins from our list, then please do share your comments and experience with us. That’s all for now, guys; we hope to see you soon with our next article. Take care.

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