10 Tips to Increase your E-commerce Conversion Rates

10 tips to increase your e-commerce conversion rates 1

Hi guys, and welcome to this article where we will discuss 10 important tips that will help you to increase the E-Commerce conversion rates.

It is extremely important to convert common traffic into customers, and this is the part where conversion rates step in.

If you would like to build a shop that makes you a lot of money, you must work out a way to track how many visitors have completed transactions and also test changes to the site. 

Today we will offer you 10 great tips which you can utilize in order to enhance your store’s online conversion rate. This will help you to increase your income. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive in. 

I’m sure many of you already know what an Ecommerce conversion rate is, but for our novice readers, I would like to offer a brief explanation.

Ecommerce conversion rate is a percentage of site visitors that have bought from your Ecommerce website within a certain time frame.

To understand it better, it is nothing but the percentage of your website visitors that have become your customers.

For instance, suppose your online store gets 10,000 guests, and the conversion is 100; this means the conversion rate of your online store is 1%.

And when does this conversion happen? It happens as soon as a visitor makes a move on the website, so conversions are not just sales; it is more than sales. An E-Commerce conversion includes; 

  • Social network shares from the website 
  • Adding items to my wish list, or the cart
  • Signups for memberships or newsletters 
  • Selling a product 

Alright, so now I’m sure all of you understand the meaning of E-Commerce conversion rate; let’s move on to learning more about how you can find out the conversion rate of your shop.

If you track this information, it will help you learn more about the areas of improvement, which in turn will increase the conversion rate, making many visitors into customers.

Website Conversion Rate 

If you wish to learn about it manually, you will need to divide the total number of conversions with the overall number of guests to the website at the similar time.

Goals can now be set up in Google Analytics that will help you to keep track of the conversion rate. As soon as you set your goal, you will find the conversion rate for a certain action in Google Analytics.

You can now start tracking the rate immediately. When you feel you have received a conversion rate that is good for the website, you will begin to notice an increase in revenue. 

The Average Conversion Rate 

Now from the previous segment, we have already learned how to figure out the conversion rate, and I’m sure you will then begin to wonder how does your rate of conversion compare with other E-Commerce conversion rates.

Across the globe, as of 2020, the average rate of conversion for any e-com website is 2.86%. During this similar time, the average rate of conversion for Australia was 2.53%.

Since we are on the topic of E-Commerce info, I would like to suggest to owners that every E-Commerce store is unique; no two are similar.

You can utilize the average percentage conversion for all E-commerce websites as a common guide to understanding the aim; however, it could also have an advantage, but you can focus on those particular industries conversion rates.

The average rate of conversion ranges anything from 0.98% to 3.78%, and this is applicable for many popular industries within the world of E-Commerce. 

Good Rate of Conversion 

This is definitely an interesting topic; however, I must stress that a good rate of conversion always varies.

Certain times we have noticed that certain industries focus on achieving conversion rates within the range of 30%, while some of them are extremely satisfied with 2%. 

The most important thing to do is find the benchmark and average rate for your industry and learn where do you stand.

You can always begin by researching the average of your industry in terms of the rate of conversion; this can be achieved through a swift Google search.

By doing so, you will get clarity to understand your target range and the range you need to be within.

In order to achieve a great rate of conversion, we always suggest our readers to decide on a target that is higher than the industry average; the aim is upper 25%.

Setting a similar target to that of the industry average is definitely not the right way to go about it.

If you realize that the website’s rate of conversion is the same or even less than the industry average, you don’t need to stress.

Keep reading on and understand the tips that we have given, which will help you to boost your conversion rates, which in turn will increase your sales.

Tools Required for the Optimization of E Com Conversion Rate  

Before moving forward, I would like to offer you a couple of tools that will assist you with optimizing the conversion rate.

If you look around, you will find numerous programs and sites that you can utilize in order to assist you in locating a couple of your latest conversion points.

So, while you are working on optimizing the rate of conversion, you could follow a few analysis tools and keep them on the radar.

Google Analytics 

In comparison to the general Google Analytics, 360 suite offers greater details that will assist you in tracking each step of the conversion process via event measurements that include clicks on the CTA buttons.

While you’re utilizing the suite, you will not be restricted to conversion tracking based on the URL. You will be able to measure the variance between completed conversions and CTA clicks.

The data will be updated once in 10 minutes rather than 24 hours with the general Google Analytics. In addition, you will be able to build custom funnels in order to analyze the journey of your customer more accurately.


This is a visual and quick method that will help you to learn more about your users. You will be able to make necessary changes based on things that are very important to your user.

This is a software that is web-based, offering immediate visual feedback. It allows you to keep track of how individuals utilize your website, and you can implement changes accordingly.

You must understand that the difference is huge between how people utilize your website in order to meet the requirements vs what you expect from them.

In order to assist you in giving you clarity about these variations, Hotjar utilizes heat maps so that you can see what the customer cares about, requires, and their activity on the website. This is achieved on the basis of the visit patterns. 


This is an Ecommerce platform that focuses on optimization of conversion and offers services for users to operate A/B testing, road map of design optimization, research, and they could also experiment with the e-com platform.

10 Guidelines to Improve the Conversion Rate 

1. Offer your Customers Confidence in the Website 

For years together, I have had a personal mantra that I have followed, especially before a huge presentation; “look great, feel great, do great.”

So when the big day comes, I would normally wake up, walk out, have a heavy breakfast. I’m getting all dressed up; finally, I look at myself in the mirror and say I look great, and I feel great; hence I’ll do great!

This is an excellent mantra that you could utilize for the website. So, if the Ecommerce website looks great and feels great to your customers, then I’m confident it will do great things for your ecommerce business.

How will you ensure that the website looks great? 

  • I always believe that a clean site is always better in comparison to a cluttered one 
  • Always ensure that you utilize colours that are ADA compliant and simple to read
  • At all times, make sure that your site loads quickly
  • It is of great importance that you have high quality images 
  • Finally, utilize a few amounts of fonts, and they should be simple to read

Suppose a website has a mediocre appearance, or even if it has a weak user experience, customers will not stay around.

This is the reason why numerous websites are struggling with the rate of conversion, leading us to on next suggestion. 

2. Building Customer Loyalty with Authentic Products 

If your products are returned often, it is likely that these visitors will not be returning to make a purchase.

It is very important for you to create trust with the customers, especially when they visit the website. They should be encouraged to view the services and products.

Social networking is also an amazing way to enhance the E-commerce stores’ presence. However, if not used properly, it could be extremely damaging.

Suppose the services and products that are delivered to your customers are different from the ones listed on the website; you can be sure that you have lost brand loyalty and trust.

For an E-com store, it is your responsibility to make sure that the products you are delivering to your customers are authentic.

If you want to build trustworthiness and reliability for your Ecommerce store, then authenticity should be a wider part. This is definitely an important aspect that every customer considers while they shop online.

If your customers are delighted with the products they receive, it is likely that the word will spread either personally or even through social media platforms.

You can even utilize their posts and display them on your site, showing feedback from a satisfied customer.

Always remember when others offer positive, authentic feedback, it is definitely the way to expand the rate of conversion.

3. Using Descriptive CTAs 

The Call To Action must be conversational and informative. You must read the call without other context and realize what’s going to happen as you click on it. For instance; 

  • “Check Our Summer Collection”
  • “Enjoy the monthly subscription”
  • “Let’s proceed to check out”

You see, without other information, it’s absolutely clear where each CTA will take the customer.

It also sounds very friendly, like a friend speaking with you, and not just some robot mentioning commands. Customers enjoy the feeling of being on a journey, not being commanded to do things. 

4. Check Out Button Should be Simple 

Simplicity always has a huge impact on E-commerce websites. If your goal is for your visitors to buy your products, your check out process should be obvious and simple. We have a couple of things to share; take a look at it below.

  • Service should be removed from the flow of the checkout. I do agree it is an amazing way for you to get more insight from the visitor; however, it can derail your visitor from buying the product. You can always introduce this survey on the confirmation page or send it out as a thank you email. 
  • Ensure that the cart can be viewed from any place on the website.
  • Reduce the clicks as much as possible from the checkout process. Lesser clicks increase the possibility of a purchase.

5. Frequent A/B Tests 

This is also called split test and is a process in which you can compare various versions of the web page with each other in order to understand which page performs better.

This permits the user to test continuously multiple versions of the site in order to find out which one attracts visitors to a preferred location.

Huge e-com retailers run these tests continuously on the website. The tests can have specific design configurations, such as changing the structure of the home page, something that is extremely noticeable.

It could also be a small change, such as changing the colour of your checkout button from light grey to white.

There are also numerous tools that could be utilized to handle A/B testing, and you can also see the results. But before you can proceed with it, we always suggest that you should know more about it.

6. In Current Times, Free Shipping has Become a Mandate 

Charging the customer a shipping fee are things of the past. The moment there is a shipping fee involved, you will notice an increase in the abandonment of your cart.

Therefore, removing shipping fees and adding free shipping is essential. E-Commerce websites that charge their customers shipping fees definitely see a huge amount of abandonment of their carts; this is only due to an increase in the overall price.

It would help if you considered ways to reduce the price for your customer by making shipping free.

Many sites provide deals like get free shipping upon signup for a newsletter or even sharing the website on social media.

7. Don’t be Sammy; Always be Transparent

The moment the customers begin to feel uneasy on the website, you will lose them. Having transparency will make them feel comfortable, increasing the rate of conversion. 

8. Security of Payment – A Top Priority 

We have also noticed that customers will abandon a full cart the moment they feel unsafe. They will not give out their banking details.

Therefore, offering security and credibility to the payment method is very important. It will contribute to the rate of conversion. 

9. Increasing Time on the Website Through Incentives 

All customers appreciate an amazing deal, and you can persuade them to remain on the website if you offer them a good deal.

Many a time, offering a coupon and even a unique offer to the visitor can influence the purchase they make.

You could always throw in seasonal discounts, deals for the day and more in order to encourage your visitors to continue browsing.

It is creating contests that need the user to participate in purchasing a minimum quantity of products in order to qualify, and a special product can also boost the rate of conversion.

10. Utilizing Keywords 

Traffic to the website is never equal. Therefore, you must optimize the search results by targeting certain keywords that may show an increased intent to buy your products and increasing the rate of conversion.

Targeting certain traffic for the website, make sure that you will have visitors interested in the products you sell.

Wrapping Up 

As soon as you utilize these suggestions that we have given you and also run various tests on the website, you will notice the increase in the conversion rate as buyers begin to flow in.

Huge corporations frequently test changes to the site in order to enhance the conversion rates. This definitely shows that it will take effort and time in order to enhance your website conversion rate, even if it is little by little. You can also check our article on 3 Free WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins.

Well, that’s all for now, folks. I do hope that this article has been useful. Do share your comments if it has helped you with the conversion rate of your website. I’ll see you guys soon with our next time. Take care and stay safe! 

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