10 Reasons to Love WordPress

10 reasons to love WordPress 1

WordPress? What is it, and why use it? If you’ve had this question before, then I’m pretty sure you must have come across it from a person you know.

Just hearing about something from someone doesn’t mean you’ve already had a deep insight about what it is or can do or, for that matter, had its advantages and disadvantages cross-checked.

That’s where I step in; let me get to your interests in making use of WordPress, which will then make it clear why it’s so well approved in content management and software systems globally. WordPress makes work a lot easier.

The Website Difficulty – Why Work with WordPress?

For common business owners, labels such as Joomla, Weebly, Magento, WordPress, Shopify and Wix might come across as something new.

The procedure of establishing a business website introduces one to such names since these entirely serve the same purpose of helping build websites. 

Every single one with its own given advantages, while others are made more use of for websites with certain purposes. For example, the use of Shopify is only for those having an ecommerce site.

It isn’t a platform you’d use to begin blogging with and then transform to an ecommerce store (look into Shopify substitutes to differentiate between the results you get).

The same goes for Magento. Different website and platform builders have greater pliability and are more popular.

1) The Software Acts as an Open and Free Source

WordPress.org and WordPress.com can be used without spending a single penny. You’ll come across the shortcomings of both right here.  

WordPress.org being self-hosted type, one can easily control a lot more of this site and make the best use of modern plugins.

On the other hand, WordPress.com functions amazingly for beginners, but isn’t completely suitable for a job that’s planning on minting money so drifting away from it is rather right.

It most certainly has better-paid plans, and so it’s advised to rather use it for hobbies and personal blogs.

Moving on, one can make use of WordPress without spending a penny. A project that’s been open-sourced from 2003, which means it’s been expanded by a group of contributors.

Programs that are open-sourced are usually free, with huge communities. Users usually are part of such communities by being brand advocates or beta testers, but it’s no compulsion to participate if that isn’t your style.

Even though it’s completely free, you’ll have to pay a little. Being self-hosted, hosting is necessary. Starting at $3 for every single month for a shared server that’s inexpensive and can go upto hundreds a month for the ones needing the best performance and speed

WordPress themes and WordPress plugins are usually free; premium (purchased) offers amazing support and supreme quality; in the end, maximum WordPress users land up recompensing for extra services, be it agencies or freelancers.

For example, a freelancer might be paid to come up with a logo or alter a CSS code for your WordPress site.

Few WordPress users eagerly try to keep maintenance adept and graphic designers on the call. This depends on each one’s experience and the magnitude of the website.

All in all, one can maintain his or her WordPress fee very low. Multiple webmasters ultimately pay exclusively for hosting.

By doing so, one need not be in control of the file and transfer them via FTP. WordPress companies that manage to host notch it up a bit by taking control of the whole installation, backups, maintenance and security.

There’s no need to surf back to your downloaded site of WordPress just to view for newer updates. As an alternative, it keeps you updated about the newer version on the WordPress dashboard; one can finish the entire operation in less than a minute.

2) It Adjusts to the Kind of Website you Make

The use of WordPress is mistaken to be only for putting up blogs. Once upon a time, that sure was the case. It was indeed designed for blogging, but over the years, it has changed by the release of its newer modern versions.

Having had blogging roots, WordPress has an edge to it. WordPress is the most polished and quick way to jot down and produce a blog post, and it has been so since the beginning. 

Designs and apps are thought of first by many website building groups. The blogging interface is thought of later.

But with WordPress, it’s not so; one can create an amazing Ecommerce platform and be sure that your blog is the core of its entire development.

3) Assists Countless Media Types

From my involvement with WordPress, there hasn’t been a single time where a file wasn’t supported. 

Files such as .mp4, .avi, .m4a, .pdf, .pptx, .jpg, .mov, .doc, .png, .mp3, .gif, and .wmv. Neither will you face any problem with unknown files like .ogg, .odt, .3gp, and .key.

Even though there are formats like SVGs that are not allowed, there are better alternatives for it.  Have a look at the tutorial by which you can upload SVG without any trouble or problem.

Say you want to upload a document, photo, gif or video on one website; this can be easily done with the help of WordPress. It’s normal to host presentations and documents without actually issuing them onto a certain page.

4) Simple to Learn with a Massive WordPress Community

Being software that’s open-sourced, WordPress is widely used by many. Skill level, pricing and premium customer assistance doesn’t limit anyone from using the platform.

It’s true, WordPress has a lot more to be learnt about, just going through the dashboard can teach one how the programs interface works in about 10 minutes.

One can easily access the software, be it online courses, books, seminars, webinars, forums and blogs.

Users have created it all by outlining various aspects of this platform. WordPress also has official customer assistance. 

One has the choice of either spending a little more for exclusive support or just work along with WordPress forums.

It’s amazing to see the number of resources that are there for gaining knowledge about WordPress and have your questions answered in a jiffy.

For example, one may use a blog such as this so as to receive daily WordPress tips by email. One can also find intermediary solutions by locating them on Google.

Training to use WordPress can be availed without paying anything or by spending a small sum, having said that, one can get best courses online which are filled with a lot of information that one can use for himself/herself, share with employees and clients. It is also well organized and inexpensive.

Once you get your hands on the training course of WordPress and have learnt about it, you will find yourself spending time and dealing with your own WordPress website.

One needs to use blogs, Google, forums and various communities online since traditional support is not provided through WordPress.

Most of the development situations can be taken care of by the primary WordPress support assembly. 

It’s easy to fix networking issues with the help of WordPress, also regular installations, local host installs, and so much more.

I normally just Google it to search for what I want, but forums, as well as blogs, are so necessary to solve problems quickly and swiftly.

Premium themes and plugins developers normally give in their own committed support as ticketing systems, emails, forums and knowledge bases.

5) No Special Skills Required to Use it

Site improvement organizations frequently sell expensive bundles where they request a down payment and repeating regularly scheduled instalment for support.

The lone issue is WordPress isn’t too hard to oversee in the event that you get acquainted with everything and go on with the appropriate preparation. Site executives ordinarily include a couple of things:

  • Refreshing modules, subjects, and WordPress programming
  • Overseeing spam
  • Testing usefulness and broken connections
  • Making enhancements in velocity and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One need not actually keep an eye on the work, so it’s about getting a more decent host and checking whether the site functions consistently.

Security and reinforcements are either taken care of with modules or through an oversee WordPress facilitating plan. All the other things on the rundown just should be done once in a while.

For example, you’ll presumably need to introduce a reserving module to assist with WordPress site speed. The same goes with SEO.

Overseeing spam is done with the Akismet module; there are a few modules out there that have broken connections.

All the other things (like SEO, reinforcements, broken spam connections, security and speed) can be overseen utilizing plugin modules.

For example, the WP Time Case module is a superb apparatus to set both gradual document and data set reinforcements.

The plugin runs behind the scenes. In the event that a record gets hacked or a site crashes, reestablish work is ready to tackle the issue.

Additionally, look at these three hierarchical tips that WordPress clients use, which can assist in dealing with the administrator dashboard somewhat simpler.

6) Web Optimization is Excellent

WordPress is widely known to have SEO incorporated into the platform. Truth be told, WordPress naturally produces title labels and meta depictions for the entirety of one’s posts and web pages.

Allowing web crawlers to think about your content, and it gets you recorded and possibly climbed in its rankings. Likewise, with so much in WordPress, there’s a lot more additionally further developed highlights offered by modules and online devices.

7) Control of the Website in your Hands

A Google look for “web designers” or “site stages” will uncover a wide range of answers. WordPress, in all probability, will showcase on all site building records, alongside competitors like Squarespace, Wix, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, Jimdo and Weebly.

These are right for making sites, however non-open sources, as Shopify, Wix and Squarespace, restricts one control to the kind of highlights that are provided in the exceptional bundles.

Leaving you for certain constraints like the accompanying:

The online business usefulness is generally implicit, so there’s very little one can do with regards to growing with modules.

You’re normally stayed with the hosting that’s given to you, whatever it may be. You don’t have the opportunity to work with hosts and select for the best worth or most elevated performing.

Changing code is restricted to the things the organizations share. Much more terrible, you stall out with a totally interesting coding language, such as Shopify (it utilizes a language known as Liquid).

So, it nearly ensures that you need to enlist a particular engineer for transforms you can’t deal with by yourself and have to go through the editorial manager.

You don’t actually have full responsibility for the site. You’re leasing the site from these organizations.  When you quit paying, pages and records are lost or clenched onto by the organization.

With WordPress, one can own the documents, and nobody can keep you from operating them to different hosts.

8) Blogging is the Simplest Within the Business World

WordPress was brought into the world as publishing content to a blog stage. It’s had its rivals, yet nothing right now looks at to the force, tastefulness, and progressed instruments one finds at the WordPress publishing content to a blog motor.

Alternatives like Tumblr, Ghost, Blogger and Medium are largely totally fine for specialists, yet the professionals choose WordPress. An amazing arrangement of tools is situated within WordPress blog editorial manager.

One could run a straightforward, one-creator blog by exploring the designing and media instruments.

There’s additionally the choice to fabricate a complete online magazine just by planning feeds far in cutting edge and setting various client types for supporters and editors.

Alongside choices for reviewing, altering every little thing from one post, and maintaining code totally out of condition, you truly can’t beat WordPress.

9) WordPress is the New Thing

So bounce off the extension with them! OK, on the grounds that each else is accomplishing something isn’t generally the best motivation to track.

In any case, WordPress has substantiated itself consistently, the words spread out of its exhibition, expandability, and convenience. There’s a motivation behind why more than 29.3% sites on the web use WordPress.

10) Integrates with Numerous Platforms

We are living in a world where softwares and applications are all connected. WordPress is compatible with a variety of powerful platforms that can help your business / online store grow.

Did you mention you were going to launch a campaign on email marketing? That’s not an issue as you can utilise services like Aweber or MailChimp to fulfil the needs of your business.

Are payment gateways required for your services or products? The majority of payment gateways work well with WordPress.

Another important integration facilitated by WordPress is social media connection. It allows you to advertise your business using your following on social media on a specialised platform. You can also check our article on cPanel vs Plesk: what is the difference?

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